Trumpery Cubed

Voting_flyer-letter-sizeAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of May 7, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A WALL ON the border with Mexico — with a “big, beautiful door in it” (as Donald Trump now says) so that the flow of invaders can continue as long as the proper paperwork is filled out. Is this what we want? Don’t be ridiculous. The Whites who are being used by the rapidly-“mainstreaming” Trump organization gave their support and enthusiasm to Donald Trump because he promised a wall — a real wall — not a “door.”

That door part damn well better be campaign rhetoric, and the wall part damn well better not be — a good message to hammer home loudly in every available Trump operative’s and supporter’s ear right now, and make sure they know that you’re with the National Alliance when you tell them.

Whites aren’t angry about the Mestizo invasion because the Mestizos failed to fill out the right forms and mumble an oath of loyalty to the Washington regime. We’re angry because a profoundly alien race is invading our territory, at the invitation of the anti-White tyranny that rules us in a planned act of genocide, and is taking our jobs, our wealth, our land, and our women — and they need to be forced to leave and they need to be excluded from our society forever, by whatever means are necessary. That’s the National Alliance message.

A Republican operative was recently interviewed on television, and he was asked to address the overwhelmingly negative views of both Trump and Hillary Clinton by a large percentage of the electorate. His response was to say that all Trump has to do to overcome his negative rating is convince people that he’s not Adolf Hitler, which won’t be too hard to do; whereas Clinton will have to convince everyone that she’s not really Hillary Clinton, a much more difficult task.

Now that was a clever and funny response, but it got me thinking that it is exactly the parts of Trump’s promises that are perceived as Hitlerian by the hysterical Left that are garnering him unprecedented support and enthusiasm from the only base he really has — White Americans. It got me to thinking that the only real value in the Trump campaign is in putting these “Hitlerian” ideas out there for public discussion and consideration — and thunderous applause. And it got me thinking that “moderating” these ideas and “mainstreaming” them — as the rapidly-assembling Trump team of Jewish handlers, money-men, and PR flacks is doing — is exactly the opposite of what is wanted and needed by White Americans.

For example, look at Trump’s “frightening” (to Liberals) and obviously “Nazi” proposal to place a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States until Washington can figure out a way to “vet them better” and prevent America-hating bomb-throwers from living next door to us. From the tone of the controlled media, you would think that Trump had called for the nationwide imposition of National Socialist Germany’s Nuremberg racial laws, with a couple of new high-tech Auschwitz II Supermax concentration camps to be built in Crown Heights and Beverly Hills to deal with violators. (And it would have been a lot better if he had. That would really kick the Overton Window right over the goalposts.) Really, Trump’s proposal is laughably, pathetically weak.

What is he trying to achieve here? Efficient vetting so Muslims with “radical” thoughts can be refused entry? And people can’t change their thoughts? They can’t dissemble and lie about their thoughts, goals, or future actions? Coming from the chaotic, war-ravaged, anarchic Middle East, where record-keeping is approximately on the level of the Wild West in 1850, they can’t hide their history? They can’t fake documents or change their names? Even 70-IQ African “migrants” can do those things. And you think a new TSA-like Washington bureaucracy, probably mostly manned by non-Whites anyway, can stop that or make any significant difference whatever? And to what end — flooding our nation with millions of “nice,” non-violent brown Middle Easterners to replace us in our own land? What a laudable goal The Donald has there; really admirable.

The reason millions of Whites cheered Trump’s pathetic Muslim immigration moratorium proposal is because they assumed that what The Donald really meant was closer to this: Immigration from the Middle East should be ended forever, and then reversed. Every single Semite should be required to leave our society swiftly and permanently. Not only is the insane Muslim religion incompatible with our laws and our inherent, instinctive values, but — even more importantly — the Middle Eastern invaders are of an alien and incompatible race and integrating with and assimilating them would be undesirable even if it were possible. The reason Middle Easterners and racially-mixed Mexicans should be kept out of the US is because they aren’t White. That’s the most important reason and the only necessary reason. Keeping our nation White is the key to everything, and it is the one goal that our enemies want us to believe is “evil” and unspeakable — and they want us to believe that because they are trying to exterminate us.

Ending replacement immigration and establishing an all-White America is our goal. That is what we need. And nothing else will do. It is not Trump’s proposal. It is not Trump’s position. It is the National Alliance position — and every single well-meaning Trumpian needs to hear it. And they especially need to hear it now, as Trump is sure to disappoint his followers again and again in the months ahead as his Jewish handlers “mainstream” his campaign and possible presidency.

As National Vanguard writer and commentator John I. Johnson put it:

Trump is mainstreaming quickly. It was audacious of him to seize replacement immigration and even deportation as an issue to exploit White voters and jump to the front of the fraud pack, because no one else has appealed to Whites since George Wallace (who, however, was overtly racial, while Trump is not — Wallace was also the most spectacularly successful third party candidate in American history; people are completely unaware of how massive the Wallace movement was). But Trump can kick all that BS to the curb now. I’m not saying some of the bombast and rhetoric won’t persist for a while. As he stated to the New York Times, when you’re winning the World Series you don’t suddenly change your strategy.

