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A White Workers’ Movement: An Open Letter to Donald Trump, part 1

kas_0001890-x4American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 12, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)


It was White people who elected you.

More specifically, it was White workers who elected you. They gave their votes to you. Now you need to come through for them.

White workers: You know, the people that the “liberal” elites like to sneer at — the people who make the wheels of industry turn and who grow the crops that we and half the world need to survive — the White people who still have “street smarts,” who know that neither race nor reality is a “social construct,” who think that importing lunatic brown fanatics with a bizarre, violent ideology into our country is a bad idea, and who somehow missed four to eight years of anti-White brainwashing in the universities (or who survived it unscathed); the people who used to vote democrat and liberal because they want an even break for the working man — but who woke up and realized that the Leftists and the Establishment Republicans alike are sending their jobs to the Third World and bringing the Third World here — and who turned to you because you said you cared about them.

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The Folly of ‘Income Redistribution’

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I’VE BEEN hearing a lot in the news these days about “income redistribution.” About how “income inequality” is a problem that needs to be fixed by (forcibly) taking wealth from some and “giving” it to others. Now I’m all for ending the ability of the bankers and Wall Street to create money out of thin air (as they do every day with fractional reserve banking). And I am all for ending the ability of multinational corporations to steal from us using their usual techniques of fraud, manipulation, and so-called “free trade.” But taking from my neighbors to “equalize” incomes? No.

To all the would-be “income redistributors” I say this: No one is stopping you from giving 90 per cent. (or 100 per cent.) of your money away. You can give it to me if you like; I’ve got a Paypal link on my site.

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