The Disturbing Fliers

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 17, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT’S GETTING more than a bit Orwellian — and pretty amusing too — to watch the Establishment try to come up with new ways to attack our totally positive and inoffensive Love Your Race fliers.  In San Bernardino, California, the police even got in on the act; going from home to to home, removing our literature, thereby violating the law and the Constitution –  and their oaths of office — in the process. More on that in a few moments.

The controlled media’s latest gambit is — no kidding — to just refer to our literature as “the disturbing fliers.” Interestingly, this is exactly the same phrase that the controlled media in New Orleans used to attack our literature almost two years ago. In just the last couple of days, the controlled media in California, Iowa, and Illinois have been attacking our outreach campaign.

The dim bulbs at the controlled media outlets in the Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois area never seem to vary too much from the same old formula: Notice that our fliers have been distributed — make sure that the National Alliance is called a “White supremacist group” (we’re not supremacists, though the Jewish state of Israel is) — canvass the neighborhood, looking for someone, anyone, who will denounce the fliers or pretend to be “afraid” of them, and then feature him or her on camera — make absolutely zero effort to get our response or interview anyone who approves of the fliers (though many such can be found on those media pages which still allow public comments) — and then, sometimes, suggest in hushed. ever-so-serious tones that anyone who finds a Love Your Race flier should call the police, insinuating falsely that there’s something “illegal” or “wrong” about loving your race or saying that you do.


In the text version of this broadcast, I’ll embed the latest video from Fox18 News about our flier distribution around Valentine’s Day. Here’s a transcript of the piece, interspersed with my comments.

Another wave of controversial flyers popped up in Bettendorf Thursday morning. Neighbors woke up to find the flyers wrapped around local newspapers and advertisements in their driveways.

The flyers read “love your race” and a white supremacist group known as the National Alliance is listed at the bottom.

Again: The National Alliance is the opposite of a supremacist organization. Supremacists want to live in a multiracial society and rule over other races. We’re the opposite of that. We want to live in our own society and have no interest in living in a multiracial society under any conditions.

The flyers have surfaced across the Quad Cities area for several months now.

In January Local 4 News identified 53-year-old James Lee Mathias of Davenport as one of the distributors of the fliers. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mathias was listed as a “big donor” to the group. Mathias was arrested in January for bringing weapons on to school grounds.

As we’ll mention later, Mr. Mathias was “on school grounds” like someone on the sidewalk in front of the Indian embassy is “climbing Mount Everest.” He was at a community stadium that hosts commercial sports and other events, not on the campus of any school.

There is no word yet if Mathias is connected to the most recent wave of flyers.

One Bettendorf neighbor, who asked not to be identified, says she never imagined finding the disturbing flyers so close to her own front door.

“It’s scary to me to think that people still have this viewpoint,” she said.

“Scary” to say “Love Your Race”? Give me a break.

“It was kind of shocking to see this at my house and to think about the fact that someone physically was in the neighborhood, walking around and putting these on everybody’s property …is kind of scary.”

It’s not shocking or scary when teenage White girls get passed around like pieces of meat in Black crack houses and then murdered and dismembered. It’s not shocking or scary when little White boys get their faces blowtorched off. It’s not shocking or scary when non-White home invaders pour boiling water on a young White mother and then rape her right in front of her toddlers. But they’re trying to tell us that it is shocking and scary to think that a responsible White man or woman might be walking in your neighborhood and handing out fliers saying something that every decent human being should agree with — Love Your Race — an idea that might have prevented all the horrible tragedies I just mentioned. This is a level of absurdity that even the slack-jawed TV lovers will have a hard time reconciling with reality.

The flyers have been found on car windshields, college campuses in the area, and most recently in neighbor’s front yards.

Back in August, hundreds gathered at VanderVeer Park in Davenport hoping to spread the message of “no-hate” after a wave of flyers surfaced in the area.

Hundreds, huh? Funny, the same Web site recently claimed that “over 1,000” were at the “anti-hate rally,” which was organized by a local rabbi. Now it’s hundreds. Who knows, maybe soon someone at CBS affiliate “Local4” will look at their own videos of the event, in which no more than a few dozen can be counted — and that includes the media crews.

Local 4 News will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.

It’s also kind of interesting that “Local 4 News” used almost exactly the same scriptword for word — in their broadcast about our Love Your Race fliers as did “Fox18.” Talk about diversity of points of view in the controlled media!

Even more interesting is the fact that the Web site that has published most of these pieces attacking the Alliance, “,” has a readership about half that of

In San Bernardino, California, activists distributed several thousand Love Your Race fliers on Valentine’s Day, and the local newspaper, the Sun, reports that the San Bernardino Police Department violated our First Amendment rights by “collecting” 46 of the fliers and preventing the intended recipients from ever seeing them, and urging others to “destroy” them if found.

