As Long as We Are Breathing on This Earth

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 2 October, 2021 2021-1002 – As Long as We Are Breathing on This Earth.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LET ME BEGIN today’s show with a notice to National Alliance members. Our monthly printed BULLETIN will be, unavoidably, a bit late this month — the first time, I think, since Will Williams took office as Chairman almost eight years ago that we haven’t got the BULLETIN out in the first week or so of the month. One time out of so many dozens of months isn’t bad! We’ve been extremely busy, and Chairman Williams, who writes almost all of the copy for the BULLETIN, has been working especially hard. We’re making tremendous progress in getting the warehouse foundation laid and utilities brought in — which included the digging of a ditch nearly a quarter mile long in our Appalachian woods — for the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center. And we offer tremendous thanks to our Alliance members who volunteered their hard labor for these efforts, which have to be done when Mother Nature allows, especially before Winter sets in. I’ll include a picture or two in the text version of this broadcast so you can see some of what’s taking place.

Trenching and foundation work taking place recently on the site of the warehouse at the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center

I’ve been working extra hard too, preparing our magnificent new book, Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future and other books for publication (as well as helping to take care of a toddler in the home and getting ready for a new arrival who will be born in the next few weeks). I’ll include a picture that one reader sent to me of his personal copy in the process of being read in a Chicago hotel, probably just a thousand yards or so from the anti-White enemies of our people ensconced in their citadels of power and ill-gotten wealth in that city, and likely just as close to that night’s corpses being unceremoniously scraped off the pavement. What a thought — what an image — of that book, a seed of Life, a seed of a new and better Nation to come, taking root in the soul of a White man in the midst of all that artificiality and death and evil. It reminds me of what happened to me once in the Philadelphia airport, which I wrote about several years ago:

Once upon a time, I had to change planes at Philadelphia International Airport on my way back home from a trip out west. Philadelphia International Airport is not an attractive place.

I needed to go from my arrival gate to a departure gate in a distant part of the huge complex, so I had to use a shuttle bus. I and a dozen other passengers had an interminable wait for the bus to arrive, while standing in a chairless and filthy room that smelled strongly of cigarettes even though there was a prominent “No Smoking” sign on the wall. My theory is that the place hadn’t been cleaned since the Ford administration. The “diverse” workforce there didn’t look like they had much pride in the place. In fact, they looked like they shared at least one thought with me: They just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Finally, the shuttle bus arrived, discharged its passengers, and we got on. Then there was another wait of about 15 minutes, for no discernible purpose that I could see. I sat with my luggage and looked at my surroundings through the bus’s greasy windows and open doors.

As I sat and waited and inhaled air which smelled like a toxic cocktail of latrine, diesel exhaust, and kerosene, I noticed a remarkable thing. Except for my fellow passengers, I could not see a single living thing at that airport. There were no living birds in the sky, just metal birds. Not a single blade of grass was visible from where I sat. Every square inch of the Earth’s surface that I could see was paved with slovenly and lumpy asphalt and painted with faded aeronautical symbols. All around me, as far as the eye could see in every direction, were angular and ugly “modern” buildings of corroded metal and dirty glass, covering hundreds of acres, doubtlessly larger than some small cities. The sky was a shifting haze of different shades of brown and grey, without a trace of blue.

As I realized what I was seeing — or, rather, what I was not seeing — I turned in every direction to try to find an exception, to try and find a single sign of Nature and Life. But I couldn’t. It was a totally artificial, totally dead, world.

And just as I was feeling the bleakness and ugliness and utter totality of this dead world that man had built, just at that very instant, something amazing happened.

A dandelion seed, suspended by its little snow white parachute, floated in through the open door of the bus and landed on my arm. I looked down in amazement at this little answer to my seeking, at this tiny messenger of Life.

And I realized at that moment that this bit of genetic code, this seed, could utterly defeat and obliterate the huge city-sized complex of steel and wire and petroleum and electricity where I was temporarily trapped. The humblest seed has the force of Life within it. Through growth, it has the power to crack any stone and overturn even the strongest artificial foundation that can be built. And it has the power to multiply itself a million times squared and squared again. And it has the power and the patience to ever renew itself, to replace itself — and so to be ever young and strong and growing.

And that airport — and even all of Philadelphia itself or even all of man’s civilization itself — could not prevail against that single seed without the constant application of our efforts to renew what we have built. If our race dies, and with it the will to maintain our civilization, the seed will prevail, and in time the asphalt runways will be ground into dust again by the seed’s trillion offspring in a new green forest whose denizens will never know that they stand on what was once called Philadelphia.

