Caravans, Sex, and Supermurders

The approaching “caravan”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 24, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHAT IS A supermurder? How is it different from a simple murder? How is it distinguished from genocide? You’re about to find out.

Today the media are abuzz with the story of the thousand-strong illegal invader “caravan” marching across Mexico unimpeded from Honduras, living off the land — they say — and ignored by the Mexican authorities, crossing hundreds upon hundreds of miles, week by week, with the stated intention of illegally entering the United States. The caravan is growing and may well be many thousands strong by the time it reaches our country.

Is this a spontaneous movement of the “oppressed”? Why is it happening now? Who encouraged or suggested it? Is it merely an outgrowth of rising awareness of the weakness of America and of White Westerners in general? Or is it encouraged or even organized by Soros or other Jewish anti-White billionaire conspirators? Who has bankrolled the caravan? Will even a single investigative journalist find out the answers to these questions?

Out of a fear of violence or paid off or in secret sympathy with their goals, Mexican immigration officials abandon their posts en masse so that the invading horde can pass through.

They claim to be organized into semi-military-style units, each with its own leaders and lieutenants and answering to a central command. Watch the video I’ve embedded in the text version of this broadcast. Listen to the celebratory hooting and hollering. These people do not look particularly impoverished or oppressed. They’re dressed in tasteless slobwear — but fairly new slobwear in excellent condition. They don’t appear to have missed any meals lately. They have the total confidence that you might get if you have powerful backers and know you can get away with anything — and you already have gotten away with quite a bit. Hopping trains, hopping semi trucks, cramming into commandeered vans far too small for their numbers, and sometimes traveling for many miles on foot and sleeping in town squares, inexorably they come. Will our government be permitted by its Jewish masters to make any effort at all to stop them, since their intentions — and location — are known far in advance?

The illegal invaders who now occupy huge parts of this nation certainly commit murders at a higher rate than White people do. Unless by some miracle this caravan is turned back — turned back by a government quite unwilling to build a border wall (that the President says he wants, and that millions of Americans voted for with enthusiasm) — unless this caravan of 1,000-plus is turned back by a government so incompetent or so infiltrated by aliens that it failed to keep 30 million similar invaders out over the last two generations — unless such a miracle happens, there will be more such murders. Do I know for certain that a current member of the caravan will commit a murder in America within x amount of time? Of course not. But I do know that the visible caravan is but a single tiny drop in the tsunami of non-White biomass invading this nation — and I know how to read the murder statistics.

But it’s not so much the overt murders I want to talk about today. It’s the supermurders.

Back in the 1990s, I designed a political sticker for the group which sponsors this broadcast, the National Alliance. We sold them by the thousands. The text on the sticker read: “Racemixing is worse than murder. Murder is homicide; racemixing is genocide.” And that’s true.

The crime of racial mixing is worse, far worse, than murder. As I said:

When you commit murder you kill one man, you end one life, you tragically injure one family and circle of friends. When you commit murder, if your victim has had no children you do cut off the potential existence of one small branch of the race’s future.

But when you commit the crime of racial mixing you are participating in genocide. The probable effect and possible motive for your act is to bring into the world hybrid young, who will not be clearly of one race or the other and which will, by their very existence, increase the probability of future racial mixing and dilute both the gene pool and the sense of identity of the next generation of White children.

So, by the act of racial mixing you are committing a supermurder. You cut off the direct branch of racial descent of two people, not one — and that’s just for starters. You destroy with one act what you could never create — the genetic inheritance of thousands of generations, the product of Nature and Nature’s God over the long, painful ascent of evolution. You bring into the world beings without any clear racial identity, who will almost certainly multiply the crime by the dozens and then by the thousands and millions as time goes on; beings which will not trigger as much the healthy instinct of revulsion among our people, at the thought of sexual intercourse with them, as a more pure racial alien would, and beings who therefore set the stage for far more corruption of our sacred gene-patterns and possibly even our disappearance from the Earth. At the very least, such supermurders set us back tens of thousands of years of evolution, tens of thousands of years — possibly forever — in our quest to colonize other worlds. This is a supermurder indeed; thousands upon thousands of times as wrong, thousands upon thousands of times as evil, as murder.

And those who are engineering this invasion and propagandizing our people so they are morally disarmed and cannot resist it — the Jewish power structure, the traitorous leftist Whites who serve it, the cheap-labor profiteering businessmen in their counting-houses — are committing genocide: supermurder on a gigantic, industrial, premeditated, and unprecedented scale. They are trying to wipe out an entire major race of human beings, something that has never been attempted before in recorded history.

What would be an appropriate punishment for he who commits supermurder — a thousand times worse than murder one? Should that punishment be mitigated for a person who was misled and brainwashed into such behavior from birth, and committed it unknowingly? — or for one who was brainwashed and then clearly saw the error of his ways, and endeavored to do right?

What would an appropriate punishment be for he who knowingly engineers millions of supermurders, each of them a thousand times worse than murder one? This question, too, is an unprecedented one. It is one that I hope our high councils will be called upon to answer some day — and will answer, with nobility, and humanity, and finality.

* * *

Some younger listeners have written to me recently with feelings of discouragement.

To some, the massive mobilization of school children to demand more restrictions on our right to bear arms has been discouraging. The apparently massive scale of the “protests” makes some of our comrades feel isolated, alone, and powerless. Let me tell you something: We may still be far too isolated — but we are not alone, and we are not powerless. The apparent “consensus” painted on our telescreens by the Masters of the Lie, on the issue of guns, and on every other issue that affects White survival, is fake news. For example, Generation Z, that of the would-be gun-grabbing “protesters,” is in reality closer to us on the issues than any generation in recent memory. Every poll shows it, even polls chartered by our enemies. But these healthy White students were not organized in any meaningful way. A few silently stood with flags or signs indicating their disagreement with the leftist mob. A few refused to leave their classrooms when intimidated into doing so by teachers and administrators who were in on the conspiracy. But all of them, even those who merely stood in silence and observed, know for certain that they and their classmates were manipulated and that the protests were staged and funded by the Establishment — the organized left, the Jewish media, the pliant administrators, the politicians. They know they have been dragged into a civil war they had nothing to do with starting — and many certainly know that they have been manipulated into being on the wrong side, the side that’s against their people and their freedom. They know these things even better than I did at that age, and, yes, even in middle school, even in 1968, students were manipulated in a very similar fashion. These young people are ready for our message. It’s our job to make sure they find it.

Some letter-writers saw the very exciting rising racial awareness among White people in the last few years, and were deeply affected by it. Now Trump’s betrayal of his promises seems like a great blow to them; they have not yet endured the multiple similar betrayals by once-promising presidents and politicians that I have seen. They have not yet realized that slow, patient, and relentless effort may be required, possibly over multiple generations, before the National Alliance’s ideas of radical racial-nationalism will triumph as the best, and indeed the only reasonable, way to govern society. We’ve always known we were in this for the long haul, and you should too. This is a struggle that we may have to pass on to our children, and their children in turn. Seen from that higher perspective, the Trump bump and the Trump dump are just motes of dust in the universe of a trillion stars, and should not affect our will, our determination, or our morale.

Even when we win the current struggle, our cause itself, and the passing of it on to the next generation, will still be necessary. It will be necessary forever. It must endure. There will always be weaklings. There will always be traitors. There will always be obstacles. There may always be foes. And there will always be those wanting to tempt us to take the easy path, the downward path. That is why the National Alliance approach of a total re-ordering of society, including the re-ordering of our deepest spiritual beliefs, is absolutely necessary, and will be necessary forever. The One Purpose never ends.

* * *

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