The “Metaverse”: Living in the Unreal World

What is billed as a “luxury” capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 27 November, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY I am going to be talking about the unreal world — the “metaverse” — that the Jews will be offering you soon in exchange for your slavery in the real world — and how we can save our families and our nation from that nightmare. But first let me give you some significant news.

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Parasites and Creators

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 23 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

ALTHOUGH Jews are only about 2 to 3% of the US population, they constitute 23% of the wealthiest Americans, 30% of the faculty at “elite” universities, 11% of Nobel physics prizes, 60% of Yale graduate students, 60% of “top Hollywood positions” (according to 60 Minutes), and 76% of “most influential intellectuals” (according to Alan Dershowitz).

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Who Cares?

Welcome to historic, beautiful Philadelphia.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 16 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY NASA launched its Lucy Mission to explore the Trojan Asteroids. It’s the beginning of a 10-year journey in which the spacecraft will examine eight asteroids in the two belts of asteroids that roughly share the orbit of Jupiter. On its side is a plaque engraved with quotations that, I suppose, the Politically Correct administrators at NASA thought passing aliens ought to read someday. The quotations themselves are mostly forgettable, but it’s interesting to note exactly who was chosen to be so immortalized.

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Values, Churches, and Constitutions

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 9 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

RACIAL survival is the necessary basis for having a future. If we as a people make money our primary value in life, our race, our people, will die. Eventually circumstances or enemies will force us to choose between continued prosperity and the things that are essential for our people’s racial, biological survival. And if we choose money and prosperity, and give up the essentials we need for survival, like an exclusive territory for our people alone, or a government answerable to our people alone, our people will die.

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As Long as We Are Breathing on This Earth

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 2 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

LET ME BEGIN today’s show with a notice to National Alliance members. Our monthly printed BULLETIN will be, unavoidably, a bit late this month — the first time, I think, since Will Williams took office as Chairman almost eight years ago that we haven’t got the BULLETIN out in the first week or so of the month. One time out of so many dozens of months isn’t bad! We’ve been extremely busy, and Chairman Williams, who writes almost all of the copy for the BULLETIN, has been working especially hard. We’re making tremendous progress in getting the warehouse foundation laid and utilities brought in — which included the digging of a ditch nearly a quarter mile long in our Appalachian woods — for the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center. And we offer tremendous thanks to our Alliance members who volunteered their hard labor for these efforts, which have to be done when Mother Nature allows, especially before Winter sets in. I’ll include a picture or two in the text version of this broadcast so you can see some of what’s taking place.

Trenching and foundation work taking place recently on the site of the warehouse at the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center

I’ve been working extra hard too, preparing our magnificent new book, Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future and other books for publication (as well as helping to take care of a toddler in the home and getting ready for a new arrival who will be born in the next few weeks). I’ll include a picture that one reader sent to me of his personal copy in the process of being read in a Chicago hotel, probably just a thousand yards or so from the anti-White enemies of our people ensconced in their citadels of power and ill-gotten wealth in that city, and likely just as close to that night’s corpses being unceremoniously scraped off the pavement. What a thought — what an image — of that book, a seed of Life, a seed of a new and better Nation to come, taking root in the soul of a White man in the midst of all that artificiality and death and evil. It reminds me of what happened to me once in the Philadelphia airport, which I wrote about several years ago:

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Rockwell on Natural Law and True Religion

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 25 September, 2021

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Introduced and presented by Kevin Alfred Strom

EARLIER THIS YEAR we added George Lincoln Rockwell’s In Hoc Signo Vinces — “in this sign conquer” — to our nearly 30-year-long series of American Dissident Voices broadcasts. Today we add powerful excerpts from several of Rockwell’s works — as introduced and presented, in the case of the first excerpt, by Professor Robert S. Griffin in his masterful biography of National Alliance founder William Pierce The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds.

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Responsible for the Future

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 18 September, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN AMERICA TODAY, public spaces are dominated by commercial come-ons from anti-White corporate giants, propaganda to persuade you to support multiracialism or “Black Lives Matter” and the like — or get yourself injected with cell-hijacking poisons. But one White man — a 29-year-old graduate student — decided that those public spaces needed to be diversified with the message of Dr. William L. Pierce. So he hosted some of Dr. Pierce’s speeches in audio form on a popular file storage platform, created QR codes for them (which allow people with smart phones to instantly scan the codes and hear the associated speech) and put the codes on small stickers along with just a few words of provocative text, and spread them far and wide in places he worked, studied, and passed by in the Chicago, Illinois, Lexington, Kentucky, and north Florida areas.

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WLP88: Heroism

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 11 September, 2021

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by Thomas Cole
and Kevin Alfred Strom

ON THIS DAY, 11 September 2021, America remembers the firefighters, policemen, and first-responders who died at Ground Zero twenty years ago. We remember them as heroes. No doubt, many remarkable and selfless deeds were done on this day, worthy of praise and remembrance. But there is a difference between a heroic, selfless deed and a heroic soul, a heroic mindset, and a heroic life on the world-historical stage.

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Racial Purity

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 4 September, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

I AM ALL FOR racial purity. It’s necessary. It’s needed. Maintaining it is the essence of virtue. Going in the opposite direction, toward racial mixing and racial chaos, is the essence of evil. That, in fact, is how good and evil should be defined. Everyone who’s listened to this radio program for more than a few months knows these things.

But most of the people who agree with me on these matters, and even some of the people who taught me these ideals, have fundamentally misunderstood what racial purity is. And that’s important. It’s important — essential, really — to see things as they really are. Without seeing things as they really are, you are likely to make fundamental errors in strategy, you may contribute to the miseducation of those whom you’re trying to teach, and you may end up helping the enemies of our people even when you’re trying to do the opposite.

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Out in the Open

Jennifer Rubin: One cannot help but wonder if, perhaps, there are both slaves and slave-traders in her woodpile. In any case, she hates Whites, and that makes her superplusdoublegood in the unreality of the mediasphere.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 28 August, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE ENEMY is increasingly out in the open. For a hundred years, he tried to keep in the shadows. But as his plans for open rule begin to converge with the political and racial awakening of White Americans, the enemy reveals himself — or herself, as the case may be — more and more. What sometimes we’re tempted to see as relentless “bad news” — anti-White pronouncements, increased censorship of White voices, criminalization of White resistance to our ongoing genocide — is really good news in that our enemies are forced to show their hand to the whole nation, pushing millions of White people out onto the path from which there is no turning back.

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