Will Williams: Standing Strong, part 3

Will_2016American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 23, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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TODAY WE PRESENT the third and concluding part of our interview with William White Williams, Chairman of the National Alliance. (ILLUSTRATION: Will Williams on The Land, standing at the high overlook called Pierce Point)

When we left off last week, we were discussing the history of the National Alliance after Dr. Pierce’s death. Chairman Williams was just telling us about a network of William Pierce loyalists he had assembled with the intention of taking back the Alliance from Gliebe and Walker, stemming its decline, and steering its course back in a Piercian direction. Listen…

WWW: We were really looking to take the Alliance back at some point. But we couldn’t do it because Gliebe was dug in.

KAS: But wasn’t there one point, as the Alliance declined, that it had declined so far that Gliebe was thinking about auctioning off Dr. Pierce’s massive research library, which included many handwritten notes by Dr. Pierce himself? What happened regarding that?

WWW: I got wind of that around January 2014, which coincided with the time that some former members sued Gliebe for $2 million and tried to get the assets away from him. I found out he was trying to sell that library and I contacted him. I hadn’t talked to him in years. I said “You can’t sell that library. It’s a treasure.” And, before you know it, there were negotiations back and forth. After a couple of months, I told him I’d buy it. I didn’t know what I’d do with it, but by then you and I had decided we were going to start our own Alliance.

KAS: Yes, we had already started the reconstituted National Alliance. So it was a real coup to be able to get that library and save it from who knows what might have happened. I’ve seen other libraries of racialists end up going on Ebay and being sold off one book at a time — with valuable things even going to Jewish groups. And I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

WWW: Well, I managed to get some help — and some U-Haul trucks — and I went up there. We had a few hundred cardboard boxes. We got all the stuff we needed to organize it so it could be put back together like it was taken apart. We took video footage of the library and we numbered all the shelves. I’ve still got it. It’s in storage and all the books are boxed up and labeled. And we’ll get that back up to West Virginia in due time.

That was in March of 2014. I kept working on this building here, and planning with you. You were working on ADVs —

KAS: Yes, and I took some of the volunteers who had been working on the William Pierce Legacy blog, and they’re now helping us build nationalvanguard.org up, so it’s now much more than it used to be.

WWW: Yes, it’s amazing what can happen if you’re determined. It was one thing after another. I found out that Gliebe was arranging to sell another large library that was stored up there in West Virginia — it didn’t belong to the Alliance; they were just storing it for a member. I told him I’d buy that too. So I did the same routine again with the 26-foot U-Haul truck —

KAS: A tremendous amount of work.

WWW: Scrounging help up there to load it and scrounging help down here to unload it — and before you know it, I’ve got some 800 boxes and 27,000 books, we estimated. That library was also a racialist library, and there are a lot of duplicates. But the two together will make one Hell of a first class library. It’s quite a treasure.

KAS: So you’re rescuing these libraries. Eventually, the National Alliance was even disbanded as a membership organization by Gliebe. You re-founded the Alliance. But something happened. The next year, the Board of the actual National Alliance corporation — the Virginia corporation that was begun by Dr. Pierce and that Erich Gliebe later headed — that Board decided to name you Chairman. Did that come as a surprise to you?

WWW: I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t ambitious to take it over, as the ones who sued Gliebe were. They were “big tent.” They were just like Gliebe. They’d stuck with him for a decade — and they didn’t object. My lawyer says they have “unclean hands.” They were at the center of the decline. But they did put pressure on Gliebe — and that’s the good part.

The Board met, and they named me a director and then nominated me as Chairman. And he stepped down and I accepted. You have to go by the corporate bylaws and articles of incorporation and the corporate statutes of Virginia, where we’re incorporated. So we did all that.

Of course the people who had sued him got really upset at that. They’d thought that they were going to take it over. They’re still fighting it — but they’re going to lose. They don’t have standing. That was ruled last month in a Virginia court — that they don’t have standing. They’ve kept up with their blog, though — raising money to “fight on until victory” and all that. But they’re toast. They need to give it up. The people who are in the Alliance now don’t want any part of them.

KAS: So that’s NARRG you’re talking about?


KAS: Now — referring to NARRG and also to Erich Gliebe’s approach and Shaun Walker’s approach — you’ve used the phrase “the big tent approach.” And you’re against that. Yet a lot of people are going to tell you that having a “big tent,” where all pro-White folks are welcome to join the Alliance, means a bigger organization, a bigger Alliance, and they say that’s a good thing. But you’re against that. Why?

