A White Workers’ Movement: An Open Letter to Donald Trump, part 1

kas_0001890-x4American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 12, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)


It was White people who elected you.

More specifically, it was White workers who elected you. They gave their votes to you. Now you need to come through for them.

White workers: You know, the people that the “liberal” elites like to sneer at — the people who make the wheels of industry turn and who grow the crops that we and half the world need to survive — the White people who still have “street smarts,” who know that neither race nor reality is a “social construct,” who think that importing lunatic brown fanatics with a bizarre, violent ideology into our country is a bad idea, and who somehow missed four to eight years of anti-White brainwashing in the universities (or who survived it unscathed); the people who used to vote democrat and liberal because they want an even break for the working man — but who woke up and realized that the Leftists and the Establishment Republicans alike are sending their jobs to the Third World and bringing the Third World here — and who turned to you because you said you cared about them.

The media have intensified their sneering and their insults, and have been emphasizing again and again that your election was made possible by “non-college-educated” Whites, who have now abandoned the Democratic party that abandoned them, and gave you millions upon millions of votes in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, and elsewhere. The media are wrong to sneer, but they are right about that one point. Without those workers’ votes for you, Hillary Clinton and her appalling gang of criminals and subversives and degenerates would be poised to batten on the corpse of this nation. Thanks to those White workers, you now have a chance to change history for the better if you want to.

These White workers are suffering. They suffer economically, as their jobs are given to Third Worlders. Their wealth is stolen while they’re young by deceptive “student loans” and ruinous taxation which transfers their hard-earned money to the brown underclass. Their wealth is stolen when they’re old by nursing home vultures and “aid” programs that require all the wealth of the older generation to be drained away until there is nothing left to bequeath to the young. They are prey all their lives to the greed of bankers and corporations who promise them consumer loans on “easy terms” that leave them enslaved by debt for their entire lives, draining away even more of the wealth that should be theirs and giving it to the ethnically-distinct financial overclass. They are the ones who are expected to send their sons to die in the sand for Israel and Goldman Sachs. They are turning to drugs and to drink and to suicide in record numbers to escape the slave-driving Hell that modern America has become for them.

They gave their votes to you. Now you need to come through for them.

If you want to have even a smidgen of a chance to make America great again, you need to come through for these people — the people who embody America, the people whose fathers and grandfathers made America great just a few generations ago, the people who are America — and the only people who can make America great again. You need to do what’s right for these people. That’s the only chance you have of holding on to power. That’s the only chance you have of not being destroyed by the controlled media and the Left.

How can you succeed in your grand plans, Mr. Trump, when your majority is so razor-thin? How can you stand up to the huge financial power of the ethnically-distinct barons of finance and of the media who buy and control most of the other politicians? How can you avoid becoming just another one of their stooges?

I’ll tell you how.

Don’t fight the Left. Become the Left. Sweep it aside and take over.

I don’t mean you should become a Marxist. I don’t mean you should be a globalist international “socialist.” I don’t mean you should become a White-hating “social justice” lunatic. And I don’t mean you should pretend to be any of those things.

No. What I mean is this: Become a real socialist, by which I mean stand up for the White workers who elected you, for the descendants and living embodiment of the historic American nation — really stand up for them and defend them against the moneyed forces that are destroying them and exploiting them and implementing their demographic replacement.

The phony Hillary Clinton “left” can’t do that. It’s so deep in bed with Soros and the billionaire Jewish power structure that it can’t even turn around without permission.

The phony Bernie Sanders “left” can’t do that either. It also exists only by permission of and as an appendage of the financiers, too — albeit a different wing of them. Both wings hate Whites, especially Politically Incorrect White workers, and the two wings are just arguing about how best to genocide us as a people while pretending to be social-minded “socialists.”

The real working people have noticed that these people hate them and hate all Whites. The real working people have noticed that these people are phonies. The real working people have a sense that you are not a phony. They have a sense that you, too, hate the media and banking and corporate elite that are exploiting and genociding them. They have a sense that you are a fighter and that you are your own man. That’s why they voted for you.

They gave their votes to you. Now you need to come through for them.

Ignore the moneyed elite and the media liars for a moment; we all know they hate and oppose you.

The largest group of real, sincere people who oppose you is also on the political left. It’s more complex than this, but to save time we can just call them the naive Bernie Sanders believers. They are mostly young. They are also overwhelmingly White, though they might not like to admit it. They are the ones who can’t start a family because “student loan” bank debt soaks up half their income for decades on end. They are the ones who followed all the rules and still are unemployed or vastly underemployed. They are the ones who often have no options but to join the military and possibly die in these bankers’ wars we are fighting — and may well die by the millions if the elites’ plans for war with Russia and Iran come to fruition. They are the ones whose families can’t help them much because of their own debt problems or because the banks, the government, and the nursing home vultures soaked up everything that all the previous generations had built up for them.

