William Pierce on Apollo – First Step on an Infinite Journey

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 20 July, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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I AM SURE that Revilo Oliver would not mind if we briefly pause our series based on his After Fifty Years to commemorate another fiftieth anniversary — the anniversary of perhaps the greatest achievement of our people of all time — of man’s first flight to another world: the Apollo mission to the moon which took place on this day in 1969.

20 July, 1969 was also the day on which William Luther Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance and National Vanguard, began a personal journal with these words:

* * *

Dr. Pierce’s First Journal Entry
by Dr. William L. Pierce

20 July, 1969 — 80th year since the birth of the Leader

TODAY Aryan man reached the moon. I found myself profoundly moved by the moon landing. Since the age of 12 (23 years ago) I have dreamed of this. Space travel was, in fact, my first dream. Somewhere around the age of 20 it got sidetracked — although I had still entertained romantic notions along this line years longer.

William Pierce in 1969

My second dream, which began first to take form at the age of 30, is to help build a National Socialist world order. This will remain the goal of my life.

I have considered starting a journal for some time. If my life’s work yields any result, then such a record will have great interest and value later. I have certainly found even the fragment of Goebbels’ diaries that I have read very rewarding, for example. In any event, it will enable me to keep track of my changing ideas over the years — and perhaps yield other benefits just by requiring me to crystallize a few thoughts each day.

The proper time to have started a diary would have been the day I really committed myself to the Leader’s work: 6 June, 1966, with the publication of my first issue of National Socialist World. On that day I hauled about 2000 copies to the post office. A lot has happened in the last 3 years which should be set down. I’ve learned a lot and changed many ideas. Perhaps I’ll write something on those 3 years later. For now, the moon landing will serve to mark the beginning of my record.

Since this record is intended to be read by others some day, it will be a bit self-conscious. But it will be as honest as I can make it.

The very beginning of Dr. Pierce’s journal

* * *

Dr. Pierce also wrote two contemporary pieces on the first Apollo landing for the George Lincoln Rockwell-founded White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, which follow below:

* * *

Aryan Man Reaches for the Stars
by Dr. William L. Pierce

JUST A little over 45 years ago – in November 1925 – Robert Goddard, the American rocket pioneer, built the world’s first liquid-fuel rocket engine in his basement workshop. In that same year the German scientist Hermann Oberth, published his pioneering work, Die Rakete zun den Planetenraumen (The Rocket into Interplanetary Space), in which he mathematically demonstrated the feasibility of interplanetary travel. These two men of vision, working independently and alone in a skeptical and disinterested world, opened the door onto one of mankind’s greatest and most exciting prospects: the exploration of the Universe.

Their work – and their dream – provide us with an excellent illustration of that unique gift bestowed on our race which led Adolf Hitler to remark:

“[The Aryan] is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illuminated the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path of mastery over the other beings of this Earth.”

Neither Goddard nor Oberth nor the other pioneers who followed their lead in laying the foundations for our present day-day space exploits had any motive of material gain or public acclaim. More often than not, in fact, they had to expend their own resources and endure the contemptuous scorn of their peers in their “impractical” endeavors. They were impelled by that venturesome, inquisitive, creative Aryan drive – that “divine spark” – that sets higher races off from the other races of man.

Today our astronauts through their heroic daring are opening up new realms which have no end in sight. They are carrying us and our posterity into an unparalleled adventure, the possibilities of which will not be fully realized for generations yet to come.

Source: White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, number seven [July 1969], page five.

* * *

Moon Landing a Triumph of Aryan Genius
by Dr. William L. Pierce

JULY 20, 1969, will certainly go down in the history of our race as one of the most significant dates of all time. For the moon landing is the culmination of a centuries-old dream – a dream which has always been peculiarly Aryan.

Not only have all the great dreamers of space flight been men of our own race – men like Oberth, Goddard and von Braun – but so have the daring space adventurers themselves – the Gagarins, the Glenns and the Armstrongs.

The other races have lacked either the creative genius or the driving spirit of adventure or the lofty, non-materialistic outlook of the dreamer and innovator which have all been combined by Nature in Aryan man. This unique combination of qualities has been the indispensable human prerequisite for the great feat of July 20.

And the moon landing is more than the culmination of a dream. It opens a new era for our race. The Aryan has always been a creature with a driving need for something that other races seem to be able to get along without – the challenge of the unknown, of physical adventure, of new worlds to conquer. On the rapidly shrinking Earth, new frontiers for adventure and exploration have become scarce.