WWW: Well, Dr. Pierce’s strategy was pretty simple. His worldview — his Cosmotheist ideology/philosophy/religion — was not Christian and was not for the masses. It will appeal to those who understand what we’re doing. When we gather all those who are attracted by it, we’ll have a core group of people who are all reading from the same page. We’ll all understand what we’re doing.

We’re not the Ku Klux Klan, lighting crosses. We’re not a conservative group, praying to heaven to come save us.

That core — people like you and I, and a lot of other good people — will build a movement of will and determination, as Dr. Pierce put it, and we will expand and expand. But we’re not “all over the place” — we’re not contradicting ourselves. And our ideas are dangerous ones — dangerous to the enemy. That’s why our enemies want us dead. They’re scared of that.

KAS: Yes. They’re afraid of Dr. Pierce’s plan. Because, unlike most “right wing” groups, the Alliance actually has a plan besides just making lots of money — a plan for the future; a plan to save the race. That’s what makes the Alliance unique: following that plan.

WWW: It’s not that we’re elitist. We want all good White people. But most good White people need deprogramming. Look what they’re doing. They think we’re going to be able to vote our way out of the situation we’re in. This presidential election shows that — it’s all you see on TV. I don’t need to get into that except to say that we’re not going to vote our way out of it, we’re not going to buy our way out of it —

KAS: We’re not going to pray our way out of it —

WWW: [laughter] We’re not going to pray our way out of it — I think there’s a leaflet in there somewhere, Kevin.

KAS: I think you’re right. Now you started an online forum called White Biocentrism when we re-started the Alliance. There are dozens of pro-White discussion boards on the Internet. Why did we need another one? And why did we call it White Biocentrism?

WWW: The word “biocentrism” kind of grabbed me because we’re biological thinkers — we’re biological “racists.” In my view there are two movements out there — one is the Christian patriots, and the other is the biological race thinkers. Our old friend Joseph Pryce edited a book, The Biocentric Worldview, three years ago. And “biocentric” and “biocentrism” grabbed me as being descriptive of what we’re doing.

KAS: So biology is at the center of all we’re doing.

WWW: Yes. It’s Nature-based. The Biocentric Worldview is a collection of the essays of Ludwig Klages. Joe Pryce is the foremost expert on Klages, who was a German philosopher who is often overlooked. Joe is a genius.

KAS: Basically, it’s a Cosmotheist philosophy that’s behind it. Nature and life as seen through science is at the center of it — that’s the way I see it.

WWW: Exactly. And Dr. Pierce, being a physicist, figured it out.

KAS: What makes the forum different from other forums?

WWW: We just don’t put up with the mess [laughter] that you see on these other racial forums: the bickering, the sniping — they’re just playpens.

KAS: So White Biocentrism is a place for serious race-thinkers; scientific race-thinkers.

WWW: Yes. And there are different levels — everybody’s got to start somewhere. As we grow, we gain more and more people, and show a little discipline, and deal with people who just come to argue — we get rid of them. They can go somewhere else if they want to attack us.

KAS: I think that a lot of these forums that allow anybody to sign up and allow anonymous postings are absolutely filled with destructive people. In my opinion, some of them are sent to be destructive — to destroy trust; to destroy whatever organization that White people manage to get together. They’re there to destroy it. I’m not just talking about spam attacks — I’m talking about people who pretend to be pro-White but who are really out to destroy whatever organizations that exist out there for White people.

WWW: We can recognize them pretty fast.

KAS: That’s what makes White Biocentrism different. People like that aren’t tolerated for more than five seconds.

WWW: No. Our people go there and they learn — and quite a number of them join the National Alliance, which is great.

KAS: Now one of the main pillars supporting the Alliance has been your wife, Svetlana.

WWW: Yes.

KAS: We’ve worked with her behind the scenes on many projects. We’ve seen her face in our monthly print publication, the National Alliance BULLETIN. What can you tell us about the role she plays in our struggle?

WWW: Well, it’s a pretty face —

KAS: Yes, it is —

Svetlana Williams
Svetlana Williams

WWW: She’s from Russia. I went over there in 2003. We met; I went back. And eventually we married. She moved here and we built this house together. I let her know about my politics early on, because if she couldn’t live with that — forget it. She could — but she also said she was sorry, but she could not be my Krupskaya — that’s Lenin’s woman [laughter], a very radical Bolshevik. But I worked on her. I ran my mouth — and she tolerated it. But after a while, she recognized that what I was saying was right and true.