Their fake leaders incite them to hate you. But you can bring these Sanders believers over to your side in huge numbers at the same time as you do the right thing for the older White workers who elected you. You can build a coalition so strong that your enemies will not be able to break it.

• Forgive all student loans immediately. These “loans” are fraudulent, created out of thin air, and our young people owe the bankers nothing.

• Forgive all credit card debt immediately. Again, these “loans” are fraudulent and the working people never owed the bankers a single dime.

• Subsidize — not with loans but with outright grants — the college tuition of Americans with the requisite intelligence and character to be the business and government leaders of the next generation. These people are the best investment we could make as a nation. These subsidies should be for our people alone — not for illegals or other invaders.

• Subsidize with interest-free loans or outright grants — no bankers involved — the birth of children among our people, in order to halt and then reverse our demographic decline and replacement. Change the tax laws so that having children is once again strongly encouraged among members of the historic American nation, especially its brightest and most capable members who have in recent decades had the fewest children.

• Our present tax system bleeds the middle classes, who are overwhelmingly White workers, in order to subsidize the welfare-warfare regime in Washington that hates us. It is also used as a control and surveillance and punishment mechanism against us. You should put an end to all this: Abolish the individual income tax and re-establish individual financial privacy and independence. Finance the government through nationalized banks and interest-free money (see below) and through an income tax and a wealth tax on billionaires and oligarchs and foundations and corporations above a certain size. They are the ones who should be controlled and taxed — not us. They are the ones we need to inspect and regulate and keep an eye on at all times — not us.

• Nationalize the Federal Reserve and use the power gained to eliminate the abusive lending practices of fractional reserve banking. This will make your power base wealthier and empower them and inspire them to support you more than ever. It will also disempower your enemies and prevent them from stealing the wealth of the people with a stroke of a pen as they do today.

If you can do these things, you will build a base of support among White workers — young and old — which cannot be defeated in the immediate future; which will change the fate of this nation and possibly ensure its continuance. You can, I believe, rescue our nation from the precipice of death upon which it now balances.

Your presidency, Mr. Trump, represents the last chance of the historic American nation — the America of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson — the America referred to as “our sacred posterity” in the United States Constitution — the America of our nation’s founding stock — to control its own destiny via the government in Washington.

If you care about the future of the historic American nation, and I suspect you instinctively do, you will need to start thinking in racial terms. And once you start thinking in racial terms, nothing will be more obvious than the fact that our enemies, by opening the borders to millions of illegal and legal non-White immigrants, and by doing everything in their power to encourage racial mixing and the suppression of the White birthrate, have made it demographically impossible for the historic American nation to elect a president or representatives of its choosing, and who will work in its interests, ever again.

The coalition I mentioned must be built, and it must be built now, or all is lost.

We must also begin working to disenfranchise by every means possible those who are not members of our nation. This does not mean “oppressing” them. They deserve whatever franchise they are due — in their own nations. They deserve the full range of rights that they are capable of conceptualizing and exercising — in their own nations. They deserve whatever kind of laws and leaders they want — in their own nations. But they must not have the power to control our laws, nor prevent the election of our executive and legislative representatives — as they almost succeeded in doing in your case. This disenfranchisement can begin by immediately deporting all those who are here illegally — and beginning the process of repatriation for all the rest. For those whose connections with their ancestral lands are too distant in time, perhaps orderly, legally-granted secession and self-determination behind a secure border wall is another possible solution.

Unless we begin such a program immediately, eight or sixteen years hence — just a few election cycles away — we will be utterly and totally dispossessed in our own nation, as politically powerless as the Kurds, and poised on the brink of genocide and extinction. Our only options then will be revolution and secession — most likely armed revolution and secession, since there is seldom any other kind.

You are already surrounded by representatives of the power structure which has dispossessed us — surrounded by the largely-Jewish international bankers and globalists you criticized during your campaign — by members of the Old Order in American politics — by the Establishment conservatives and Republicans who did everything they could to prevent your nomination. These men are scheming to derail your people’s revolution.

Which way will you go, Mr. Trump? The way of dishonor and losing — the way of bowing down to the money power that hates you and hates our people? Or the way of honor and of winning? — the way of fighting as hard as you have ever fought in your life for the people who trusted you, believed in you, and are depending on you to stand up for them now? The choice is yours.

* * *

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