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In the early days of American Dissident Voices, broadcast transcripts were disseminated in text form via the Alliance’s Free Speech print magazine, which existed alongside National Vanguard print magazine. Both are now incorporated in our online magazine, This 1995 issue of Free Speech predates by eight years. The National Alliance still has a print publication for members and supporters, the long-running monthly National Alliance BULLETIN, which began with the National Youth Alliance’s ACTION newsletter, starting in 1970.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 8 January, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LET ME TELL all of you who’d like to support the National Alliance — and this program — by buying our books, CDs, and other items at (and all of you who receive and perceive value in what we are doing should be doing that) that there is a new payment system out there, MoonPay, that can help you help us.

As many of you know, the Jews have come down hard on our ability to use credit cards to sell our items online — what most purchasers expect these days — to such an extent that we have literally been cancelled more than twenty times by various allegedly independent credit card processing firms.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “credit ratings,” the cooperative financial snooping network that allows bankers to decide who should receive credit — the “loans” that the bankers make using the money they create out of thin air. Even if there were no crooked money-creation going on, lenders of funds would probably use whatever intelligence they could get to decide who gets his loans approved and who doesn’t. Here’s the way one of my favorite writers, David Sims, puts it:

What is a credit rating supposed to be? A credit rating is supposed to be a numerical or categorical representation of your worthiness to borrow money. What should determine someone’s credit rating? Your credit rating should be determined by your past history of repaying your debts, in full and on time, or in accordance with a schedule agreed to by yourself and your previous lenders.

That’s it. If a credit rating is calculated in any other way, then it has become a corrupted indicator. If political factors inform credit ratings, then credit rating has become a political weapon, and any lender using credit ratings in such a way has become an enemy (in the strictest military sense) to anyone denied credit under any such corrupted rating system.

If you are denied economic opportunity because you think that the world should be ordered differently than it is, then you have a right to retaliate upon whoever imposed that loss upon you.

When society is re-ordered on National Alliance, Cosmotheist principles, there will be time enough for consequences for the rats, but that’s not what concerns us now. Now, among other things, we need to get the word out by selling books and other media, and create economic support for our intentional White community thereby. Since, under Will Williams’ leadership, the National Alliance is 100 per cent. solvent and debt-free, any difficulties in borrowing money from the rats really isn’t limiting us, since we aren’t asking for any of their fictitious “loans.” But this — doubtlessly Jew-dominated — bankers’ intelligence network does more these days than merely determining creditworthiness.

The banking/financial cartel, in addition to controlling credit ratings, also assigns a “risk level” to every business that wants to be able to sell goods using credit cards. Certain businesses, labeled by the cartel as “high risk,” find it almost impossible to find a credit card processor who will do business with them. Some of these discriminated-against businesses really are high risk, shady operations, like porn merchants and people trying to evade state tobacco taxes and import duties — or credit repair ripoffs or phony insurance hawkers or “extended warranty” or other scams. But the Jews have also been going around and making sure that companies who sell books that the Jews don’t like — like Cosmotheist Books and others — are inappropriately placed in the “high risk” category, effectively crippling them by making it impossible for them to accept credit cards from their online customers.

This is exactly what’s happened to Cosmotheist Books — more than a score of times now.

We’ve fought back by using a tried-and-true technique from the past — the old-fashioned send a check via postal mail method.

And we’ve fought back by using a new technique partaking of the future — accepting Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized, permissionless method of transacting business. With Bitcoin, there simply is no central authority, CEO, or board of directors to intimidate or bribe, so the Jews are powerless. Anyone can set up a Bitcoin/crypto wallet and send payments to anyone he likes, and no one, certainly not the ADL or SPLC, can do a single thing about it.

But there is a learning curve, and many customers don’t feel comfortable using crypto yet. Setting up an account on an exchange, or better yet getting your own hardware wallet and keeping it in a secure place yourself (thereby having no counterparty risk) is going to be easier in the future, and I’m confident that one day it will be as common as paying using credit cards online is now — remember, just doing that was in itself an alien concept to many back in the early 2000s.

Give Bitcoin payments and donations a try, and let’s grow our pro-White economy faster than ever. Support our efforts, and use the books and CDs and other materials you buy to raise your own consciousness and that of others. You can also make donations using the same methods. Those who join, or who donate $250 a year or more, qualify to receive our monthly print publication, the National Alliance BULLETIN. Start by visiting today.

* * *

Speaking of bypassing the Jews’ financial cartel — as we discussed last week, American Dissident Voices has been bypassing the Jews’ information cartel for more than 30 years now, and some of our listeners wrote in to congratulate us on that anniversary last week — thank you all for writing and expressing your appreciation! In three years or so we’ll have been at it for a full third of a century, and National Vanguard and the other National Alliance media are reaching a larger audience than ever before. Thanks, all of you, for writing — I am deeply moved by many of the things you said.

One long-time listener wrote and said:

Thank you for the 30 year anniversary ADV. That was amazing.  [In the recording from that ADV of thirty years ago with you and William Pierce,] you both sound much younger.  And it was inspiring, as was last week’s interview.   Most of the time I have heard Pierce,  it was 8Khz Real Audio format….  I would not recognize him!  It was great to hear it so clear. I need to check out that CD set you produced. But yes,  your broadcasts are a true inspiration.  I love your work,  and share it whenever I possibly can. We’re in danger, and our people need to come fully awake. Yes,  our numbers are presently small. But, the greatest tree starts with a single, tiny seed.

After hearing some of our recently remastered William Pierce speeches from the latest Power of Truth CD, another writer states:

Thanks so much, Kevin and Will and your entire National Alliance staff. I just can’t believe how good these latest Power of Truth CDs sound. And thanks also for making them into video slideshows — for free! — on! Though I think everyone should purchase the CDs for the very best clarity and also to support you guys’ excellent work. I listen on a decent sound system, and if I close my eyes it literally sounds like William Pierce is sitting across the coffee table from me, talking right in my living room. The Power of Truth is a collection that will have lasting value, for this generation and the next and the next.

I also want to thank you for your ongoing articles and radio shows. You guys have stepped up into some very, very big shoes since Dr. Pierce left us. And you’re doing a great job. I read your news site every day and whenever I can I am listening to your radio network. I bought one of those handheld Internet radios that gets 30,000 stations with zero static, an Ocean Digital WR-23F, and I manually programmed the National Alliance Radio Network into it. In the garage, out in the back yard, in every room of the house I can listen now. What you guys are doing is making a difference in my life. God, I wish I could get all the time I wasted on Jew-controlled radio and TV back! At least the future won’t be wasted. You guys — and gals — are giving me an education I can’t get anywhere else, the one I should have received in school and college!

Another message reads:

Thanks for keeping the candle lit.  Your weekly sermons are helping me endure.

And indeed, what we are doing here on American Dissident Voices is very much a weekly sermon — except not a sermon dedicated to a non-existent Semite in the sky or a fatuous philosophy of “love thy Brown replacement,” but rather dedicated to the very real Purpose of our sacred race, a Purpose embedded in the structure of the Universe itself, a Purpose that transcends all other purposes, and only through which all issues of our lives and times can be understood and the proper action taken — the purpose for which the stars themselves were born: The ever-increasing consciousness of the Life Force, of the Creator, of the Self-Created cosmos, that the European race embodies.

* * *

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