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As Long as We Are Breathing on This Earth

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 2 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

LET ME BEGIN today’s show with a notice to National Alliance members. Our monthly printed BULLETIN will be, unavoidably, a bit late this month — the first time, I think, since Will Williams took office as Chairman almost eight years ago that we haven’t got the BULLETIN out in the first week or so of the month. One time out of so many dozens of months isn’t bad! We’ve been extremely busy, and Chairman Williams, who writes almost all of the copy for the BULLETIN, has been working especially hard. We’re making tremendous progress in getting the warehouse foundation laid and utilities brought in — which included the digging of a ditch nearly a quarter mile long in our Appalachian woods — for the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center. And we offer tremendous thanks to our Alliance members who volunteered their hard labor for these efforts, which have to be done when Mother Nature allows, especially before Winter sets in. I’ll include a picture or two in the text version of this broadcast so you can see some of what’s taking place.

Trenching and foundation work taking place recently on the site of the warehouse at the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center

I’ve been working extra hard too, preparing our magnificent new book, Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future and other books for publication (as well as helping to take care of a toddler in the home and getting ready for a new arrival who will be born in the next few weeks). I’ll include a picture that one reader sent to me of his personal copy in the process of being read in a Chicago hotel, probably just a thousand yards or so from the anti-White enemies of our people ensconced in their citadels of power and ill-gotten wealth in that city, and likely just as close to that night’s corpses being unceremoniously scraped off the pavement. What a thought — what an image — of that book, a seed of Life, a seed of a new and better Nation to come, taking root in the soul of a White man in the midst of all that artificiality and death and evil. It reminds me of what happened to me once in the Philadelphia airport, which I wrote about several years ago:

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I Can’t — But We Can

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 6, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. (Henry Ford)

WE National Vanguard writers and editors and most of all readers need to become a team. We are, most of us, too individualistic. We play too much of a lone hand. And that seems to be a characteristic of White people generally. Just look at a map of the world: With a few exceptions, White countries are relatively tiny. Sweep your eyes across the massive nations of the Earth, and when you come to Europe, suddenly everything is fractured into tiny pieces, many of them smaller than US states. A strong strain of individuality seems to be built into our genome, and there are good things about that — as Charles Murray points out in his important book Human Accomplishment, it is mainly among European-descended people that the individual thinker has the daring to shout out loud “I am right, and all of you are wrong — and you have always been wrong, and will remain wrong forever unless you take account of my new discovery!” We need people like that. But we also need people to take the discoveries of our highest minds and apply them to reality as a team. For, in any conflict, the lone individual will always lose to the team. Always.

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The Value of Time

MUCH STRONGER than “It’s okay to be White,” the National Alliance message of “It’s great to be White” was seen by thousands of drivers and passengers in hundreds of vehicles high above a major highway near Knoxville, Tennessee.

The pointless and often-perverted “entertainment” — and the often-harmful “work” — offered to us by the System are stealing from us the most valuable thing in the Universe. The ultimate sin — a sin against future generations — is to waste our very limited time here on Earth.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 9, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE NATIONAL OFFICE of the organization that sponsors this program, the National Alliance, recently received the following After-Action Report (AAR) from a group of National Alliance members and supporters in Tennessee, and it was published a little over a month ago in our print publication, the National Alliance BULLETIN:

I ​enjoyed exercising what is left of our supposed freedom of expression​ ​in this country by​ hosting a​n Alliance “banner drop” over southbound I​nterstate 40​, north of Knoxville​, Tennessee. ​The 5-foot by 10-foot​ banner ​supplied by​ the National Office, supported by a couple of steel rods and hardware from my local hardware store — plus three helpers, some careful planning, and our​ ​simple ​pro-White message — ​​became a big hit, viewed by people in hundreds of cars passing directly under it for twenty minutes or so.

I’d wager​ that drivers started noticing the large blood-red banner a quarter mile away​:​ “It’s great to be White” in large letters with our natall.com Web site address below. ​It generated many positive horn honks, thumbs-up, and enthusiastic waves, with a couple of not-so-pleasant hand gestures thrown in from the expected haters. The drop went off without a hitch​ except we stayed in one spot too long. Knoxville​ ​Police approached us on the bridge and informed us cordially that we shouldn’t hold​ our banner “over a federal interstate​.” ​Maybe that’s federal law, maybe not, but we took it to mean we should express our First Amendment rights with banners in the future only over Knoxville municipal streets and Tennessee highways. Lesson learned.

Overall, ​this​ activism was effective, gratifying, and not terribly difficult. I recommend ​other Alliance​ activist​s consider similar drops with professionally designed, National Office-approved banners in their respective areas. Be sure to take photos to memorialize and spread around. — D.S., Tennessee


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The Disturbing Fliers

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 17, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT’S GETTING more than a bit Orwellian — and pretty amusing too — to watch the Establishment try to come up with new ways to attack our totally positive and inoffensive Love Your Race fliers.  In San Bernardino, California, the police even got in on the act; going from home to to home, removing our literature, thereby violating the law and the Constitution –  and their oaths of office — in the process. More on that in a few moments.

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Counting Our Friends

national-alliance_winged_victory05The National Alliance is now reaching over 160,000 people every month with our message of hope through National Vanguard alone. Will you help us grow?

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 15, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

WE WHITE RACE-THINKERS need to visualize victory. (In the text version of this broadcast I’ve included a large, printable “Victory” poster showing Winged Victory as a goddess upholding our life rune, along with contact information for the National Alliance.) We need to visualize victory for the very simple season that our lives are guided and shaped by what we think about. So we need to think about victory. And it is quite reasonable to visualize and anticipate victory — because we are growing — because victory is possible — because we are right, and truth and Nature and Nature’s God are on our side — and because giving up is stupid.

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Out of It

JS57207730American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 21, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHEN YOU think of Great Britain, what do you think of? The greatest European empire the world has ever seen? The pinnacle of of White artistic achievement, as personified in the sublime painters of the Royal Academy a century or two ago? Shakespeare? Wordsworth? Dante Gabriel Rossetti? Conan Doyle? The great scientists — Maxwell, Newton, Wallace, Darwin? Edward Elgar? The British Museum? Stonehenge? Well, if you thought of any of those things — any of the jewels of White European culture that the British Isles have given us — well, you’re behind the times, man. You’re out of it.

Let me tell you about the new Britain that’s been built in just the last few decades.

Just yesterday, a young White woman who lives in Coventry, England, Sammie Sunter — a mother of two young sons — was driven from her home by Blacks who splashed paint and feces on her door (see picture), plastered anti-White graffiti, and left notes threatening violence, telling her in no uncertain terms to get out now, Whitey, while you still can. Here are some exact quotes from the notes Miss Sunter found in her letter box: “Black power — don’t stay too long, or else.” “We are watching you, White bitch. Africa rules.” “These flats are for Black sisters and brothers, Willenhall is Black, so f*** off.” Sammie Sunter and her two sons, ages two and five, were forced to leave their new home as they no longer felt safe there.


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