We’d like to build a bridge between American people and Russian people, because they’re our cousins. They talk funny — but they’re Aryan. We hate the idea of fratricide. We say never again to Germans killing Russians, Russians killing Germans, Germans killing Brits, killing Frenchmen, killing Americans — it’s nuts, absolutely nuts.

KAS: Yes, we have real enemies we need to be concentrating on.

WWW: Dr. Pierce explains it so well: how bad World War 2 was for our race, and how bad World War 1 was. We were nearly 30 per cent. of the world’s population at the beginning of the last century.

KAS: And here we are, 100 years later —

WWW: Under ten per cent. — maybe eight per cent. A remarkable stat: Half of those eight per cent. are female. And half of those females are in their child-bearing years. That’s just two per cent. of the world’s population that is capable of making a White baby. Two per cent. — and we’re being flooded with non-Whites. And feminism has women killing their babies — or not having babies, opting for a career. And then race-mixing is encouraged. We’re being genocided. But people can’t see it. They think that Whites are in control.

KAS: But your wife came to see that.

WWW: Yes. It’s so obvious once you wake up and look. But people are so scared to admit it. They’re so afraid of being labeled a hater and a bigot and a “racist” and whatever — a xenophobe. There’s a lot of words out there that people don’t want to be called. They want to conform. They want to be “respected.”

KAS: More than once you have told me that you don’t know how you could have done it all without your wife’s support.

WWW: No, uh-uh, I couldn’t do it all. She’s my rock. She’s over there knitting right now with a smile on her face. But she keeps me out of jail. She keeps our books. She does all the bank deposits and handles a lot of the mail. She helps me with the membership. We’ve got all our membership and finances here in Tennessee. I couldn’t trust any of the people up there in West Virginia — until now. Now we’ve got Mr. Dave Pringle moving in there with his lovely lady Laura Lee —

KAS: Now there’s a great name from the past of the National Alliance returning now under your leadership.

WWW: Yes. Dave’s going to make things happen up there. I couldn’t be two places at once and it has been Hell trying to bring that place back to life after ten years of neglect. They don’t call it a struggle for nothing. [laughter]

KAS: That’s right. And you have been spending your own money defending against a lot of these attacks that the Alliance has come under —

WWW: That’s what it took.

KAS: Since you began this effort, you have put in unbelievably long hours. You have spent many, many tens of thousands of dollars of your own money to fight off these harassment lawsuits and false legal charges. You have worked probably harder than you have ever worked before. And your wife is shouldering some of that burden too. My question to you is: Why? Most people would look at the work you’ve had to go through — the struggles — the attacks — the financial losses — and they would say “No way I would ever take that on!” Yet you did take it on. And you’re continuing to fight. Why do you do it?

WWW: I didn’t seek it out. It just kind of fell on me by default. Somebody’s got to do it. We’re up against enemies like the SPLC — I hear they have a $300 million war chest to fight us. They have the courts on their side. They have the media on their side. They have the government on their side.

KAS: But they don’t have the truth on their side.

WWW: [laughter] They don’t. They don’t have what we’ve got, do they?

Just last month I realized that I’m already older than Dr. Pierce was when he died. I said to myself “Oh my.” You know, your mortality faces you. I’ve got a birthday in less than a month. I can’t do this forever. But I can carry it as far as I can. And we’ve got really good people coming up. I’m so glad Dave is moving up there. What a change that’s going to make. And we’ve got good lawyers.

We could use money.

KAS: We do need more support — there’s no question about that.

WWW: We could hire more people and get better equipment. We’ve got a studio up there we need to outfit.

KAS: Well, we do have truth on our side and we have destiny on our side. I believe that firmly.

WWW: I couldn’t do it without you, Kevin, and you probably couldn’t do it without me —

KAS: That’s right, I couldn’t. There’s nobody who can fight the way you have fought against all of this unbelievable opposition. Let me just say in closing, Will, because probably we’re out of time, that I really admire your grit and your determination. Those qualities are what we need in this, the only cause worth fighting for.

WWW: Thank you, Kevin. It’s a pleasure working with you. We’re going to attract the kind of people we need to carry on when we’re gone. We’re not going to win in our lifetimes. I’m proud to be partnered with you. I’ll defend you to the end — there are people attacking you, too. But that’s what we expect. Like I told a guy the other day: If we’re not receiving flak, we’re not over the target, right?

KAS: [laughter] That’s right. Thanks for being with me today, Will.

WWW: You’re welcome. Thank you, Kevin.

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You’ve been listening to the concluding part of our three-part interview with William White Williams, the Chairman of the National Alliance, right here on American Dissident Voices.

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