Oliver on the Jewish Plague: The Summing Up

In which we sum up what we learned from Revilo Oliver on the Jewish Question; and offer suggestions for further learning on the subject

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 21, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

FOR THE PAST ten weeks in our series “The Jewish Plague,” we have been presenting the wisdom of Professor Revilo P. Oliver on the Jewish Question — the most crucial question of our time, our answer to which will determine not only the death or survival of our potentially immortal race, but the future course of all life in this Universe.

On today’s program I would like to summarize, point-by-point and in direct and simple language, the knowledge we have acquired from Dr. Oliver, along with suggestions for further reading and learning.

• The Jews are a highly intelligent, organized, and capable people, who have managed over some 2,500 years to raise themselves up from one of many primitive Semitic tribes into the most dominant race on this planet.

• They have achieved this dominance despite their small population: Jews worldwide constitute a mere 0.2 per cent. of the world’s population, around 14 million, notably smaller than the total population of metropolitan Sao Paulo, or New York City, or Mexico City alone. They have achieved their dominance, therefore, by means of their solidarity and their mental powers and not by physical means such as open conquest.

• These means of dominance include deception (lies; publication of false news; propaganda inserted in literary and artistic works; creation of subversive cults, religions, and political movements; control of the academic and critical establishments; advertising), financial trickery (fraud; usury; fractional reserve banking; stock market manipulation; currency manipulation; and innumerable other swindles in which the White victims are usually unaware they are even being victimized while a huge percentage of their wealth is continuously transferred to Jews), and covert control of the political process (the use of their unearned wealth to corrupt politicians, legislatures, and judges and therefore guarantee that laws will be written, enforced, and interpreted in ways that favor Jewish interests).

• The Jewish power structure is, to put it bluntly, opposed to the continued existence of our race and is using its considerable power, on many fronts simultaneously, to exterminate us, mongrelize us, and generally replace us with more tractable and less intelligent races.

• White men and women who have become aware of the fact that the Jewish power structure is making war upon us, who understand that it is our main adversary and poses an immediate threat to our survival, an existential threat as great as any we have ever faced in history, are often hampered by their understandable emotional reactions — when cool, objective analysis is what is really required.

• Even more astounding than the mental qualities that facilitate Jewish manipulation of other peoples is their near-perfect solidarity, reminding us of the organization of social insects such as ants and bees. It is extremely difficult to find examples of Jews who have betrayed their race; in this quality Jews are very nearly the opposite of Whites, whose social organization and solidarity are relatively weak.

• These Jewish characteristics and behaviors are of long standing, and were known in Classical times, so theories that blame Jewish hostility and depredations on the conversion of some Khazars to Judaism in more recent times are clearly wrong, regardless of whether or not some Khazar genes entered the Jewish gene pool 1,300 years ago. (Usually, belief in the Khazar hypothesis is not based on any inherent merit in it, but instead on the fact that it allows the believer to continue to accept the Jewish bible as “holy,” to believe that the Jews are truly “God’s chosen people” as the “good book” says, and to believe that today’s manifestly evil and malevolent Jews are really Khazar impostors and not Jews at all. In other words, the Khazar hypothesis is a crutch to support an otherwise insupportable belief in Christianity.)

• The Jews’ hatred of non-Jews, and some of their techniques for subverting nations, are openly displayed in the Jews’ own writings, including the books that Christians call the “Old Testament.” The commands of Yahweh to massacre and enslave other peoples, and even sexually enslave their children, are clear; as are the descriptions of Jewish infiltration of and influence over the ruling class of other nations, and economic manipulations that left Jews wealthy and their host peoples impoverished. Expulsions of the Jews by angry Gentiles are also discussed in the Old Testament, though with less honesty.

• A race which exists by exploiting its hosts in this manner must have a mentality far different from our own and must see reality very differently than we do, despite the fact that through mixing and mimicry it somewhat resembles our own race. It is only reasonable to describe such a race as parasitic.

