Peace Forces

Vanessa Neubauer

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 6 July, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom and Vanessa Neubauer 2019-0706 Peace Forces.mp3

ON JULY 2d, our own Vanessa Neubauer and other representatives of the National Alliance were invited to the International Congress of Peace Forces (ICPF) in Moscow. The meeting was held in the Russian State Duma and involved groups of varied political positions, though with an emphasis on nationalism.

Unfortunately, the level of support given by our readers is insufficient for us to send one representative and speaker, much less two or three as the ICPF would have preferred, to a conference in Moscow. If our readers and listeners step up to the plate, perhaps we can directly participate next year. But we did send a written copy of the speech by Miss Neubauer in lieu of her actual appearance, for distribution to all the attendees, and I will share that speech with you today.

First, here’s the ICPF’s own introduction to the event:

Since the very beginning humanity has been suffering from wars, catastrophes, destructive movements, and other disasters.

The 21st century is not an exception — and in the situation of growing tension in the international relations, social conflicts, and political instability there is a need to discuss, analyze, and resolve problems promptly.

The International Congress of Peace Forces held by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LPDR) on 7th June 2018 in Moscow was a first hopeful step toward a stable world situation.

But as the final step is yet to come, the LPDR announces the second gathering of the Congress on 2d July 2019.

Moscow is again the centre of dialogue on global issues, ways of resolving tensions between nations, and future trends of this century.

Political parties, nongovernmental organisations, commercial companies, and businessmen, embassies, chambers of commerce, scientists and media organizations are again to have the opportunity of contributing to development of a peaceful order. The event takes place at Russian State Duma.

And here is the National Alliance’s speech:

* * *

2 July, 2019

Remarks of Vanessa Neubauer of the National Alliance

To the International Congress of Peace Forces:

I BRING YOU greetings from the National Alliance, the leading organization for Americans of European descent in the United States of America.

I am from Pennsylvania, but my husband was born in Alaska, not far from your country – and a part of the United States that has significant Russian history and culture. Maybe soon one of your – or our – historians will discover that Secretary Seward failed to sign all the right documents in 1867, and then we can say that my husband was really born in part of Russia!

Despite what you might have heard from the alien-dominated “American” media, not all Americans view Russia as an enemy. We are not naturally enemies. We should not have been enemies during the last century. We should not be enemies now. And we must not let ourselves be tricked or goaded into war. The forces that are pushing our countries into conflict must be stopped.

Russia and America are two living branches of the same tree, two great parts of something even greater than themselves.

Russians and Americans share a common European cultural and racial heritage.

And, as the two remaining superpowers, Russia and America have a responsibility to preserve that precious heritage. Nothing is more important than that.

From that heritage has come science, technology, and art beyond compare. From that heritage has come the entire modern world that has lifted all of us above the primitive. From that heritage has come our ability to see into the farthest reaches of both the outer space of the most distant galaxies, and the inner space of the tiniest subatomic particles. From that heritage has come the ability of European Man to break the bonds of Earth and send our probes – and, ultimately, our sacred genome itself – to other worlds, so our future can become boundless. Nothing is more important than that.

An American scientific writer, Charles Murray, in his monumental book Human Accomplishment, proved beyond any doubt that over 97 per cent. of the significant discoveries and achievements in both the arts and sciences in all of human history have come from human beings of modern European heritage. Ninety-seven per cent.! And of the remaining three per cent., more than half come from Europeans of the ancient world.

from Human Accomplishment by Murray

There are other peoples, non-European peoples, as intelligent as we are, on average – or even a little more intelligent according to IQ tests. There are other peoples as resilient and adaptable, or even more so. There are other peoples with an equally long lineage of civilization. There are other peoples who can live with fewer difficulties in more extreme environments.

But our record of art and scientific accomplishment that comprises some 99 per cent. of the total of all humanity cannot be ignored. It is supremely significant.

There is something special about us – call it creative intelligence; call it the Faustian urge to seek the farthest horizon; call it the willingness to abandon old paradigms; call it the psychological/spiritual need to seek the truth even if the heavens fall in consequence – or call it the Divine Spark.

