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kas_fun_city_20161021_6861American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 22, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I WENT TO a Donald Trump rally yesterday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, along with Vanessa Neubauer. It was an interesting experience. I’ve already expressed my reservations about Donald Trump on this program, but I have to say — it’s a pretty amazing feeling to be in a crowd of 10,000 people — 99 per cent. of them White people here in 90 per cent. White Cambria County — cheering their heads off when the man on the podium, who may soon be in the White House, says that he’s going to close the border and build a wall between the US and Mexico, condemns the media as liars right to their faces, calls for America to be “one people, under one flag and one God,” and outs the War Hag as a “corrupt globalist” who ought to be in prison. It was also quite a gratifying experience to have a young man come up to me in the middle of all this, extend a friendly hand, and ask me if I was Kevin Alfred Strom — a fact I was delighted to admit. (ILLUSTRATION: Kevin Alfred Strom, War Memorial Stadium, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, October 21, 2016; photo: Vanessa Neubauer)

The rally was held in the War Memorial Stadium, which has a maximum seating capacity of 4,000 in a town with a population of about 20,000. Earlier in the day, the lines around the venue reached down the street and all the way across the nearby bridge. By the time Trump’s speech began, every seat that I could see was filled. Even when we first entered, there were only a few dozen seats empty, and those were in the very back of the hall. They didn’t stay empty long. By the time Trump roared on stage to the accompaniment of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” people were standing in the aisles; the floor of the stadium was so packed with people you couldn’t move more than six inches without running in to someone; and many hundreds of people had to be turned away — I saw them outside when we departed, still waiting for a glimpse of their hero at the performers’ exit doors.

There were certainly as many people standing as seated there, and I’d estimate the total attendance at close to 10,000 — or about 12 and a half per cent. of the approximately 80,000 population of Johnstown and its immediate suburbs. That’s one Hell of a crowd, and by any measure a huge success, especially in what is now billed as the second-fastest shrinking city in the United States, and especially for the afternoon of a work day in a working man’s town. There were no protesters, unless you count one man in a Hillary T-shirt chatting with the fellow selling Trump buttons, shirts, signs, and other paraphernalia. “Lock Her Up” and “Hillary for Prison” shirts outnumbered “I’m With Her” by many hundreds to one. (I guess neither Haim Saban nor George Soros have the budget to pay any attention to Johnstown.) You had to drive for blocks to find an open parking space.

But that’s not how the media reported the event, if they reported it at all.

In his speech, Trump gestured to the raised media platform, covered with sound men and cameramen, which was situated in the middle of the crowd about two thirds of the way back. He said they were a dishonest pack of liars and almost never showed the size of the crowds at his events. He made a small square with his hands and said words to the effect of “this is all they’ll show you. Those cameras never turn. Look back there and you’ll see those cameras never turn — unless there’s a protester. Would one of you act out and pretend to be a protester so they’ll turn that camera? Look, a protester! Maybe then they’ll show the crowd.”

Tom Fontaine of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tweeted to his followers about half an hour before Trump came on stage — around the same time we arrived — that “Johnstown’s Cambria Co. War Memorial Arena has 4,001 seats. Many at one end, behind media platform, remain empty.”


But the photo he included, which he attached to his tweet and which I’ll embed in the print version of this show on nationalvanguard.org, was certainly taken quite some time before the tweet — much earlier, in fact, as you can see in his picture. I’ll also attach a photo I took of the same end of the arena, which was taken a few minutes after we arrived, while people were still streaming in: In it you can see the media platform is in place and covered with cameras and cameramen, and the seats in the back have substantially filled up. In just a few minutes they would all be full and it would be standing room only and then some. My picture was taken at about the same time that Fontaine tweeted his “many at one end remain empty” remark.

My photograph, taken 20 or 30 minutes before Trump’s arrival, showing the same end of the stadium at about the same time reporter Fontaine sent his “many empty seats” tweet. By this time, the few remaining seats were filling up rapidly and the media platform had been fully set up. Fontaine must have taken his photo well before he tweeted it, giving a false impression of poor attendance at the rally.

Fontaine’s deception about this rally is just one of many I’ve noticed in the media, and it’s only been a few hours since the rally as I write this. The atmosphere in the stadium was highly-charged — Trump was full of energy and his rapport with the crowd was impressive; I’ve never seen a rock star do it better — the spontaneous chants of “lock her up” when the War Hag’s name was mentioned, and “drain the swamp” when the criminals in Washington were condemned, and the cheers when the promise to close the borders was made — were all almost deafening. But several media accounts said the speech was “lackluster,” uninspiring, and “low energy,” and repeated Fontaine’s false insinuation that the hall was far from full.

