Real Child Abuse

Norman_Spack_cropAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of April 30, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

HE’S JUST LIKE Josef Mengele, but real. Mengele was a World War 2 German medical doctor who was alleged by Jews to have been a “Nazi” monster who performed horrible medical experiments, especially on helpless children — experiments such as injecting blue dye into a child’s eyeballs to “turn brown eyes blue” and the like. The 70-year-old story of Joseph Mengele, however, is almost entirely mythical and unbelievable. But the story I am going to tell you is about a real monster. The story I will tell you, about a Jewish doctor named Norman Spack (pictured), is true by Spack’s own voluminous admissions — and is happening right now, as I speak, and it is happening right here in the United States of America. In my opinion, which I will now explain, and in the opinion of a growing number of concerned people, what Spack and his colleagues — many of whom are also his fellow Jews — are doing constitutes real child abuse under the color of medicine.

Spack takes little children, most of them evidently White children, some of them as young as six years old, and using his knowledge of endocrinology, injects them with “hormone blockers” to suppress the normal onset of sexual puberty. The so-called “treatments” last for years. These children never develop their normal sexual characteristics and take on a weird, androgynous look as Dr. Spack sets the stage for more bizarre injections and mutilations by him and his colleagues to follow.

Then, a few years later, these children’s helpless bodies are medically flooded with the hormones of the opposite sex from their actual sex — little girls are flooded with the male hormone testosterone; little boys are flooded with the female hormone estrogen — in such huge quantities that the boys start to develop female breasts, and never develop their normal masculine bone and muscle structure; and the young girls never develop female breasts or the feminine curve of the hips, but instead get broad shoulders, square jaws, and facial hair.

And after long, long years of this severe chemical abuse of a child’s body — along with equally severe abuse of the child’s mind in the form of “counseling” from Spack’s cohorts — come the surgeons with their knockout drops and their knives to cut and mutilate the child’s body into a twisted mockery of a body of a member of the opposite sex. Norman Spack has built his entire career on deforming the bodies of little children into such mockeries, not coincidentally rendering them totally infertile in the process, and his watchword and message to his fellow abusers is in essence “get to them while they’re young” for a more “successful” and believable mutilation job.

What Normal Spack and his co-conspirators and imitators do is irreversible. And the abuse never ends — the victims end up “needing” a lifetime of hormone treatments — and, in many cases, doubtlessly a lifetime of psychotropic drugs and psychiatric sessions to keep them from going any more insane than they already are — to keep them hypnotized into placid acceptance of what has been done to them — and to keep any feelings of resentment or anger they might naturally experience pointed at the nonexistent evil White heteropatriarchy, and away from the unfortunately real nice Jewish doctor and his accomplices.

Further consider this: When Spack and company create a fake sterile male or a fake sterile female, they are not just taking one White man or one White woman out of the gene pool, out of the pool of future parents. No — it goes far beyond that. For when the fake male takes a real female partner, that coupling is taking her out of the gene pool too and rendering her sterile too. The same is true of the fake sterile female — whose husband is also rendered a reproductive nullity. And such mutilated victims also have an effect on the next generation through example.

(What Spack and other Jews and their Gentile collaborators are doing is very similar to what scientists have done to exterminate insects: If they desire to wipe out a certain kind of fly, for example, they create genetically- or chemically-modified flies which look and act like normal male or female flies, but are incapable of reproduction. Releasing the modified flies into the environment, the scientists create a situation in which the normal flies will mate with the fakes and thereby bring about their own extermination.)

When these mutilated victims are praised, coddled, and lavished with attention for their “strength” and their “bravery” and their “fight against White hetero oppression” and the like, what effect does that have on the very impressionable and very imitative younger generation, longing to be liked and to be praised and to make their mark on the world? How many of them will be impelled to multiply this sick practice tenfold or a hundredfold?

And how many family members, or even just observers of this sick abuse and near-insanity in our society, become demoralized, suicidal, or depressed to the point that they give up on life and never have a family? How many take one look at this sickness and degeneracy and say “I want nothing to do with this world anymore”? How many think, perhaps even unconsciously, “I would never bring children into a sick world like this, a world where Spack or his like might get hold of them at age six”? — and then effectively sterilize themselves by using contraception their entire lives? And how many of them will be recruited into Spack’s crusade and devote their utterly wasted lives to the sick cause of transsexualism and other sex perversions and the effective genocide of their own people?

Norman Spack and his cohorts do not do all of this for free, of course. It takes time and money to convince little Johnny that his liking for playing with girls occasionally means that he really wants to be one. It takes a lot more time and money to convince little Sally’s parents that tomboy Sally is really a “boy trapped in the body of a girl” and that she should be chemically altered and surgically mutilated by having a fake penis attached to her body. Consider the costs to the family — and to society — of years, possibly a lifetime, of psychological counseling sessions for the children, the parents, the siblings — you’re easily talking half a million dollars, or in some cases four times that.

