Solstice 2020: The Honest Truth

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 19 December, 2020 2020-1219 – Solstice 2020 – The Honest Truth.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

HAPPY SOLSTICE. As the Sun stands still, and changes direction, and begins to come back to us, have hope for the future. That is the real meaning of the season.

Have hope for yourself, for your family, for our emerging White nation, for our great and immortal race, for the evolving consciousness of the Universe of which our race is the vanguard.

My Winter Solstice message this year is about truth and its power and why they should give us hope. After listening to this program you may have a deeper understanding of why I named our series of William Pierce CDs The Power of Truth.

It may seem strange to begin a discussion of truth and its power with the subject of Bitcoin — but it is not strange. It is not strange at all.

* * *

HAVE YOU BEEN watching Bitcoin lately? It seems that the bankers, who initially hated and probably still hate this bank-killer digital currency, have thrown in the towel and admitted that, with all their trillions, they cannot win against it. And they (and other Establishment financial institutions) are starting to accumulate Bitcoins, sending the price in dollar terms maybe a tenth of the way to the Moon. Now the main subject of this program today is not economics, but truth. But the two are related.

The very Jewish economic system under which we suffer today — the “fractional reserve” banking system — is the essence of dishonesty, of lies. The liars can create money almost at will, and distribute it to their friends, who are basically required to be our enemies. They can change — increase or decrease — the value of the dollar also almost at will. They almost always decrease it, but periodically and abruptly increase it momentarily in order to “shake out” the last bit of wealth from those who managed to retain some while the rest of us sheep were being fleeced by their continual inflation. Now an inch or a mile or a kilogram are, so far, honest measures that cannot be changed, but the Jewed dollar is the essence of dishonesty, of untruth.

I don’t know who originated the phrase “bring the truth to power” or “speak the truth to power.” I’ve heard David Duke say it. I’ve heard preachers, even Black preachers, say it. I’ve said it myself. Wikipedia claims that the Quakers originated the phrase, but admit that the concept can be found in ancient Greek writings. I like the bring the truth variant over the speak the truth variant, because there’s a Hell of lot of doing necessary to change this world once the speaking has been done, though of course the speaking is absolutely necessary, and that’s what I’ve spent most of my life doing.

Bitcoin brought the truth to power by simply creating a system which cannot be dishonest. Some people with ideas left over from the 18th century think that precious metals are the only honest money, and that any currency not “backed” by precious metals is “fiat” money, meaning money that gets its value from the force-backed dictate of the state that says that a given currency shall and must be accepted.

Simply put, Bitcoin doesn’t fit into that simple binary view. First, it’s not issued or endorsed or pushed on people by any state, or any company or corporation, or anyone at all. It just exists, and people can mine it or buy it or spend it — or leave it alone.

So why does anyone believe it has any value at all? Simply this: It is crystallized honesty. It represents truth. Reality which cannot be faked or fudged.

Bitcoin is nothing more than a ledger, written with software. Every “coin” on the system is accounted for in the ledger, and every full node on the network has a complete and updated copy of the ledger from the beginning of time — so a record of how many coins each address possesses, or has sent to other addresses, or received from other addresses, is contained in hundreds of thousands of nodes. So any fakery would be instantly detected and deleted because the fake data would disagree with all the other copies of the data. No Jew banker would ever be able to game this system like they’ve gamed Wall Street or like they’ve gamed central banking or like they’ve gamed banking in general or even how they gamed the so-called “gold standard.” The inventor of Bitcoin knew all of those games, hated them, and figured out a way to make all that kind of cheating impossible. The ledger doesn’t depend on a “spokesman” or a board of directors or a CEO to say what’s what. There are no executive officers and there is no board of directors. It’s a system run basically on auto-pilot that automatically, absolutely, and truthfully tells you what’s what — and it never lies. Bitcoin, simplified to its basics, is just a way of maintaining an honest ledger. Yes, it’s a ledger of intangible numbers, intangible numbers called Bitcoins — but what makes it new is its infallible truthfulness. That’s the essence of the invention.

