Perjurer Arrested for Stalking

PERJURER ARRESTED YET AGAIN, THIS TIME FOR STALKING: Elisha Strom, whose perjury assisted the government’s politically-motivated prosecution of me, has been arrested for yet a third time, this time for allegedly stalking a federal agent. She exhibits a pattern of using men and then attempting to get revenge on them in some way, just as … Continue reading Perjurer Arrested for Stalking

Perjurer Exposed Again

PERJURER EXPOSED AGAIN: Evidence is mounting that Elisha Strom, the woman whose perjured testimony and work with the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) caused false federal charges to be filed against me, had several inappropriate relationships with the local and “terrorism task force” officers she was at first working with — and then turned … Continue reading Perjurer Exposed Again

Perjurer Arrested

PERJURER ARRESTED: The woman whose perjury and close collaboration with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) caused false charges to be filed against me has been arrested for harassment of  a Charlottesville, Virginia drug task force. Elisha R. Strom apparently turned on the JTTF man she had been working with, who is also an agent … Continue reading Perjurer Arrested

Talking About It — and Making It Happen

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 26 October, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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THERE IS A DOWNSIDE to having a comments section on our online magazine, National Vanguard. Don’t misunderstand me; the upside is very important, too — building community, building trust, meeting new and creative minds and bringing them into the National Alliance orbit; and even gauging what the enemy is thinking by analyzing what they try to sneak onto our site, and studying the hate mail we get in order to understand how the still-slumbering misunderstand our work — all very important, all very good. But we must be realistic at all times — and that means recognizing the downside.

Some of the problems in the comments section can be solved by the commenters themselves:

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A Century of Jewish Lies, part 2

This is how Leo Frank and his wife Lucille were portrayed in a recent production of the pro-Frank stage play, Parade.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 16, 2019


by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY we return for part 2 of the most powerful chapter in a ground-breaking work — The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man –detailing the first large-scale Jewish fake news operation in the United States: the Jewish power structure’s attempt to prevent — and then to reverse — the murder conviction of Jewish sex killer Leo Frank.

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Judge Excludes Experts; Jury Convicts Steele

by Kevin Alfred Strom IN A TRAGIC MISCARRIAGE of justice, a federal jury — which was denied the right to hear two experts’ testimony that the alleged FBI recordings of Edgar J. Steele were faked, with over 300 suspicious edits inserted — has convicted the courageous free speech attorney and writer on all four counts … Continue reading Judge Excludes Experts; Jury Convicts Steele

Political Prosecution

POLITICAL PROSECUTION: At the urging of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, European-American activist and writer Kevin Alfred Strom is (wrongfully) convicted of possessing eight images of child pornography, based on the testimony of a perjurer who was having a relationship with the JTTF “investigating officer.” Kevin Strom is sentenced to 23 months in prison, most … Continue reading Political Prosecution

Kevin Alfred Strom’s Address to the Court

Kevin Alfred Strom is absolutely innocent of any crime against children or anyone else. He has paid a heavy price for his advocacy of self-determination for his people. An executive summary of the facts of this case is available in our Fast Facts You Need to Know section of this site. by Kevin Alfred Strom … Continue reading Kevin Alfred Strom’s Address to the Court


FROM AMERICA FIRST BOOKS: A friend of the eminent American classicist and writer Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and a close colleague of physicist and philosopher Dr. William Pierce, Kevin Strom has been long considered one of the most significant thinkers among Western racial-nationalists. His political activism dates from his early student days in 1968. LEGAL … Continue reading About