After 100 Years, part 1

Grace and Revilo Oliver at a John Birch Society event

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 13 July, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2019-0713 After 100 Years part 1.mp3

THIS MONTH marks the 50th anniversary of the publication in The American Mercury of Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver’s After Fifty Years, in which he assesses the near-total failure, over the previous half-century, of White Americans to keep their freedoms and their country as of the year 1969. After Fifty Years was not only an article: It was also made into a short film narrated by Dr. Oliver, made to coincide with the launch of the National Youth Alliance, predecessor organization to the National Alliance, one of the sponsors of this program. Within the next month, too, it will be 25 years — a quarter century — since we lost this great man.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the masterful works of Revilo Oliver, and then we will be re-assessing the situation facing our people, another half-century on, under the title After 100 Years.

In today’s program, we will present the first part of that historic speech that launched the Alliance. But first a few words of introduction.

Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver was a friend of mine. He was born in 1908 and died in 1994. His life spanned so many changes in our country and our world: He was born into an America in which there were only 46 states in the Union, in which Theodore Roosevelt was president, in which the first Model T had yet to be built. It was also a world in which Aryan man reigned supreme over the globe and had reached what many regard as the zenith of his art, culture, and self-confidence. The great co-disasters of Zionism and World War 1 were still in the future. He died in the America of Bill Clinton, the popularization of the Internet, and the O.J. Simpson murders.

When I was creating the Web site some twenty years ago, I wrote this biographical note for him:

Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois for 32 years and one of the leading philologists of his time, read eleven languages, including Sanskrit, and for more than half a century wrote scholarly articles in four languages for academic publications in the United States and Europe.

Oliver was the possessor of a penetrating intellect — and a scintillating wit unequaled by few if any writers. He has been aptly compared with the great H.L. Mencken.

Dr. Oliver was born in Texas in 1908, and was an undergraduate at Pomona College, California. He obtained his doctorate under the tutelage of the highly respected Classicist William Abbot Oldfather at the University of Illinois. His first book was a copiously annotated translation from the Sanskrit, Mrcchakatika (The Little Clay Cart) published by the University of Illinois in 1938.

During World War II, he was Director of Research in a highly secret cryptographic agency of the War Department in Washington, DC, and was cited for outstanding service to his country. It was during his time in Washington that Dr. Oliver first became aware of the degree to which Communism — and, more importantly, the forces behind Communism — had penetrated the American establishment and had precipitated the fratricidal slaughter of 1939-1945. In the immediate postwar years he believed that the treasonous acts of these subversives would be quickly brought to light and that an awakened public would sweep an American administration into office. Confident in his nation’s future, he continued his pursuit of the scholarship which was, next to his wife Grace, his greatest love in life.

After his work for the War Department, Dr. Oliver was awarded a Guggenheim Post-Service Fellowship, and during the years 1953 and 1954 he travelled to Italy on a Fulbright Research Fellowship to study Italian Renaissance manuscripts.

Upon his return home in 1954, Dr. Oliver was alarmed at the progress made by the subversive forces in the United States, who had infiltrated both major political parties and the business establishment there — especially the media of information and entertainment. He made a fateful decision in that year, 1954, to devote all his available energies to what was then called anti-Communism or Americanism or conservatism, and which is today [in its only legitimate form] called by its adherents racial nationalism. For the next 40 years, until his death in 1994, he was a major figure in that movement, though in many ways an anomalous one.

Dr. Oliver made many notable contributions to his chosen cause: he participated in the creation of National Review magazine; he was one of the founders of the John Birch Society; he made numerous speeches before patriotic groups including the Congress of Freedom, the Steuben Society, the Indignation Committees, the Citizens’ Councils, and the Daughters of the American Revolution; and he wrote hundreds of articles and reviews for Modern AgeAmerican ProgressFree EnterpriseAmerican OpinionChristian EconomicsNational ReviewNation’s BusinessThe American MercuryInstauration, National Vanguard, and Liberty Bell magazines.

A collection of many of Dr. Oliver’s best writings from his first decade in the patriotic movement is contained in his book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative. That book also chronicles his eventual bitter disillusionment with conservatism as a political weapon for restoring America and the West.

Revilo Oliver stood apart — not only from his more “liberal” colleagues who accepted or welcomed the political and social changes forced upon the West after World War II — but also from his “conservative” and “patriot” allies who refused to see that much of the fault for our civilization’s decline lay in ourselves, in the racial and societal characteristics that left us nearly defenseless against an implacable, relentless, and clever enemy (the Jewish power structure). In his most striking departure from most of his conservative allies, Dr. Oliver concluded that one of the major weaknesses of our nation and civilization was its religion, which had been, since the latter years of the Roman Empire, some form of Christianity.