For more information on the parasite/host analogy to the Jewish Question, see my radio series “It’s All Biological,” part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4, in which I state:

Our race, the White race, evolved in the harsh environment — the forests, plains, mountains, and wide-open spaces — of Europe and environs over long ages, including centuries of intense cold in which intelligent planning was absolutely necessary to survive the winter. In the last few dozen thousands of years, we evolved in relatively fixed dwelling places that eventually came be called “countries,” attached to particular pieces of land, on a continent of very low population density in which the main enemies were the elements and other warlike tribes. High abstract intelligence and high-trust societies were prominent among the biological, evolutionary results. The primary skills of conflict were the martial virtues: One’s enemies were warring tribes who attacked openly, sword in hand.

The Jews, on the other hand, are a largely Semitic and largely nomadic hybrid race of much more recent appearance that emerged in the relatively heavily populated, multiracial, multicultural, and polyglot Middle East, where the climate was much milder and the main problem — for the Jews, at least — was surviving and prospering as a small, stateless group in territories ruled by others. High verbal intelligence and a concealed dual moral code — one for dealing with fellow Jews, another for dealing with the non-Jews in whose societies they lived — were the prominent biological, evolutionary results. Their primary skills of conflict were negotiation, diplomacy, pretense, duplicity, mimicry, and “reading” the psychology of their enemies — who were very seldom sword-wielding invading armies, but rather were the omnipresent non-Jewish peasants and warriors and priests and tradesmen and rulers among whom they lived — and off of whom they fed.

The European race evolved into a mode of life that involved living off the land, as did many other races and peoples. The Jews, on the other hand, evolved into a mode of life that involved living off those who lived off the land.

There is a name for the relationship between Jews and people like us. That name is parasitism. . . .

I believe that our European nomadic instinct, to the extent that we still have one, has evolved into what Dr. William Pierce called the Faustian urge: the urge to find new lands (and also new frontiers of knowledge), to always seek out the distant horizon, to explore and discover unknown territory, to escape the old and the ossified and restrictive, and found new nations — preferably where no man has set foot before.

How different the behavior of the Jews! They founded no nations — despite the largely mythical “land of Israel” stories in their Torah — and their endless wanderings are never into new frontiers, where unknown fields and forests and mountains beckon. No indeed! What beckons to the wandering Jews is a group of fresh victims, not yet wise to the ways of the parasite.

• Jews seem to have an instinct for discovering and exacerbating any and all rivalries, disputes, real or alleged injustices, and class divisions in their host societies, magnifying them to the point of utter disunity and even civil war, which process naturally increases the relative power and dominance of Jews.

One of the best expositions on the Jewish mentality is Andrew Hamilton’s “Empathy Without Sympathy,” in which the author states:

Jews have many unique psychological characteristics that render them radically unlike non-Jews. One quality Jews possess in one-on-one situations, and even group situations, is a keen sensitivity to the subtleties, nuances, desires, thoughts, and emotions of non-Jews. They can size up people of all races and interact with them extremely well. This is no doubt one reason for their prominent role as mediators and go-betweens.

When they desire to do so, Jews deal with all kinds of people, high and low, rich and poor, of every race, even the prickliest and most difficult personalities, with diplomacy, delicacy, and tact, patiently subordinating and concealing their own thoughts and feelings in the process.

• The German National Socialists temporarily threw off Jewish domination and established a government free of Jewish supervision between 1933 and 1945, an event which apparently frightened and shocked the Jewish leadership and caused them to change their strategy from one of merely exploiting and ruling Whites to one of actively working for our extermination.

• There is no doubt that Christianity was originally created by and for Jews, and it was Jews who made the decision to open certain early Christian sects to non-Jews — sects that eventually came to dominate European civilization. Christianity teaches Whites that God is Jewish and that Jews are an especially “holy” people, thus sundering Whites from their own spiritual heritage and rendering them psychologically unable to fight against the Jews who are exploiting, ruining, and exterminating them.

* * *

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