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A White Workers’ Movement: An Open Letter to Donald Trump, part 1

kas_0001890-x4American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 12, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)


It was White people who elected you.

More specifically, it was White workers who elected you. They gave their votes to you. Now you need to come through for them.

White workers: You know, the people that the “liberal” elites like to sneer at — the people who make the wheels of industry turn and who grow the crops that we and half the world need to survive — the White people who still have “street smarts,” who know that neither race nor reality is a “social construct,” who think that importing lunatic brown fanatics with a bizarre, violent ideology into our country is a bad idea, and who somehow missed four to eight years of anti-White brainwashing in the universities (or who survived it unscathed); the people who used to vote democrat and liberal because they want an even break for the working man — but who woke up and realized that the Leftists and the Establishment Republicans alike are sending their jobs to the Third World and bringing the Third World here — and who turned to you because you said you cared about them.

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Waking Up in a New America

sunrise_usaAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of November 5, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHEN YOU WAKE UP on November 9th, will you be waking up in a new America? Yes you will. Not because “God Emperor Trump” is the savior of the White race. He is not. Not because electoral politics of any kind are the answer to our plight. They are not.

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Our Color Revolution

kas_fun_city_20161021_6861American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 22, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

I WENT TO a Donald Trump rally yesterday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, along with Vanessa Neubauer. It was an interesting experience. I’ve already expressed my reservations about Donald Trump on this program, but I have to say — it’s a pretty amazing feeling to be in a crowd of 10,000 people — 99 per cent. of them White people here in 90 per cent. White Cambria County — cheering their heads off when the man on the podium, who may soon be in the White House, says that he’s going to close the border and build a wall between the US and Mexico, condemns the media as liars right to their faces, calls for America to be “one people, under one flag and one God,” and outs the War Hag as a “corrupt globalist” who ought to be in prison. It was also quite a gratifying experience to have a young man come up to me in the middle of all this, extend a friendly hand, and ask me if I was Kevin Alfred Strom — a fact I was delighted to admit. (ILLUSTRATION: Kevin Alfred Strom, War Memorial Stadium, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, October 21, 2016; photo: Vanessa Neubauer)

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Donald Trump and the Unwritten Constitution

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 23, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE IS an Unwritten Constitution that binds every government of every nation. It stands above any written law or constitution made by men. This Unwritten Constitution is but an expression of Nature’s immutable laws as they apply to human societies.

And that Unwritten Constitution is this: The function of government is to serve the survival, best interests, and upward progress of the biological group — the race; the people — which created it.

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Trumpery Cubed

Voting_flyer-letter-sizeAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of May 7, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A WALL ON the border with Mexico — with a “big, beautiful door in it” (as Donald Trump now says) so that the flow of invaders can continue as long as the proper paperwork is filled out. Is this what we want? Don’t be ridiculous. The Whites who are being used by the rapidly-“mainstreaming” Trump organization gave their support and enthusiasm to Donald Trump because he promised a wall — a real wall — not a “door.”

That door part damn well better be campaign rhetoric, and the wall part damn well better not be — a good message to hammer home loudly in every available Trump operative’s and supporter’s ear right now, and make sure they know that you’re with the National Alliance when you tell them.


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Trumpery Squared

making_america_greatAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of March 5, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

USUALLY THE quadrennial circus of presidential politics here in the US is corny, scripted, banal, and deadly boring. The “battle” between smiling liar number 1 and smiling liar number 2 is a bore because almost everyone knows, if only instinctively, that all the smilers have been pre-approved by the money-men behind the scenes and that nothing significant is going to change. The more astute have even figured out that the money-men are all Jews, but that just makes the election more of a nullity than ever.

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