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The Awakening Process, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 4 January, 2020

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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GRADUALLY, our people are awakening to their peril. By “awakening,” I do not mean just developing racial consciousness. That is a necessary — but not sufficient — part of the awakening process. I do not just mean realizing that Jews are a racially different people from our own, with their own interests that often directly oppose ours — that, too, is necessary but not sufficient. Even a realization that the Jews are our primary adversary in our struggle to survive, true though that is, is still not the full awakening of which I speak. Knowing that the Jewish power structure intends a genocide of Whites and is carrying out that plan as we speak verges on complete understanding — but to that should, I believe, be added the knowledge that we are here dealing with a biological parasite.

Everyone interested in expanding his mind on this topic should read or listen to my series “It’s All Biological” which can be found on nationalvanguard.org.

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2020: William Pierce Looks at the Big Picture

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 28 December, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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AS WE approach the year 2020 — or perhaps we should start calling it 131 — it is most appropriate that we step back from the day-to-day events of our own lives and from transitory news events of the moment and look at the big picture — above all other things, the question of what we are going to do with our lives, with our very limited time on Earth.

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Solstice 2019: Who We Really Are

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 21 December, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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TODAY IS the Winter Solstice, a sacred time for our people. Since I last presented today’s particular Solstice message to you, three years have passed. Much has happened in that time. My fiancée is now my wife. And the message of new life in our Solstice ceremony and this Solstice message is even more powerful for us now, as we prepare to bring new life into this world. This is a message for every one of you — every farmer in the Great Plains, every worker in the Rust Belt, every White man or White woman struggling to exist and keep your family together in this world of barren cubicles and political lies. This is about who you are — who you really are. And why everything depends on you. Please listen.

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New Audio Book: Commissary to the Gentiles, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 7 December, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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IN 1928 a nationally-known Jewish writer admitted that Christianity was a Jewish invention which utterly transformed — and, more importantly, intentionally transformed — the spiritual outlook of European Man. From the moment that Paul of Tarsus introduced the Jew-centric religion to the Roman world, a process began in which the deadly memes of “equality,” loving your enemies, and worshipping your enemy’s god would ultimately corrupt our spirit, fatally confuse our sense of identity, and sap our will to resist our exploitation and dispossession.

The writer was Marcus Eli Ravage and his admission, which was titled “Commissary to the Gentiles,” was couched in terms of ironic, intemperate boasting and smug, casually assumed Jewish superiority. It was the second in a two-part series by Ravage carried in one of the leading media outlets of the time, The Century Magazine. We’ve already carried the first in the series, “A Real Case Against the Jews,” in an American Dissident Voices program earlier this year.

We now present this most important work, newly-recorded by Vanessa Neubauer — “Commissary to the Gentiles,” part 1. Listen:

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Don’t Get Sick

These new images can be easily downloaded and printed as 3×5 stickers in mass quantities. Some commercial printing firms can produce them for around five cents each.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 30 November, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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OUR GOVERNMENT — I shouldn’t call it “our” government, actually; it now belongs to people who hate us — is failing us. Even though they are forced to admit here and there, usually several paragraphs or pages in, that their own studies indicate that Blacks, Mestizos, and perverts are infected with deadly, death-dealing HIV at rates far higher, many times higher, than normal White heterosexuals, they don’t trumpet that fact to the world. They don’t warn our young people against sexual contact with perverts, with Blacks, or with Mestizos. They say almost nothing. And when they do say anything, it’s to protect the non-White and pervert AIDS-carriers — never to warn young White men or young White women of the deadly danger they face as they date, go to dance clubs, or scroll through Tinder (and the latter two activities are generally soul-destroying promiscuity-expected activities in themselves these days, just as harmful to the race in their own way as HIV).

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America: One Sick Country

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 23 November, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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AMERICA used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now it’s the land of swarm attacks. And an uncaring occupation government.

Just a couple of days ago, a swarm of Black “students” in Philadelphia attacked an older White man who made the mistake of getting out of his car to confront the “youth” who had just for no reason at all, kicked the rear-view mirror off his car. The grey-haired White man was immediately swarmed by the vandal and half a dozen other “youths” and left bleeding and seriously injured on the sidewalk. The Blacks instantly swung into action, and the White man was down and left for dead within seconds. Their coordination was immediate — instinctive — and effective.

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Television: Off

A TOTAL NON-STORY, blacked out by major media: Francisco Palencia and Josue Ramirez; non-White invaders who raped a young woman in front of her children, tased her, and poured boiling water on her body.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 16 November, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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WHEN TWO non-White invaders broke into a young Atlanta-area woman’s home, raped her right in front of her toddlers, tortured her with a taser, and then poured boiling water on her body to permanently disfigure her, the story was never broadcast on the major media. It should have provoked national outage. CNN — no coverage. CBS — no coverage. NBC — no coverage. ABC — no coverage. Bloomberg News — no coverage. PBS — no coverage. Only small local outlets carried the story. No coverage of the attack, no coverage of the arrests, no coverage of the trial, no coverage of the sentencing. No interviews with shocked, frightened neighbors or weeping family members, no interviews with experts about how the non-White invasion is hurting our families and threatening our future, no call for Congressional hearings on the threat posed by invaders, no call for new laws to get these invaders back where they belong. Nothing.

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Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 9 November, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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I DON’T CARE if you’re a “liberal” or a “conservative or a “libertarian.” If you live in America or western Europe or one of their satellites, virtually everything you have learned in school — virtually everything you’ve read or seen in the media — virtually everything you think you know — about history and politics and economics and human biology and morality and religion and sociology is wrong. I’m sick of your smugness. So today I’ve decided to pop several of your ridiculous rainbow balloons.

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The Speech

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 2 November, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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SOME PEOPLE get excited when Donald Trump speaks. I can understand that. He’s a hate-object and love-object for the rubes and their emotions run wild on cue, just as the Cunning Race intends. And he’s kind of unpredictable. Will he withdraw troops from Syria, or just move them around a bit? Will he tell us that we have to “stop all these Middle Eastern wars” — while simultaneously funding Israel’s war machine to the tune of more billions than the whole US budget used to be? — and continuing to run the “kill list,” and the never-ending drone attacks, and the seldom-publicized commando raids, all across the many nations that Israel considers enemies? Will he tell us he’s raising tariffs — or lifting them? Will he blather about the much-needed but totally imaginary Wall? Or will he tell us how much we love and need all those “highly-skilled” and “patriotic” non-White immigrants? Will he ever dare to use the word “nationalism” again? Or will he get teary-eyed about the “heroes” who fought against the Germans and against nationalism in the “good war”? When Donald Trump speaks, it can make your head spin.

But that’s not the kind of speech I’m interested in hearing. I tune that garbage out just as automatically as I tune out commercials and animated Internet ads. Donald Trump’s speeches, and those of his rivals, might as well not even exist as far as I’m concerned.

Forget Donald Trump. This is the speech I want to hear:

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Talking About It — and Making It Happen

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 26 October, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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THERE IS A DOWNSIDE to having a comments section on our online magazine, National Vanguard. Don’t misunderstand me; the upside is very important, too — building community, building trust, meeting new and creative minds and bringing them into the National Alliance orbit; and even gauging what the enemy is thinking by analyzing what they try to sneak onto our site, and studying the hate mail we get in order to understand how the still-slumbering misunderstand our work — all very important, all very good. But we must be realistic at all times — and that means recognizing the downside.

Some of the problems in the comments section can be solved by the commenters themselves:

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