Toward Infinity, part 2

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE CONTINUE with our examination of the new religion for European man — the religion which our best minds have been approaching for centuries upon centuries — Cosmotheism. Cosmotheism liberates our people from superstition. It liberates our people from their false, and probably fatal, mental and spiritual slavery to the Middle East.

This week’s program is based on some of the writings which will be included in our upcoming new book, Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future. Watch our Cosmotheist bookstore at for an announcement of its availability.

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OUR COSMOTHEIST Church Web site opens with the following words: “Cosmotheism is the religion of the future. Cosmotheism is the religion of upward evolution. Cosmotheism is the religion of European Civilization. Cosmotheism is the religion of reality and science. Cosmotheism is the religion of God — the real God, whose true words are mathematics, physics, and genetics.”

Cosmotheism is the religion that will change your life forever.

As I have told you on this program, beginning almost 30 years ago:

I believe that William L. Pierce will be known, beyond all his other accomplishments, as the founder of  a new religion. And not just a religion, but the religion of the future, a religion which will supplant all others. Cosmotheism will prevail because it is the inevitable truth toward which all other streams of knowledge are converging. And Cosmotheism will prevail because it will be the religion of a new people who, as a result of following its precepts, will branch off from the rest of humanity — even from the race from which they sprang — and form a new race, ultimately a new species, compared to which the others will be but unconscious beings. The religious ideas of the left-behind races, including those of the unconscious Whites, will mean as little to Higher Men as the “Hallelujahs!” of Black preachers — or the chatterings of hamsters — mean to us.

Like other religions, Cosmotheism posits certain fundamental truths about the nature of the Universe and our purpose in it. But unlike the Semitic religions, and many others, Cosmotheism has no truck with “revelation” or infallible, immutable scriptures before which all must bow. Our reason and our everyday and scientific observations of the Universe, far from being denied, are regarded as essential and are embraced, for it is only by understanding what is to the maximum extent possible that we can understand who we are and what we must do.

revealed religion says to us essentially that there is a perfect, hitherto unknown and secret knowledge — God’s knowledge — of reality, of life, and of our purpose on Earth. And this secret knowledge has been revealed to a select few who have written it down to “save” or guide all those who will accept and follow it. This knowledge and the moral commands derived from it are perfect and unchangeable. They are static. Any new doctrine, any fact, any idea which contradicts the holy revelations is evil and must be rejected. Not only are the scriptures of revealed religions static, so also is the putative Universe they claim to know.

In contrast, Cosmotheism is a natural religion. Cosmotheists do not deny reality. Cosmotheists do not reject what objective science has uncovered because it contradicts something a goat-herder or rabbi wrote down centuries ago, nor do we reject newly-discovered facts when we would be required to revise our own beliefs as a result of accepting them. Cosmotheists do not deny what is in front of their eyes and they do not suppress or twist their own reason.

And Cosmotheists know that the idea of a static, unchangeable Universe is a childish illusion. Cosmotheists see, acknowledge, and embrace the fact that we are evolving — that all life is evolving — and that the Universe as a whole is evolving, as it always has been since its unknowable beginning, and as it always will be until the final conflict of life with entropy is upon us. In fact, Cosmotheists acknowledge that an understanding of ourselves and other living beings is impossible without accepting and understanding evolution. The past and present of that evolution are revealed to us, not on ancient parchments or miraculous golden plates, but through the means of our senses — and through the rigorous logical and empirical tests our best minds have devised to approach, more closely with each passing year, a knowledge of what is.

To the Cosmotheist, Nature is God. And science, logic, observation, reason, and the deepest stirrings of our race-soul are the means of apprehending God — not the ravings of ancient Semitic cutthroats, carpet-dealers, and con men (or the poetry and verses they stole from their more accomplished neighbors).

Mathematics, physics, and genetics are the real words of God. Mathematical principles may be misunderstood for a time, but they cannot be faked as scripture can, nor for long can they be maliciously revised for political advantage — and they are eminently verifiable. So also with the laws of evolution and biology, physics and cosmology.

Charles Lindbergh once said that “in instinct rather than in intellect is manifest the cosmic plan of life.” Indeed, without the manifestation of the divine plan through instinct, the evolution of animals and man — and therefore the evolution of man’s intellect — could never have happened. Even instinct itself is a product of something deeper and far older — something which itself was present, or we could say was placed, was put in place in the very structure of the Universe itself so as to make the development of life — and of consciousness — and of life’s opposition to entropy and decay — and the development of life’s conscious striving toward mastery and godlike understanding — so as to make the emergence and development of all of these things inevitable.

This is true religion. This is Cosmotheism. As the writer H. Millard has said, “Our God is the God that your god would worship, if your god were real.”

