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Nothing must deter us from building a free and healthy nation for our people.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 7, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LAST WEEK I talked to you about the onrushing “migrant caravan” heading to our country from Central America, and I introduced you to the idea of the supermurder — the act of engaging in, or promoting, the mixture of the races, so much more destructive than ordinary murder.

Well, it looks like the “caravan” has stalled. I am not sure whether Trump’s tough talk about sending in the National Guard had anything to do with the long line of invaders melting into the night (though the Guard are forbidden by “law” from having any interaction whatever with border-jumpers, much less harming even a single hair on our precious equals’ heads). Perhaps pressure on Mexican officials did the trick. (They probably already had their Soros or other Jewish bribes, anyway, so why not bend to the new and opposite pressure?) Or perhaps the massive reaction of White Americans — at least online, expressing their opinions — against this particular branch of invaders made whoever signs the checks and is therefore really in charge of the convoy think twice about meeting a contingent of angry White people with a very large quantity of guns and a very small quantity of patience.

The wire services reported last night:

A “caravan” of Central American migrants pressed on through Mexico on Friday, greatly diminished in size a day after hundreds of exhausted members left a field where they had been stranded all week, pressured by government officials who have been under fire from U.S. President Donald Trump.

About 800 people were left in the caravan, said Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a group that has since 2010 been staging annual caravans to ensure safe passage for migrants and draw attention to their rights.

It’s interesting that they claim to have been staging these “caravans” since 2010, but never got any significant publicity until 2018.

This year’s caravan had about 1,500 migrants at its peak, but people began to leave the group after immigration authorities stalled it in the southern town of Matias Romero and screened men, women, and children following pressure from Trump.

Organizers later decided to end the caravan in Mexico City instead of the U.S. border as had previously been intended.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras director Mujica told Mexican radio from Campo Nuevo in the eastern state of Veracruz that he was with about 150 migrants from the caravan who were waiting to board a train on Friday.

Another 600 migrants, he said, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, had already made it to the central city of Puebla for a conference with U.S. and Mexican immigration lawyers who were due to give instructions on how to seek asylum.

Isn’t that wonderful? I wonder who is paying those US immigration lawyers — likely the hard-working American suckers, once again.

Earlier, he had told Reuters the group was struggling to find transportation for the migrants. By Thursday evening, most of the women and children had boarded buses, leaving the park which since Sunday had been littered with piles of clothes and makeshift tents. . . .

Back in 2010, a friend of mine, Mike de Woody, and I were walking on a state park trail about 30 miles from Washington, DC, in a beautiful forest. But, just as we made the crest of a hill, we saw something that definitely wasn’t beautiful: a stinking mass of plastic garbage, used food containers, and human waste — at least 100 feet in circumference — left, we were told by a fellow hiker, by yet another “caravan” of illegal Mestizo invaders come to bless the Washington area with their hard work, their “natural Republican” values, and their well-sharpened shivs. We were told that such “deposits” were not uncommon in these woods, and recurred several times a year no matter how often the overworked park rangers cleaned them up. Back to the wire service report:

[The migrants had only three choices:] to either take the freight train, walk all night, or head home to near certain death from a gang.

Near certain death from a gang. What a nation they have managed to create for themselves — a nation so dangerous, such a miserable Hell-hole they refuse to go back to it. And yet the supermurderers in our midst insist that we import and mix with those whose gene-patterns created that Hell-hole in the first place. As they become the majority across many parts of this nation, “certain death from a gang” will become the watchword in our towns and cities too.

The latest caravan may be a dud, but it was far from the first and will not be the last. The supermurderers will make sure of that, for their goal is nothing less than the annihilation of our race.

The blustering of a president — who may well be replaced by an even more craven and anti-White specimen in a few years — is not sufficient to end this replacement migration. The “democratic process,” in which the dullards and the dolts always form the majority and are almost always easily manipulated by the media bosses. clearly cannot end this replacement migration. The slow and ponderous legal system, which is clogged to the point of dysfunction already, and loaded with anti-White judges and prosecutors, clearly cannot end this replacement migration.

It’s as clear as Orion on a crystalline winter night: If we are to avoid being racially replaced, we need to re-order our society from the ground up.