And that is enough to allow Bitcoin to be used as a store of value and a payments system. It doesn’t matter at all that Bitcoins are just numbers. Nothing else is needed. And people are starting to realize that. Unlike fiat currency, the supply of Bitcoins will top out at 21 million and never increase after that — that’s a hard limit built into the system. There are about 18 million of them now, so the supply will never increase much from this point. There aren’t enough coins for every American to have one, there aren’t even enough for every person in Florida to have one. If all the Bitcoins there will ever be in the world were divided equally among the Earth’s population, each person would receive 3/1,000ths of a coin.

So, as every American and every Briton and every resident of Ugga-bugga Land decides he wants one, too bad. He’ll soon have to settle for a few thousandths or hundredths of one, as Bitcoin replaces gold as the ultimate hard money and hedge against the bankers’ trick of inflation. He will probably have to settle for even less than that, as the hedge funds and money managers for the wealthy have already started to buy up the already-tiny supply. And this already-tiny supply will soon have a market capitalization, as the finance guys say, comparable to gold as it will serve the same function better.

Better? Yes: Gold is inflated by real world mining at a rate of several per cent. each year. Better than the bad deal the bankers give us, but not a hard limit at all. And when America was on the so-called “gold standard,” that didn’t stop bankers from creating money using their “fractional reserve” system of issuing paper notes at many multiples of what they actually possessed in their vaults. They haven’t figured out a way to do that with Bitcoin, and they never will. Oh, they’ll create “central bank digital currencies” and the like. They’ll create derivatives “based on” Bitcoin. And they’ll try to make them attractive and push them on us, so long as patriots allow them to run around loose (which I hope won’t be much longer). But, absent the absolute global tyranny they’re aiming for but haven’t achieved yet, I don’t think they can shut Bitcoin down or corrupt it or disrupt it. In fact, many of those at mid to high levels in the current system will soon be utterly dependent on Bitcoin to maintain their wealth.

So that’s what a bedroom code-writer was able to do when he baked honesty, baked truth into a new financial instrument. He had truth on his side and he is well on his way now to unseating the undeservedly wealthy and powerful. We also have truth on our side. We have also baked truth — immutable, cosmic, biological truth into our “system” — racial-nationalism, National Socialism, Cosmotheism.

I’ve often speculated on new technologies being developed, as dissatisfaction with the System grows — technologies that might give their users extreme power, such as a weapon; or technologies that might confer near-invulnerability from existing weapons; or technologies that would be global game-changers in some other way — I’ve speculated about such technologies not being given to any government, not being given to the Jewish or Jew-allied capitalist oligarchs, but instead being given to us. It could happen.

The pseudonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto” who invented Bitcoin may well have been a White man — there’s evidence to suggest that. And he gave Bitcoin to anybody and everybody who wanted to avoid bankers, governments, and their scams — the scams I’ve touched on here on this radio program. He pointedly did not give it to the oligarchs or their pet politicians. And now his invention — just a decade later — is set to turn the entire financial system on its ear.

Open your mind to a million new possibilities. One of you hearing my voice might have the mind and the character and the energy to make one of those possibilities real: What about a cryptocurrency system that assigns exchangeable value tokens to a man or woman based on his or her service to the cause of racial-nationalism — the more service, the more value? It’s not inconceivable. What about a system that uses artificial intelligence to expose media lies in real time? What about our own “social credit” system that, with absolute reliability, ranks the useful versus destructive behavior of groups and individuals, with a reputational rank being given that calls for, say, appointment to high office, generous rewards or grants, or the granting of decision-making powers if the score is high — or perhaps deportation to a walled-in salt mine full of fellow miscreants if the score is low? Even a system that can’t be implemented in society at large now because the termites won’t allow it can still be demonstrated once it exists. Maybe no one will immediately go to a salt mine, but a million people might become convinced they ought to — and that’s a beginning.

There could be a very large number of different “disruptive technologies” totally divergent from anything I’ve talked about today. Ones having nothing to do with weapons or defense or cryptocurrencies or social credit rewards and punishments. Aryan genius can create a new technology every week. And some of them — and more and more of them going forward as the toxicity of the System becomes more obvious to our best minds — will not be sold or given to the System or its agents. Some of them may well be given to us, if we show ourselves worthy in the eyes of Aryan genius. Let’s become worthy. We can do that. We do have it in us. So there is hope. Truth is powerful and we have it — and the enemy does not. Happy Yule, Happy Solstice, and may hope blossom in your heart.

* * *

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