Jewish parasitism: If a natural race can be viewed as a complete body, then a parasitic race can be viewed as a head without a body, looking to decapitate and replace the head of its host with itself.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 28, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT IS SAID that the Jews, at least the Ashkenazi Jews, have a higher average IQ than Whites, at least Whites as loosely defined by the designers of the IQ tests. According to Professor Richard Lynn, writing in Personality and Individual Differences (2 April, 2003), the average verbal IQ of American Jews is about 108, which, some people argue, might explain the disproportionate number of Jews in certain positions. For example, although Jews are only about 2 to 3% of the U.S. population, they constitute 23% of the wealthiest Americans, 30% of the faculty at “elite” universities, 11% of Nobel Physics prizes, 60% of Yale graduate students, 60% of “top Hollywood positions” (according to 60 Minutes), and 76% of “most influential intellectuals” (according to Alan Dershowitz).

It’s in verbal IQ — not mathematical or visuospatial ability – that Jews excel, and, when you consider that the fast-talking, quick-thinking sharpster or con man is almost a Jewish stereotype, then common experience confirms the data. This would mean that the Jewish advantage would show itself mainly in areas like law, politics, journalism, media, advertising, public relations, and other fields in which verbal skills, persuasion, word-weaving, or illusion-weaving are especially valuable. And that’s what the statistics indicate. Though Jews are over-represented in physics and math, they are far more over-represented in Hollywood and the law racket. This is another case where our day-to-day experience perfectly matches the science, and is essentially undeniable.

According to Professor Lynn, in the article cited above, we would expect that the Jewish population would produce highly intelligent individuals, with an IQ over 130, at a rate four times higher than that of Whites. Even if we put the Jewish percentage at 3% of the total population, that would mean that we would expect that Jews would constitute some 12% of high-achievers in the United States. But that isn’t the case, especially in areas well-known to be dominated by Jews. Instead we see them at 76% of “influential intellectuals,” 60% of Hollywood executives, and 30% of “elite” college faculty. Why this wild over-representation, far beyond what we’d expect based on the IQ scores?

Some have argued that Jewish families are far more concerned than White families about the academic and professional success of their offspring, and concentrate far more of their time and energy and money on making sure that their children succeed in school and go on to the best careers possible. Others point out that Jews have a far higher degree of group consciousness — of racial identity – than Whites, and that this intense ethnic identity makes Jews willing and eager to put their group interests above other interests, even individual economic interests. Thus Jews are more willing to help their fellow Jews because they are Jews (which experience tells us they do in so many different ways that it boggles the mind) than Whites are willing to help their fellow Whites because they are Whites (which happens far too seldom, and which is socially unacceptable anyway — even illegal — in the insane social and “moral” system which crafty Jews and decadent Whites have imposed on us).

So Jews will preferentially hire other Jews; Jews will openly organize themselves to advance Jewish interests; Jews will portray Jews as sympathetic characters in their entertainment media; Jews will imply Jewish interests are “morally right” in their news media; and, most importantly in my view, Jews will demonize any who oppose Jewish interests or who promote White interests.

All of these things have an effect on the Jewish success rate in various fields, and the last mentioned has a profound effect in making many Gentiles, many Whites, act to promote Jewish success and Jewish interests and also makes them, in many cases, act against their own racial interests. In fact, Jewish influence has been paramount in constructing the ‘liberal’ moral paradigm of the last century, which in effect says that acting in the interest of White people and doing anything which tends to support our continued existence in the world — whether opposing racial mixing or working for an exclusive living space for Whites — is “racism” and of course “racism” is the ultimate in evil according to this Jewish-created “morality.”

So Jewish success is hardly surprising. They’ve leveraged their high verbal IQ, through their extraordinary racial solidarity, into a media/legal/religious combine which essentially tricks Whites into acting for Jewish interests.