Do we want freedom? Yes we do, and our race is naturally the most freedom-loving of all races on this planet, and we must support that; but the individualistic “freedom” promoted by libertarians and conservatives is a poisonous fake. “Freedom” to get hooked on mind-numbing drugs? “Freedom” to commit the sin of racial mixing? “Freedom” to surgically mutilate your body and call yourself a member of the opposite sex after having sterilized yourself and made yourself actually sexless forever? Such phony “freedom” offers us nothing but misery and death. The first freedom, on which all others depend, is the freedom to live in a society composed of our own people only, governed by our own best men, and governed always in our racial best interest. That first freedom is called self-determination, and, in the new world the National Alliance is going to build, any individual or any group which works against that self-determination will be instantly exiled or imprisoned.

That means: No Soros NGOs or anti-White charities allowed. No “sanctuary cities.” No control of newspapers or networks or Internet firms by anti-White Jews or aliens of any kind. No refugees unless they’re White refugees. No agitation that pits workers against businessmen, and no business mistreatment of workers — and no replacement of White workers with non-White immigrants — and no “offshoring” of White workers’ jobs. Anyone who promotes class warfare will be treated as an enemy spy or assassin would be treated. Anyone who promotes feminism, who tries to pit White women against White men, or vice versa, will also be treated as an enemy spy or assassin would be treated. Anyone who promotes degrading pornography, or the abuse or sexual commercialization of our sacred White women and children, will be treated as a rabid dog would be treated.

Only within such a framework, in which destruction of the race is not permitted, and in which our National Alliance-inspired laws absolutely exclude Jewish and other anti-White presence or influence in our nation, is real freedom possible. Anything contrary to the principles of White racial integrity, White racial survival, and White racial progress is treason and must be punished accordingly. Our race’s existence is not up for debate and can never be subject to a vote, and anyone who says differently should not be breathing our air.

* * *

Revilo P. Oliver’s important book, The Jewish Strategy, which I first published in 2002, is now available once again from Cosmotheist Books. The Jewish Strategy was the basis for our recent series on American Dissident Voices, entitled “The Jewish Plague.”

As I stated when I first published The Jewish Strategy, the book talks about: “How the Jews have survived thousands of years of persecution — and why we of the West may not survive this century.”

The Jewish Strategy is a concise and powerful 101-page book on the Jewish people and their strategies, conscious and unconscious, to assure their biological survival, written from an uncommonly rational point of view by University of Illinois Classics professor and writer, the late Revilo P. Oliver.

The Jewish Strategy is not an ordinary book. Dr. Oliver, who was one of the greatest writers of the 20th century and who was an uncompromising partisan of our race and a close associate of Dr. William Pierce, whom he aided in the founding of the National Alliance, gives us insight into the genesis, ancient and modern history, and probable future of the Jewish nation-state-people and their long-standing adversarial relationship with our race.

As Dr. Oliver states: “Passionate hatred of the Jews is almost certain to be futile, for violent emotions prevent rational thought.… The international race…. by arduous, intelligent, and indefatigable work for more than twenty-five centuries, has, through its own efforts, made itself the major world power today…. History provides no parallel for that stupendous accomplishment. It must be regarded with respect, even awe. . . . For all practical purposes, the natural aristocracy of our race, which once gave it some sense of direction, has been totally destroyed, by revolutionary massacres, by contrived wars for hallucinatory ends, by economic looting under the guise of ‘democracy,’ by internal deception through the fostering of vices and by miscegenation.”

Historian Mark Weber states that The Jewish Strategy is “a very good one-volume, not-too-lengthy look at the Jewish strategy through the ages — from the perspective of a man who’s just about uniquely qualified to write on the subject.”

Weber continues: “The recent discussion about Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ has brought up the hostility that’s existed over time — on occasion, anyway — between Christian and Jewish interests in history. One of the values of this book by Revilo Oliver is to show that this same tension — this same strife — has existed in non-Christian societies as well. It’s not unique to Christian societies.

“Very often in the context of The Passion Jewish commentators have said in essence, ‘Well, you see, the problem of anti-Semitism is really rooted in Christianity and that’s why the Gibson film is really dangerous.’ Well, that’s really inaccurate. That’s just wrong, because the same tension and the same problems — the same difficulties that we’ve seen in Christian history, in Christian Europe, and the United States to some degree — have also been present wherever Jews have existed in large numbers in non-Christian societies. Right now, of course, this obviously exists in the Arab Muslim world, but as Oliver points out, it also existed in the Roman and Hellenic world before Christianity was really a factor.”

Read The Jewish Strategy and decide for yourself. And, if you enjoy wit and irony, Oliver’s Uber-Menckenesque style will not disappoint. You can order by simply accessing the following URL: nationalvanguard.org/strategy

* * *

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