As I said:

Cosmotheism asserts that we are matter and energy become conscious — and, more than that, that we are the Universe become conscious, that we are Nature become conscious of itself and all that that implies. It further shows us that we have reached a radically new stage in the evolution of the Universe — as significant, perhaps, as the evolution of non-living matter into living beings — as significant as the first rise of consciousness itself —  as significant as the faltering steps of the first amphibians on the surface of the Earth. This new stage has come only recently, when European man first grasped the concept of evolution, and discovered the principles of genetics and heredity. It is the stage of conscious evolution — of the ability of living beings to direct, and vastly accelerate, the future course of their own evolution.

From unconscious matter to the first stirrings of consciousness in primitive animals, from the partial consciousness of the higher animals and in lower Man, to the ever-increasing consciousness of European man encompassing his discovery of the principles of science, genetics, and evolution itself, to the infinite consciousness that is possible for us as we make the choice to follow the upward path of conscious evolution — that is the path of Cosmotheism, and that is path the Life Force must inevitably take if life is to extend beyond the paltry lifespan of our birth planet.

Let us go back to Charles Lindbergh’s thoughts on the connections between science and spirituality and the consciousness of Man.

Man, Lindbergh continued, no longer allows Natural Selection to hold sway over him. Therefore a new, conscious form of selection must take its place. He said in 1969:

We know that tens of thousands of years ago, man departed from both the hazards and the security of instinct’s natural selection, and that his intellectual reactions have become too powerful to permit him ever to return. It seems obvious that to achieve the maximum scope of awareness, even to survive as a species, we must contrive a new process of evolutionary selection….

What then, Lindbergh asks, is the purpose and goal toward which that “new process of evolutionary selection” should be directed?

Through his evolving awareness, and his awareness of that awareness, [man] can merge with the miraculous — to which we can attach what better name than “God”… Will we then find life to be only a stage, though an essential one, in a cosmic evolution of which our evolving awareness is beginning to become aware?

Science, in fact, forms many paths branching from the trunk of human progress; and on every periphery they end in the miraculous. Following these paths far enough, and long enough, one must eventually conclude that science itself is a miracle — like the awareness of man arising from and then disappearing in the apparent nothingness of space. Rather than nullifying religion and proving that “God is dead,” science enhances spiritual values by revealing the magnitudes and minitudes — from cosmos to atom — through which man extends and of which he is composed.

The true purpose of science, and indeed from a Cosmotheist perspective the true purpose of all things from the the first self-replicating molecule to the philosophical cerebrations of Epictetus, Diodorus, and William Pierce, is to serve the One Purpose of upward evolution to Higher Man and beyond. The mystic and writer Savitri Devi said that all the actions and duties of our lives should have as their basis something far beyond the personal:

The ‘duty’ in the name of which the action is done must really be duty â€” not any fanciful ‘obligation’; not the pursuit of any personal or even human goal; it must have nothing to do with the satisfaction or happiness of individuals, no matter how many those individuals be (numbers do not count). It must be in harmony with the supreme goal of Nature, which is the birth of a god-like humanity. In other words, the only ideal in the service of which the infliction of suffering and death is justified, is the triumph or the defence of the one world-order capable of bringing forth a god-like humanity. That alone can justify anything, for that alone is, in the words of the Bhagavad-Gita, ‘the welfare of the world.’

As I said in my introduction to the online version of the first Cosmotheist publication, Dr. Pierce’s The Path: â€œBy the standards of a more childish and innocent time, Dr. Pierce might be adjudged an atheist, and by those who call themselves ‘atheists’ today — the narrow egoists of the Rand cult and its derivatives, and the sentimental Christians-without-Christ who constitute the ‘Secular Humanist’ and Marxian reformations of the gospel — he could not even be understood, so limited is their vision. …In the drama of the evolution of life from non-living matter, and of higher and more conscious beings from lower forms of life, William Pierce sees a path of purpose and destiny for us.” That path is the path of conscious evolution.

To the earnest and intelligent seeker after truth and meaning — and there are many such today among the young men and women of our race, dissatisfied with conventional religion, and equally dissatisfied with materialist ideologies like capitalism and communism — finding Cosmotheism is like finding an oasis in Death Valley, or Epictetus in the midst of Bedlam. For our best young people, for whom the truths of biology and physics speak ten thousand times louder than any dusty “holy book,” the path delineated by Cosmotheism is almost self-evident.

And Cosmotheism is a fit religion for heroes. Its truths provide the only possible moral framework for doing what must be done to claim White living space and build a new society.

As William Pierce taught us, and as Charles Lindbergh intuited, We are of the Whole, the Self-Created. And our destiny is Godhood.

That is Cosmotheism. That is the direction of Life. That is the only way in which entropy, time, death, and decay — and the forces of degeneration represented in our age by the parasitic Jew — can be defeated.

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