Since, in the United States, Whites constitute the largest pool of geniuses and high-achievers, a much greater absolute number than Jewish geniuses and high-achievers, the combination of Jewish brains directing the activities of captured White brains is a most formidable one. The smartest Jews are focused on their ethnic interests; with the smartest Whites deliberately prevented from focusing on their ethnic interests — and in fact rewarded for opposing their own interests, and either convinced that the slightest opposition to Jews is the ultimate immoral act (“anti-Semitism”) or convinced by empirical evidence that they will be punished for such opposition.

Considering all of the above, freeing our people from Jewish domination sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it? But all is not black for us, not by a long shot. Let’s review some of the things that our race, the European race, has in its favor.

1. Our race has much more of an instinct for racial consciousness than it displays today. Preference for our own kind, for our fellow Whites as neighbors and marriage partners, for example, is natural — coded in our genes — and was enshrined in our traditional laws and institutions for thousands of years. Even today, young Whites overwhelmingly choose White partners, even after a lifetime of Jewish images and propaganda telling them that race-mixing is desirable and fashionable. It wasn’t only National Socialist Germany that prohibited interracial unions. Long before that regime came to power, racial mixture was illegal in most states of the Union and in virtually all states that had any significant non-White population. Thomas Jefferson himself was the author of anti-race-mixing statutes. For over 160 years, the law of the land (the Naturalization Act of 1790) stated that only Whites could become citizens of the United States. Love of, and protection of, our own kind is indeed coded in our genes. Whites may have been intimidated into silence, but the love of our own kind is still there, buried by fear perhaps, but with a great potential for expression if emboldened by the courage and the example of others. Let’s be such examples.

2. Jews may be over-represented in the average verbal IQ department, but that is far from the entire story. They have little or no advantage in the other IQ categories. And since Whites have a huge population compared to Jews, the upper end of our IQ bell curve contains many more geniuses than that of the highly-touted Jews. This means that, even if Jews are over-represented in the over-130 IQ area by four times, the 24 times larger White population still produces six times as many highly intelligent men and women, especially in fields requiring high non-verbal intelligence — important fields like mathematics, physics, engineering, scientific research, the visual and musical arts, and many others. And, since I maintain that the Jews are not a complete race, but instead a parasitic ruling class — like a head without a body — seeking to replace the elite of a host people, direct IQ comparisons aren’t appropriate. It would be more appropriate to compare the Jews with the top 5 per cent. of Whites — a comparison they would lose, badly. 108 is far, far below our elite level.

3. The historical record provides ample evidence for what we might infer from point 2. White civilization is unmatched in terms of inventiveness, creativity, and progress. It has produced a wildly disproportionate number of cultural, scientific, and technological achievements. It literally invented science — another word for “science,” after all, is “Western science.” Ours is the only civilization which has sent men to walk on the surface of another world. We have understood the laws of Nature far beyond the understanding of any other people, and we have used that understanding to create a whole new world of possibilities for the future. Jews, on the other hand, lack a great deal when it comes to civilization-building and certain kinds of creativity. Their record of artistic achievement is almost nil, and they exist mainly as a small, privileged class attached to an always much-larger Gentile host population. Left to their own devices, as in Israel, they attach themselves via a million tentacles to a source of sustenance in another nation, in this case the United States, thus reverting to the “privileged dependent” status which is the norm for them.

Looking at our society as an organism, you might consider the average man or woman as part of the body of that organism, vital and absolutely necessary for its survival and functioning. Those at the top end of the Bell Curve for intelligence, the geniuses and inventors and leaders in every field, can be considered the head of the societal organism, providing direction, progress, and protection to the rest.

And White society has been traditionally — and necessarily — hierarchical. That is, through many imperfect but nevertheless functional methods, the best and brightest were in control more often than the mediocre or the doltish, insuring that important decisions were usually made by the smarter and wiser among us. The head was the head, and the body was the body, and that was that. Any other arrangement would have been suicide.