Their confession has been archived should they be tempted to delete it. One commenter at the San Bernardino Sun reacted to the police confiscation of our perfectly legal and First Amendment-protected fliers by saying:

A flyer that says “love your race” warrants the SBPD to call all hands on deck to scramble around and confiscate them all — as though they don’t have laws to enforce and as though suppression of free speech is in their job description? Meanwhile, all the gang-related graffiti goes unfettered . . . . To top it off, the National Alliance, a group few people would want to aid, probably has a legit law suit on its hands that will cost taxpayers dearly . . . I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to use police to suppress opinions we might find objectionable. I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of the US Constitution. You’d think the police would be aware of this. Here’s an idea. The SBPD should focus on law enforcement instead of protecting residents from objectionable opinions. It’s no wonder they’re failing. They must be pretty busy with matters not related to law enforcement.

I wrote a comment (which was censored and never published) in response to the Sun‘s second hit piece about our Love Your Race campaign: “Rather unprofessional for the Sun to run this piece and make no effort at all to get the viewpoint of the National Alliance, whose Web site includes several ways to get in contact with the group. And how in bloody Hell is it ‘racist’ or ‘supremacist’ to simply say ‘Love Your Race’?”

As National Alliance Chairman William White Williams said in our print publication, the National Alliance BULLETIN, last month, about one honorable man who has been exercising his First Amendment rights to distribute our literature:

National Alliance member Jim Mathias has been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in cahoots with the controlled media and churchmen in eastern Iowa — and now law enforcement and the local judiciary — in a conspiracy to deny Jim his liberty and the National Alliance our right to distribute our literature. Here’s part of the latest anti-National Alliance hit piece published by the SPLC on 24 January:

National Alliance member arrested while distributing white supremacist fliers: In early August of last year, Davenport residents were shocked to discover white supremacist fliers on their car windshields and posted in a local neighborhood. The fliers imitated missing persons posters, but what they declared missing was “a future for white children,” an echo of the racist neo-Nazi “14 words” catchphrase coined by white nationalist terrorist David Lane. . . . Mathias’s arrest [took place] while distributing racist flyers at a high school stadium parking lot. . . .

The SPLC article is rife with errors (at one point Dr. Pierce is ludicrously referred to as the “figurehead” of the National Alliance, for example), but the most serious — and doubtlessly intentional — falsehood in their piece is that Mr. Mathias was arrested while distributing our fliers.

On the contrary, he was never arrested.

He discovered online on 20 January that local law enforcement had issued a felony warrant for him in October for a bogus “weapon on school property” charge, based on a conversation he’d had with an officer a couple of weeks earlier while fliering in September. Jim had not been informed about this warrant for three months!

Jim retained a bondsman and an attorney, turned himself in, and was released within 20 minutes. It may help Jim’s defense that there are no schools near where he was supposedly on “school property,” while discreetly placing our Love Your Race fliers under windshield wipers in a stadium parking lot. It helps Jim even more that he’s a man of his race who will not be intimidated by race-denying, tin-horn bureaucrats who draw up and misuse local statutes to keep us from distributing our perfectly legal and truthful material to our people.

Also included with our member’s BULLETIN last month was our new information flyer, Our Right to Distribute, which Chairman Williams recommends all our activists read and carry on their person:

 This is an updated version of the original that we published more than a decade ago. Anyone who is distributing our material should carry this sheet on his person to politely, but firmly, inform any inquiring authorities or individuals of our members’ constitutional right to distribute our literature.

Here are some of the salient points in that document that should be thoroughly understood by National Alliance activists, and by any property owners or police officers who may be pressured by Jewish groups to interfere with our constitutional rights:

The United States Constitution is by definition the basic law of the land: No federal, state, county, city, or community law can contradict any of the basic principles of the Constitution. In fact, all government executives, legislators, policemen, and judges are required to abide by it.

Our Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

As you can see from the above quotation, the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees every citizen, among other things, freedom of speech. In regard to leafleting, the Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean that a state or municipality may not ban the distribution of leaflets on streets, sidewalks, or other public places.

The Supreme Court applied this rule to universities both state and private. Furthermore, leafleting cannot be prohibited on a military base in areas of public access.

The Supreme Court has also found that door-to-door solicitations for the purpose of distributing information may not be banned regardless of the wishes of the householder to receive such information. Furthermore, a state or municipality may not tax or require any license for the distribution or sale of political or religious material door-to-door.

In shopping center cases, the Supreme Court has said that privately owned property may be treated as if it is publicly held where it is held open to the public.

In light of the above, we recommend that in the event of arrest while leafleting in one of the above areas, the individual arrested should file a civil suit for false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and the intentional deprivation of constitutional rights — and that the parties sued should include the municipality, the police department, the arresting officer, and the private property owner where applicable. In such a case, punitive as well as compensatory damages will be awarded.

These words are just a small fraction of the information contained in the Our Right to Distribute flier, which can be downloaded from — the printed version includes citations of case law, advice on what to do if challenged, and full information on a “rights card” to be handed to anyone — official or property owner — who questions your right to distribute our literature. Download it — print it — fill it out — keep it on your person at all times — and then get out there and put another 10,000 Love Your Race fliers out in your local community this weekend. It’s a fun thing to do — it’s an effective thing to do — it’s an exhilarating thing to do — and it’s the right thing to do.

* * *

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