A quick look at the Washington Post Web site showed a sidebar list of articles they were trying to promote (and this sidebar was on a general interest article that had nothing to do with Trump) — including one saying that Trump was forecasting his own defeat, another saying that attendance at his rallies was down and his supporters demoralized; another claiming that a new series of ads by the War Hag were “inspiring”; another telling us that women by the millions were abandoning Trump because he dared to call a nasty woman a nasty woman; another touting an anti-Trump book as a masterpiece; and on and on and on in the same vein. So many controlled media outlets have been raging that Trump is literally full-on Adolf Hitler, and millions of people love him anyway, that it’s really opened the door, I think, for someone who really is close to being literally 100 per cent. full-on Hitler to emerge, and gain the support of millions, in the not-too-distant future — and that’s a good thing.

Wikileaks and its revelations about the War Hag — including her trying to get a $12 million payoff from Morocco ostensibly for one speech, an obvious bribe solicitation — were prominently mentioned by Trump. It makes me wonder, since he’s now applauding the work of Julian Assange, if he’s softened his outrageously wrong condemnation of — and threats to prosecute and even execute — Edward Snowden, another whistleblower similar in many ways to Assange. I wonder if Trump’s new vision of a rigged, corrupt, and utterly crooked System (he admitted in his speech that “I used be on the other side, the inside”)  — a rigged System that he now promises to sweep away — includes seeing the heroic side of what both of these men have done, and not just the “sacred” federal statutes they disobeyed. I hope so — but I don’t know so.

None of this changes the fact that Trump is deeply embedded in the Jewish power structure, and his multiple Jewish family connections and his surrounding himself with Jewish advisers and employees to such an extent that his rebellion and escape from that matrix seems very unlikely. Nevertheless, he has a reputation for being his own man — and, the polar opposite of most politicians, for really being in charge. And he has a reputation for changing sides, too. All of this is enough to make the Jewish elite distrust him and believe that — especially with some of his recent attacks on globalism and the rigged System he “used to be part of at a very high level” — he could turn on them in an instant.

Every dirty trick in the book has been unleashed on Trump, and expect more in the last days before the election. It is most curious that almost no one except Robert Morrow and myself have drawn attention to the fact that Donald Trump’s name appears — along with 17 different methods for contacting him — in Jewish billionaire sex pervert Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book — and that Trump spoke somewhat warmly of Epstein and even joked about Epstein’s sexual predilections for underage White girls — and how much “fun” it was to visit him. Now I don’t know that Trump was involved in any sexual crimes at Epstein’s Pedophile Island — for all I know he may have been invited to do so, as were many political types, in one of Epstein’s camera-laden bedrooms — and turned him down. But the connections are definitely there and they look pretty bad — so why in Hell wouldn’t the Jewish-run media use that ammunition? Are they afraid to bring up the topic because the Clintons are even more deeply enmeshed in — and compromised by — Epstein’s sick sex operation? Are they saving this for the last week before the election? Are they holding these facts — and maybe even more that I don’t know about — back until after Trump becomes president, the better to control him? I am not sure, but something is clearly odd here.

In the meantime, know that Things Have Changed.

Never before has the window of topics open for public debate been moved so far and so fast in our direction. Never before has the absolute crookedness of American “democracy” been exposed so fully and to so many Americans at once. Never before have the fabrications and utter untrustworthiness of the controlled media been so obvious and so acknowledged by so many Americans. Never before has such a burgeoning tidal wave of young people become aware of the precarious position of our race and the Jewish identity of those who are trying to exterminate us.

And never before in our lifetimes has a major candidate for the presidency of the United States questioned the honesty of the election process and threatened to reject the validity of the vote. This a major change. This is how revolutions are made. The crooked System “elects” its stooge by the usual frauds and crimes, and the opposition candidate and his supporters — who are possibly the majority of the population — refuse to accept the rigged results. Mass protests and tent cities of occupiers take over the public squares across the nation, which trigger repressive measures by the System which galvanize the populace to support the protesters, and, if the Resistance is strong enough, the System falls.

Is Trump the man who will make this happen? I doubt it. But he has succeeded in making it thinkable, which is the first step to making it possible. Things have changed. Help me make the National Alliance stronger than it has ever been before as we enter this new era.

* * *

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