The Folly of ‘Income Redistribution’

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I’VE BEEN hearing a lot in the news these days about “income redistribution.” About how “income inequality” is a problem that needs to be fixed by (forcibly) taking wealth from some and “giving” it to others. Now I’m all for ending the ability of the bankers and Wall Street to create money out of thin air (as they do every day with fractional reserve banking). And I am all for ending the ability of multinational corporations to steal from us using their usual techniques of fraud, manipulation, and so-called “free trade.” But taking from my neighbors to “equalize” incomes? No.

To all the would-be “income redistributors” I say this: No one is stopping you from giving 90 per cent. (or 100 per cent.) of your money away. You can give it to me if you like; I’ve got a Paypal link on my site.

But it is amazing to me that you can arrogate to yourself and your coadjutors the “right” to take from others for the openly admitted purpose of “redistribution.”

That’s not charity. That’s not giving. That’s just plunder.

And it’s pointless too. If you took all of the money in the United States and redistributed it equally among all adults (that’s about as radical a redistribution as you can get), within one month you would have billionaires and poor people again. Some people are stupid. Some people are extremely clever. And some people have a real flair, that amounts to genius, for separating the former from their cash.

Maybe the unattainability of their aims is the really brilliant aspect of Marx’s and other redistributive schemes, and the key to their recruiting success:

Since their “dream” of equality can never be achieved in this universe, they are able to recruit a new army of foolish dreamers with each passing generation.

No one ever “goes home after a job well done,” because the job simply can’t be done, any more than King Canute could command the sea to depart the shores of England. But in the meantime, a lot of power and money passes into the hands of the well-heeled schemers who design such plans (Wall Street’s Kuhn, Loeb and Co. — the Goldman Sachs of their day — funded Lenin, for example).

Now don’t for a minute think I am a neocon or a shill for the multinational corporations. I don’t even think that multinational corporations should exist. And I think that the elite’s empire and its wars should be terminated immediately.

But remember this: The billionaire elite who misrule us hate the idea of someone coming up from below them  to challenge their power. They hate it when a genuine American or European not vetted by them graduates from the class of successful, intelligent people (who might have a few million) into the multi-billionaire class. And “progressive” taxation and other “redistribution” schemes make it very difficult for us peons to do that.