Now, however, we have opened the door to a vast unknown in which new frontiers without limit lie before us. Now the whole of the starry Universe awaits Aryan man’s eternal quest.

Source: White Power: The Newspaper of White Revolution, number 9 (August-September 1969), page two.

* * *

You’ve been listening to the words and thoughts of Dr. William Pierce on and shortly after the first Apollo moon landing, which took place on this date in 1969, exactly fifty years ago today.

I remember 20 July, 1969 very well. I was not quite 13 years old. The dream of discovery and of seeding new worlds with our people and with Life was a romantic, compelling dream to me. I was determined to witness the moon landing, which — if it was successful — was going to be televised. My whole extended family were gathered that warm summer day on my mother’s parents’ 1870s-era farmhouse near McIntosh, Minnesota, on one of the few promontories in a very flat landscape. We were all supposed to go to a nearby lake for a few hours, and everyone did — everyone except Kevin. All alone, I watched the flickering TV screen, picking up a distant station (from Grand Forks, I think) that in just a few hours would be relaying a signal transmitted — by White men, by representatives of our race and nation — from another world.

Just 17 years later, in 1986, I was standing on a cloudy windswept hill in West Virginia with Dr. Pierce. With us were a dozen or so comrades who had helped him build his new Cosmotheist Church building, which we were dedicating that day and which stood before us, its large metal Life Rune dominating the scene. Also with us — and quite appropriately — was one of the rocket pioneers mentioned by Dr. Pierce above, one of the men whose pioneering work made that transmission from another world possible: Dr. Hermann Oberth traveled, at the age of 92, halfway around the world to that hill in the Allegheny Mountains to hear Dr. Pierce speak of the significance of Cosmotheism in Aryan Man’s quest to conquer space and time.

Professor Revilo P. Oliver said of Oberth:

Dr. Hermann Oberth, a German born in Romania, was one of the first men to use his scientific knowledge to invent a technology that he finally saw fully realized when he witnessed the launching of the rocket that first carried men to the moon. It is possible, indeed, that if his early experiments in 1930-1937 had been adequately financed, the great catastrophe of 1945 might have been averted by early use of the weapons that were at last employed too late.

Dr. Hermann Oberth, early rocket pioneer and friend of the National Alliance and William Pierce: He lost a son and a daughter in World War 2.

In 1922, Hermann Oberth’s doctoral dissertation on space flight was rejected as being “too utopian,” but a short time later it caused a sensation when it was published as a book under the title The Rocket into Interplanetary Space.

William Pierce later said of Dr. Oberth that he was one of those who “gave us the modern rocket engine and the dream of using it to explore the macroscopic world of interplanetary and interstellar space”; and that it was Dr. Oberth who “demonstrated mathematically the feasibility of space travel in the early years of the last century.”

Hermann Oberth c. 1901: In 21 years he would issue his first paper on interplanetary travel; in 64 more years he would stand alongside William Pierce as the first Cosmotheist Church building was dedicated.

It was a profound and never-to-be-forgotten honor to stand with those men on that dramatic windy day where our race’s destiny, and Cosmotheism’s place in actualizing that destiny, were crystallized in Dr. Pierce’s words and works and thoughts.

Will Aryan man once again set foot on other planets? Will he build upon his conquest of the moon and successfully colonize new worlds for our kind among the stars? Right now, the prospects do not look good. NASA has languished as expenditures for Jewish wars and non-White votes have skyrocketed. So much of what the agency does is multiracial virtue-signaling of no scientific value. The momentum of the remaining Aryan genius still employed there may still make some advances and discoveries, to be sure. But if they do go so far as to build a colony on another planet — unlikely — they will no doubt be politically “obliged” by Jewish power and by their own subservience to Jewish-created multiracialism to bring the racial problems that torment us here below to the colony above. That, surely, would be a death sentence for the colony and likely also for any hope that our race’s lifespan will exceed that of this fragile, doomed Earth.

The National Alliance, and our ideology based on Nature’s laws and founded in the truths of Cosmotheism — and the revolution all of these things imply — provide the only conceivable way beyond this impasse, the only conceivable way to the stars.

Was the Apollo landing a last gasp — a brilliant golden moment of a dying race, the culmination of past forces now squandered and spent, never to be repeated or built upon?

It does not have to be so. The answer lies within us.

* * *

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