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The Great God Democracy

This image illustrates the naïve way in which too many among us see Democracy. (I purposely capitalize the word in this piece, since I refer to it not merely as a system of government, but as a quasi-god which, in today’s corrupt and increasingly insane society, we are expected to view as holy and unquestionably good.) “Rights,” “freedom,” and having a “choice” and a “voice” are conflated with Democracy — which is wildly inappropriate since those things and Democracy are very nearly mutually exclusive.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 29, 2018 (the 27th anniversary of our show)


by Kevin Alfred Strom

I DON’T KNOW who made it, but there’s a great graphic (that looks like a panel from a comic book) that’s been making the rounds of the intelligent part of the Internet. A man stares forward, his brow knitted in thought. Someone has asked him a question: “If a majority voted for you to jump off a bridge — would you?” And he answers, “Maybe — if it was a fair vote!”

Hilarious. In a single picture, it shows how foolish, foolish, foolish indeed is our faith in “democracy.” For we have been “voted” into jumping off a bridge.

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What Is Needed

Nothing must deter us from building a free and healthy nation for our people.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 7, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

LAST WEEK I talked to you about the onrushing “migrant caravan” heading to our country from Central America, and I introduced you to the idea of the supermurder — the act of engaging in, or promoting, the mixture of the races, so much more destructive than ordinary murder.

Well, it looks like the “caravan” has stalled. I am not sure whether Trump’s tough talk about sending in the National Guard had anything to do with the long line of invaders melting into the night (though the Guard are forbidden by “law” from having any interaction whatever with border-jumpers, much less harming even a single hair on our precious equals’ heads). Perhaps pressure on Mexican officials did the trick. (They probably already had their Soros or other Jewish bribes, anyway, so why not bend to the new and opposite pressure?) Or perhaps the massive reaction of White Americans — at least online, expressing their opinions — against this particular branch of invaders made whoever signs the checks and is therefore really in charge of the convoy think twice about meeting a contingent of angry White people with a very large quantity of guns and a very small quantity of patience.

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We Will Not Vote Our Way Out

IVotedStickers640American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 4, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

RECENTLY Chairman Williams asked me to create National Alliance promotional material based on the theme that we White Americans “will not vote our way out of this mess; we will not buy our way out; and we will not pray our way out.”

In response, my first creation addressed the “vote our way out” delusion. It was our flier featuring Donald Trump’s face framed with the headline “Incredibly Stupid.” The idea of putting Trump there, along with those words, was not really to talk about Trump at all — but to inform White Americans about the fatal futility of wasting their lives looking for an electoral solution to a biological problem, especially when the electoral system is rigged by people who are determined to kill us.

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Democracy Should Be Condemned

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A CORRESPONDENT who had read one of my recent essays wrote to me, incredulously asking me if I was actually so wicked as to “condemn democracy.” I asked him to consider the facts and think, instead of just regurgitating the quasi-religious shibboleths that were imparted to him by the public schools:

James Madison certainly condemned democracy. So did Mencken and Saki and many others. And so do I.

If the majority is allowed to seize your property or make its opinions into law whenever it so chooses, how is that different from an autocracy? (With an autocrat, bad as that system is, at least you have a chance that the ruler will be wise or benevolent or both. With democracy, there is no chance whatsoever.)

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