Whatever you call it, it lives in us. And I believe that the consequences and achievements due to this Divine Spark within us have only just begun. (Note well: However great the material achievements of European Man, the essence of those achievements is spiritual. Something within our race’s unique DNA spiral defines, or is defined by, our spirit – and that spiral is surely interlocked with aspects of Nature far beyond what we know today.)

This Divine Spark must not die. We must not die as a race. And our nations must not immolate themselves in another World War. We are balanced precariously, teetering on the edge of racial extinction, even if there is no war. War between the two White superpowers could easily end us forever.

I was reading an article by Alec Saunders, the Australian nationalist and socialist, and he pointed out that your countryman, Leonid Brezhnev, said to Margaret Thatcher in 1980, referring to the possible tragedy of the Cold War becoming a hot war, “The only question is whether the White race will survive.”

Another of your countrymen, the great writer Feodor Dostoyevsky, said in 1880 that, “The vocation of the Russian man is indisputably an all-European and world-wide vocation … Oh, the people of Europe do not know how dear they are to us. And I believe that we (that is to say, of course, not we – but the Russians of the future) will all eventually understand, every single one of us, that to become a real Russian will mean precisely this: to strive to bring conciliation to the contradictions of Europe, to show a way out of the sorrows of Europe in our own Russian soul…”

Saunders also finds in one of the poems of Henry Lawson the significant line, “For the vanguard of the White man, is the vanguard of the Rus.”

World War 1 was an unnecessary and pointless slaughter of Europeans, brought into being by dynastic and mercantile politics of the most petty and selfish sort, and prolonged by Zionist intrigues. And it set the stage for a second slaughter, World War 2, from which the West has never recovered.

Since 1945, the West has given up on the idea of its own survival.

Aliens need attack and lay siege to our cities no longer, for the gates are opened for them – and those who would man the ramparts and repel the invasion are declared to be dangerous enemies of the state.

A “moral” system has been imposed by the Jewish-dominated post-war Western power structure that regards the replacement of European men and women and children by outsiders as the highest moral good, and opposition to that replacement as the most reprehensible evil. This is the most significant fact of today’s geopolitics, and the National Alliance believes in stating the truth frankly and openly.

This profoundly evil power structure has also been the instrument of homogenization of the world’s cultures and peoples in the name of the shareholders of Coca-Cola and Mcdonalds and Citibank and all the rest of the faceless corporations. Those who resist the fake dollars and the sham “democracy” face CIA coups, Soros- or Washington-engineered “color revolutions,” and ultimately firebombs and drone missiles. Many non-European peoples have been its victims, too – and these non-European peoples are our allies in opposing this power structure.

It is this profoundly evil power structure that screams and spits at Russia, makes baseless accusations of “meddling” and “collusion,” and schemes through its multibillion-dollar media combines, its banks, and its purchased politicians to bring Russia and other independent nations to their knees.

The men and women of the National Alliance reject the warmongering of this evil power structure. The men and women of the National Alliance reject the anti-Russian agitation of this evil power structure. The men and women of the National Alliance reject the genocide-by-replacement that is being imposed by this power structure on European peoples wherever they may live.

It is this evil power structure that must be replaced, not European man!

We want a world in which our respective peoples exercise the right of self-determination, and are able to preserve not only their folkways and traditions, but the unique genetic patterns that make them what they are – and which are the most precious gift of divine Providence.

Russia’s role in recognizing that racial-nationalism is a good thing is vital.

Russia’s leadership and help in the promotion of peace among Europeans is crucial too.

From Auckland to Anchorage; from Buenos Aires to Reykjavík; and from Lisbon to Vladivostok – let all of us here today say no more brothers’ wars. Thank you.

* * *

You’ve been listening to the transcribed remarks of Vanessa Neubauer submitted to the International Congress of Peace Forces in Moscow; 2 July, 2019 — right here on American Dissident Voices.


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And who said this: “For all practical purposes, the natural aristocracy of our race, which once gave it some sense of direction, has been totally destroyed, by revolutionary massacres, by contrived wars for hallucinatory ends, by economic looting under the guise of ‘democracy,’ by internal deception through the fostering of vices and by miscegenation.”

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