We are fortunate indeed to have lived in the same century and the same world as Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver. And we are infinitely better off for the fact that he chose to share his genius and his insights with us.

We give him but a small part of the tribute he earned when we remember him with the words of Telemann, who said of another genius, Bach:

Then sleep! The candle of thy fame ne’er low will burn;
The pupils thou hast trained, and those they train in turn
Prepare thy future crown of glory brightly glowing

For the first part of his public political engagement — when he was still promoting conservatism as a strategy to save our race, nation, and civilization — he pulled many of his punches in order not to offend pious church ladies and their husbands whose support seemed important and who didn’t want to hear anything that contradicted “scripture” or which criticized the “holy” Jews — and to conform to the rules of his superiors in the conservative business who either denied, or declared that Americans simply weren’t able to handle, the biological facts of race.

But in 1966, when he discovered that the Birch Society was operating under secret Jewish supervision, all that started to change. Dr. Oliver became convinced that conservatism was a lost cause, and resigned from the Birch Society he had helped to found. And by 1969, in this speech, After Fifty Years, he publicly endorsed the racial-nationalism that alone can save us. Listen:

* * *

After Fifty Years (first part)

by Revilo P. Oliver

FOR HALF A CENTURY, generation after generation, large numbers of Americans have worked hard and sometimes desperately to avert the subversion and capture of their nation. And they have failed — utterly.

Since 1920, they have formed at least ten thousand “Conservative” and “Anti-Communist” organizations, large and small, that, like the flowers of Spring, have bloomed for a season, faded away, and been forgotten. Even well-informed Americans today might find it difficult to identify precisely even the greatest of these: the once large and imposing American Defense Society, the International Legion Against Communism, which once had branches in London and Paris, or Colonel Hadley’s Paul Reveres, which once had many chapters in every state from Maine to California.

Each organization had its idiosyncrasies, and many spent much of their effort in squabbling with one another, but all of them, large and small, genuine and fraudulent, have used the same basic formula. Read R. M. Whitney’s Reds in America, published in 1924, and you will find it all there, from “atheistic Communism” to Bolshevik butcheries; from subversion in public schools and churches to treason in the armed forces and government; from the names and crimes of Communist agents to hints about the mysterious power of the International Conspiracy. And the solution? Awaken the American people; show them their danger! Defend Christianity! Defend the Constitution!

That was the appeal in 1920 (when the Lusk Committee released its famous hearings) and that is the appeal today. Of course, atrocities and treason have multiplied enormously during the past fifty years, but all that we now have is a vastly greater quantity of the kind of information that was available and should have been conclusive in 1920. The tactics that failed then and failed every year since then are the tactics that are being used today. The most desperate exertions of devoted men and women (some of whom, like the eloquent leader of the 1930’s, Major Pease, and his wife, spent their whole fortunes in the effort and died in poverty) never succeeded in halting even for a moment the enemy’s relentless advance. They did retard that advance, so that now in 1969 we are at the point at which we would otherwise have been in 1945 or 1950. But that point is the end of the road. The net result is total failure.

It would take several volumes to analyze that failure. It will suffice to note that, first, in war and in politics defensive tactics always fail against a determined and persistent enemy. (If you think there are exceptions, think them over.) Second, even honest and intelligent anti-Communist leaders rightly or wrongly thought it necessary to indulge their followers in the illusions of Nineteenth-Century sentimentality, and to affirm a belief in the very fictions by which the enemy deluded the ignorant and gullible.

The World Has Changed

The tactics of 1920 are now an anachronistic absurdity.

In 1920, the majority of adult Americans believed in Christianity, and so did almost all of the priests and ministers. Today, all but comparatively few “traditionalist” Catholic and “fundamentalist” Protestant churches are occupied by pulpit-pinks and pulpit-punks who deny the divinity of Christ, spout poisonous rant about “social justice,” and with increasing frequency have hysterical fits in which they rush out into the streets to incite rape and murder. And so few Christians remain in the Sunday-morning clubs that the little shysters almost never receive an effective rebuke. Today, Christianity has become the faith of a small minority, and it is simply dishonest to pretend otherwise.

In 1920, the American Constitution had already been undermined by the aliens who wheedled gullible Americans into such booby-traps as the White Slave Act (originally called the “Income Tax”) and the “Federal Reserve” swindle, and it had been even more seriously impaired by the hypocritical pretense that it was somehow compatible with “democracy” and with tyranny exercised by do-gooders. But it still retained considerable prestige, and, what was more important, the political system was still one under which the harm that had been done could possibly be undone and repaired. Today, although the word “Constitution” is regularly uttered with a sneer by the Warren Gang whenever it publishes an edict from our international masters, the American Constitution was effectively abolished years ago. Today, it is dead and gone, and no amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth will alter that fact. The proof of its death is that it is no longer possible to restore the Constitution by Constitutional means.