A lifetime of hormone treatments at hundreds every month — again, a total of many hundreds of thousands of dollars per victim. The cost of the actual sexual mutilation “surgeries” and directly related treatments can often go higher than $100,000 to $150,000 per procedure. And the figures I have seen quoted are “out of pocket” — how much does insurance pay? (Insurance companies which almost never pay for innovative new cancer treatments are being increasingly induced by Jewish and homosexual pressure to be Politically Correct to pay for Spack-style mutilations and related abuses.) What about a lifetime of counseling and mental health drugs? And the figures I am quoting don’t include the charges for the many doctor’s office appointments related to each procedure. I think we’re really talking a cool half million per victim as an absolute minimum. Multiply that by hundreds — soon to be thousands — of victims every year and you have such a handsome haul that your tithe to the synagogue won’t even hurt this year.

And consider well who is on Norman Spack’s team: According to one of his own publications, five out of seven are Jews: Spack himself, Henry Feldman, Scott Leibowitz, Francie Mandel, and David Diamond — the race of the other two, who may just have Gentile-sounding names, isn’t known. (According to that same publication, applications for “transsexual services” quadrupled when Spack’s clinic was publicized.)

Many children are unsure of themselves around puberty and in their early teens. Often the best people develop more slowly than their fellows, and this can lead to frustration and lack of perceived success with the opposite sex. Who hasn’t at times thought that the opposite sex has all the luck? Norman Spack and friends are there to make sure that a just-developing adolescent is told what those feelings “really mean.”

And children are imitative. They naturally want to please others, and please society, and be praised and admired. They naturally want to do what is expected of them, and to excel at doing it, and be rewarded. Spack and his kind set up a situation where a child can be rewarded and admired — told he is “special” — told he is on the leading edge of a new “civil rights” revolution, a “fight against evil” — by “recognizing” that he is “trapped inside the body” of the “wrong sex.” The Jewish media provide endless glowing examples of people being rewarded for “recognizing” that they are “really” not the sex they were born with.

Coming at a time of puberty — of becoming a new person — with all the confusion and lack of self-confidence that that can bring — Spack and his ilk exploit the very vulnerable. They convince parents to “go along” and make a gelded freak out of their precious child — all “for his own good” of course.

In the past, it was recognized that some people had confusion about their sexual identity, and this was rightly classed as a mental illness, and the medical profession tried to heal the troubled minds of such people — and that was the right thing to do. Now Jews like Norman Spack take the delusions of the mentally troubled, and parlay them into excuses for hormonally castrating our young boys and masculinizing our young girls, surgically mutilating them, guaranteeing them a life of mental torture, agony, and suicide, and permanently and irreversibly sterilizing them so they can never have children.

And this can never be repeated often enough: There is no such thing as a “sex change” operation or a “sex change” anything. Such a thing is categorically impossible. (And it doesn’t matter that they keep changing the Politically Correct language used to describe such abuse and mutilations — one of the latest is “gender confirmation surgery.” It’s enough to make you retch.) Each and every cell in your body — a trillion cells or more, as many as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy — is encoded with your sex, which was determined at your conception. And nothing, absolutely nothing that is known or is likely ever to be known in the entire future of this universe can ever change that fact. If you were born a man, you will always be a man. If you were born a woman, you will always be a woman. A microscopically small number of birth defects exist, but do not change that fact. The hallucinations of the mentally ill or those deluded by Spack and company that they are “really” a member of the opposite sex have no more validity than the delusions of an inmate that he is Napoleon. And amputating his two front legs does not make a dog a biped.

Children should be given only healthy choices. We should no more allow them to choose what sex they want to be after allowing them to watch Jewish media glamorizing castrated freaks like Bruce Jenner than we should allow them to “choose” lobotomy after telling them lies about how wonderful and “special” it is to be half brainless.

Let me tell you what is really needed.

Boys and young men need strong, masculine role models, and their natural male aptitudes need to be fostered and encouraged and directed into the best and highest possible expressions they can have. Girls and young women need powerfully feminine role models, and their natural feminine aptitudes need to be praised, fostered, and encouraged into the best and highest possible expressions they can have. They do not need someone telling them that “gender is fluid” or “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to change your sex,” or “we all need the freedom to make sexual identity choices, man,” or “you can be whoever you want to be.” Such things should never be told to our six- to ten-year-olds. They should never be told to anyone.

No indeed. Down that road lies madness and death. Join the men and women who have seen through the lies and who are determined to build a healthy future for our children. Join the National Alliance.

* * *

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