Then the Jews came to dwell among us. Long before the existence of the first IQ test, they had a belief in their inherent superiority over all other peoples, with a divine right to rule over other nations as “God’s [that is, the Jewish god’s] Chosen People.” What were the Jews faced with — say, when they first began to arrive in the United States in significant numbers in the late nineteenth century?

They were faced with a much larger population than their own, of course. They were faced with a virtually all-White nation of substantially higher racial quality than that of the United States today — so therefore they faced a nation of White intelligence and White genius which far outnumbered their own best minds. And they faced a Republic which, like ancient Rome and Greece, was far from a mass democracy in that there were many restrictions on the voting franchise — racial or ancestry requirements, requirements of knowledge of the rudiments of civil law and discourse and history, property ownership requirements, restrictive poll taxes, and many others. They faced a nation in which the economic and educational system was not weighed down with “affirmative action” and the delusions of “equality” and which, though imperfect, tended to reward those with the greatest ability. And they faced an America that was consciously White and proud of it. In short, the Jews arriving on Ellis Island faced a racial meritocracy of extremely high quality and ability, a meritocracy in which the head was the head and no mistake about it. Though the concept of the Bell Curve was unheard of then, it was Whites on the high end of that intelligence curve who were in charge.

The Jews also faced the disadvantage that they were considered a different, separate people from Americans or Europeans generally. They weren’t “us” like long-time Americans were, or even like new White immigrants from Europe were.

So what could the Jews do? The solution to the Jewish dilemma was to cut off the head, and then to replace that head with themselves.

If the Jews could agitate for mass democracy, they could reduce the influence of the best White minds on the society, and they could therefore begin to have greater influence themselves. So the Jews (with consummate hypocrisy, since they believe themselves the superior elite without peer) began to push to destroy all vestiges of natural aristocracy or meritocracy in American life, and push for a universal belief in equality and the alien concept of “one man, one vote” which became their mantra of destruction.

Thus, by broadening the decision-making stratum of American society, they could significantly reduce the average IQ of that stratum, giving the Jews a much greater advantage than before. The Jews promoted votes and social equality for the Negro (though they have no love for him); they promoted quotas and “equal opportunity” laws which prevented Whites from favoring their own kind in any way, which meant that many superior Whites were crowded out of the best positions and the best universities; they promoted immigration of vast numbers of non-Whites by overturning the citizenship and immigration laws that our forefathers had established to keep America a White nation, creating a further lowering of the average IQ of the Jews’ competitors; and they used their racial solidarity to build an overwhelming presence in the media and educational establishments, which they wisely foresaw as the real levers of political  and social control of their hosts. The Jews used these positions to promote doctrines  of racial equality which morally disarmed Whites and prevented them from defending their race. They used these positions to pervert existing religions into cults of equality or virtual Jew-worship. And, in the racial and cultural chaos which their actions created, they solidified more than ever their own racial consciousness and solidarity — the necessary tools for survival. The Jews want to deny us these survival tools, and keep them for their own exclusive use.

As I said, the Jews, with their high IQ, are like a head without a body. They are highly intelligent, but incomplete. So they attach themselves to other bodies in order to survive. The Jews have cut off the head of White America, and have replaced that head with themselves. They have created a Frankenstein monster which is raining death and destruction wherever it sees enemies of Jewish world domination, and some parts of the world are starting to wake up to this fact. The grafted head is hostile to the best elements of the body it controls, and willingly injects that body with alien poisons in order to stop the reactions of the body’s immune system to the parasite head.

Does my analogy sound extreme? I am sure it does. But we Whites are in an extreme situation, and my analogy is more than just an analogy. The evidence shows that, biologically, something quite close to this is happening to us. We are in extreme peril. We need radical surgery to restore our health. Enter the doctor. He is Dr. William Pierce, and his cure is the organization he bequeathed to his people before his untimely death — the National Alliance. Join us today.

* * *

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