Most important of all, in 1920, Americans, although they had been seduced into drunken follies by fat-headed do-gooders and hired traitors, still had manhood and self-respect, and they had clearly before them the great monuments of our uniquely noble and uniquely powerful civilization, which had been created, and could be preserved, only by the race, called Indo-European or Aryan, that has always been numerically a tiny minority among the world’s teeming populations. Today, our culture has been so covered with alien slime that crude daubs, scarcely worthy of a schizophrenic child, pass for art; the raucous noises of savages pass for music; the filthy maunderings of an Oriental degenerate pass for “mental health”; and grown men and women, who presumably no longer believe in Santa Claus and Cinderella, listen seriously to fairy tales about “World Peace” and “United Nations.” And our manhood and self-respect have been so completely leached away that, to name but one instance, the American people, like a herd of mindless sheep, watched stolidly while their enemies in Washington set up the Pueblo for capture; while a naval vessel flying the American flag was captured by a little band of mangy Oriental pirates; while American sailors and officers, who had been tricked into enlistment by the pretense that they were to fight for the United States, were kicked, starved, and tortured month after month for almost a year; while scabrous aliens and traitors representing the American people groveled before the pirates and begged them to deign to accept a cash reward and a lying confession of American guilt.

A people that can do that is not a nation of men. It is a herd that has lost even the instinct of self-preservation.

What is left? Only the biological fact of race, the yet discernible vestiges of our culture, and the yet fresh memories of what we were not long ago. Those are all that we have left from which to create, if we can, a new nation to replace what we lost.

It is, I know, sad and painful that we have lost so much that we cherished and loved. But we cannot undo the past by wishing or pretending. I loved my father, but I cannot call him back to life, and if I were to pretend that he is not dead, I should merely prove myself a coward and a fool, unworthy of his memory and his name.

What is left to us here under the vast and lonely skies of a continent that our forefathers wrested from the aborigines and, with blood and sweat, made into a mighty nation? We are not yet extinct. We can still reasonably hope that we will leave descendants worthy of our ancestors.

(to be continued)

* * *

You’ve been listening to the words of the greatest political and historical writer of the 20th century, the great Dr. Revilo P. Oliver — and the first part of his 1969 promotional film for the National Youth Alliance, entitled After Fifty Years. The National Youth Alliance was the predecessor of today’s National Alliance, and in the next few weeks I will be introducing listeners to more of Dr. Oliver’s ideas — and reassessing the situation facing White Americans fifty years further along since the very beginning of our Alliance — so be sure and tune in to part 2 of this series, right here on American Dissident Voices.


Who said this: “Passionate hatred of the Jews is almost certain to be futile, for violent emotions prevent rational thought.…”

And who said this: “The international race…. by arduous, intelligent, and indefatigable work for more than twenty-five centuries, has, through its own efforts, made itself the major world power today…. History provides no parallel for that stupendous accomplishment. It must be regarded with respect, even awe.”

And who said this: “For all practical purposes, the natural aristocracy of our race, which once gave it some sense of direction, has been totally destroyed, by revolutionary massacres, by contrived wars for hallucinatory ends, by economic looting under the guise of ‘democracy,’ by internal deception through the fostering of vices and by miscegenation.”

All three quotes are from one of the most fascinating and important books of our time: Revilo P. Oliver’s masterful classic The Jewish Strategy.

You may have already been enlightened on the Jewish Question (popularly known as “the JQ” on social media today). But you want to delve deeper. Why has this race — small in numbers, but huge in influence — decided to range itself as our race’s deadly opponent? Is it a religious phenomenon? Does Christianity have something to do with it? Or is is strictly biological, racial, evolutionary? The Jewish Strategy will answer all these questions and more, in the brilliant, witty, and scholarly prose of eminent Classicist Revilo Pendleton Oliver, once of the most advanced minds of our era.

The Jewish Strategy will leave you impressed in a way you have never experienced before. You will, at last, understand how the Jews have survived thousands of years of apparent persecution — and why we of the West may not survive this century.

The Jewish Strategy is available from Cosmotheist Books, one of the sponsors of this program, for $21 postpaid in the US. See our Web site for shipping options outside the US. You can order by sending cash, check, or money order for The Jewish Strategy to Cosmotheist Books, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Or simply visit our Cosmotheist online book store at and purchase there with cryptocurrency (you do have a crypto account by now, don’t you?) or — in the event we have managed to get a credit card processor to work with us after being deplatformed 12 times in less than two years — you might and I stress might be able to pay with a usury card. However you buy the book, you’ll be expanding your knowledge and helping us to stay on the air. Send $21 for The Jewish Strategy today, to Cosmotheist Books, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA.

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