The tiny seed which did not even span my fingernail has the power to do all this; it has the power of Life, the greatest power the Universe has ever seen.

We too have the power of Life within us. We too can be ever-renewing, ever-young, vital, and expanding. We can build a world incomparably greater than anything which has been seen before. We can defeat the artificial construct of multiracialism. We can defeat the death-world of globalism and the “nation as idea.” We can build a blood-based nation. All Nature cries out that ours is the right way, the natural way. We have the power of Life within us. Our enemies do not. Their path leads to death. Ours leads to renewed Life and immortality for our people.

Life trumps the artificial constructs of man every time. Let us live our lives with that in mind.

That Cosmotheism book in the ugly Hell called Chicago is very much like that seed.

Let me also talk to you for a moment about comments that don’t get approved on the National Vanguard Web site. I’ve said before that we allow a wide range of comments, even some critical ones and even some from real enemies sometimes, under the articles in our online magazine, but it’s not a free-for-all. It’s not a free speech forum. We are laser-focused on what we’re trying to accomplish: build the Alliance into an organization that will span the generations and eventually become the core of a new nation and a new people.

With that goal in mind all the time, I have instructed our moderation team to disallow people who have an obsession with promoting a non-Alliance agenda from posting their endless one-note or two-note comments under every article that touches on their obsession. So, if a commenter wants to “prove” that the Jews ‘really aren’t” Hebrews, or that White Europeans “actually are” Hebrews, he’s not going to be able to push that agenda under every article on religion posted on National Vanguard. That would confuse readers, many of whom are potential recruits, and potentially send them down a dead end path. Life is short and we don’t have time for that. This would also hold true for many other agendas — we don’t look with favor on a “Moon Hoax” believer casting doubt on Aryan Man’s exploration of space under every article of ours he happens to find where it’s mentioned — or a “Flat Earther” or 9/11 “No Planer” or a “Jesus is the answer” believer doing the same.

Having said that, though, we don’t disallow all such comments. We’ll let a person with what we might consider odd or incorrect beliefs to express him or herself to a reasonable extent. We just aren’t going to allow ourselves to be diverted by their agendas.

Another issue is critical or hostile comments. We welcome criticism, but not from people who are irreconcilably hostile to us or to the Alliance or to Dr. Pierce’s vision. It’s pretty easy to spot the irreconcilably hostile: They’ve been influenced by the government’s or the media’s lies about Dr. Pierce or about Chairman Williams or about me. They repeat things that incurable liar Harold Covington made up, and which then took on a life of their own on supposedly pro-White “free speech forums” on the ’Net, egged on and multiplied by the ignorant and probably by those on enemy payrolls who have free rein on such forums.

Let me tell you something: Even though such liars are easily refuted, we simply don’t have the time to waste to refute them for the seven-thousandth time. My time is extremely limited. Chairman Williams’ time is extremely limited. Not only am I running NV, but creating numerous print publications and audio-visual productions and running a radio network, and I have a very very busy personal and family life. And people who are irreconcilably hostile will just come up with ten new lies in the time you take to refute the latest one or two. They can’t be convinced. They’ve already decided. (Or their paymasters have.)

So constructive criticism of how we might better serve the purpose of actualizing Dr. Pierce’s vision of the future is welcome — more than welcome in the case of people who are actually willing to do the hard work needed to make that vision into reality, or contribute funds so others can do so. But personal attacks? Attempts at character assassination? Attempts to divert our readers or our Alliance into abandoning our vision and our plan? That’s not going to be allowed.

I also advise our moderation team to not publish repeated screeds designed to, or which unintentionally, demoralize or discourage people who are helping us now. I suppose a few such negative comments make it through, since even the “black pilled” who are otherwise good men and women of high potential value, should be encouraged to hang around, read about what we’re doing and what we believe, and realize that there is hope.

The men and women of the National Alliance are building an organization and a real-world community of racially conscious Whites. We are solemnizing marriages. We are raising children. We are building a library and research center and living quarters and offices. We are working hard as Hell every day for these goals. Some of us have sacrificed a great deal — a very great deal — to help us achieve those goals. We don’t have time for fighting petty word battles with people who will never help us and only want to hinder us. And we definitely aren’t going to allow remarks that will demoralize or discourage the people who are working with us. We have better things to do — much better things to do! And we fully intend to do them as long as we are breathing on this Earth.

* * *

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