Things changed abruptly shortly after Trump’s AIPAC speech, which was written for him by Jews and delivered for the first time by way of a teleprompter, which he’d claimed he’d never use. He quickly became boring and uninteresting; I know because I suddenly stopped visiting his Twitter feed, which had previously been entertaining; you never see the Establishment Left treated with even a small fraction of the same irreverence and contempt they daily heap upon their victims. The trouble is, Trump really isn’t anti-Leftist. It was just personally beneficial for him to do that. But still, it was entertaining.

The sudden, unexpected exit of both Cruz and Kasich from the race was also a telltale signal.

For a while now Trump has commented in an understated way, “I’m self-funding. I don’t think people fully appreciate that.” What I heard was: “This is hurting like hell financially.” That’s just the way it is. He claimed that using his own money meant he was not beholden to the oligarchs. The flip side of that is the assertion, which he was also making, that those dependent on oligarch funding must do the bidding of the ruling class. Well, now Trump is in that camp, too.

There is ample evidence that even billionaire Trump will soon need funding from the Jewish money-men. This was inevitable in terms of presidential campaign economics.

An exhaustive analysis of Trump’s wealth — and the amount of money needed to run for president in 2016 America — was made by the New York Times and came to the conclusion that “Comparing the makeup of Trump’s wealth to the amount he needs to win in 2016 indicates his promise of self-financing may be as far removed from reality as many of his other claims.” The article states:

The amount presidential candidates spend to win elections, not surprisingly, has skyrocketed over the years. President Barack Obama’s campaign spent $683.5 million on his 2012 victory, compared to the $433.3 million spent by Mitt Romney’s campaign in a losing effort. Not much more than a decade earlier, neither George W. Bush nor Al Gore spent more than $200 million on the 2000 campaign. Many analysts predict the eventual 2016 victor to spend more than double the amount spent by Obama in 2012. [Double what Obama spent would mean the winning candidate — just one candidate, not all of them collectively — would spend $1.4 billion to win the presidency. — JIJ]

Moreover, the above numbers only consider the money spent by each candidate’s official campaign. Every candidate mentioned was helped immensely by additional spending from outside groups, including the candidate’s national party….

Although he has assets that far exceed the amount any candidate has ever needed to win the presidency, funding an entire presidential campaign, at least a successful one, without help from donors is likely impossible, even for Donald Trump. He has over $9 billion in assets, but the vast majority of those are tied up in highly illiquid real estate holdings.

Trump’s liquid assets, meaning cash and securities easily converted to cash, barely exceed $300 million. That is still extremely wealthy, but it is not sufficient on its own to win an election when his challengers spend well into the billions once outside money is added. Even if it were sufficient, it is doubtful a man as financially savvy as Donald Trump would be willing to drain the entirety of his liquid assets on a campaign that political analysts still, despite his unexpected success, give him slim odds of winning.

According to the Jewish Journal:

The New York billionaire real estate developer largely used his own money for his primary fight but plans to follow the more typical path of raising money from outside sources for the Nov. 8 election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama.

He named his campaign finance chief on Thursday — Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner who is chief executive of private investment firm Dune Capital Management and with whom Trump worked in a business capacity in the past. Mnuchin has a long history of making political donations, including to Clinton.

Dune Capital Management is a hedge fund and Steven Mnuchin is a Jew. This is who now controls Donald Trump’s campaign finances. This is the man to whom Donald Trump now has to answer. He joins a very long list of Jewish advisers and associates now surrounding Trump. Mr. Johnson continues:

Trump got around the Establishment media initially by using Facebook and Twitter instead of television ads. And it worked. These are called “social media,” but that’s a misnomer. In the public mass-mind, “social media” means Facebook and Twitter. But both are tightly-controlled Left-wing, anti-White monopolies. I believe that no insurgent candidate for any office will ever be permitted to do what Trump did again. Since it cannot happen, it will not happen. Trump revealed the vulnerability. That vulnerability has now been (or is in the process of being) closed. Censorship of both platforms is tightening rapidly and inexorably on many levels.

One more thing. If Trump becomes president (and he may not) there will be no mass deportations of illegals (and only illegals, mind you), even with a “big beautiful door” to immediately let them all back in again (since that would be utterly ridiculous). I’m confident no wall will be built, either, but if it is, the flood of non-White replacement immigrants will miraculously keep expanding exponentially anyway.

The worldwide coup de grâce to our race is being administered right now. Not centuries from now, not decades from now, not “by 2040.”

Right now. And it is intentional.

Chilling words, and true ones. The question is, ladies and gentlemen, are you willing to do something about it? Supporting those who have put everything on the line to fight the richest, deadliest, and most malevolent enemy we have ever faced would be a good start.

* * *

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