Mary Phagan 107 Years Later: May Your Life Not Be in Vain, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 25 April, 2020 2020-0425 – Mary Phagan 107 Years Later – May Your Life Not Be in Vain part 1.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

TOMORROW it will be 107 years since the horrible murder of Mary Phagan at the filthy hands of Atlanta B’nai B’rith president Leo Frank. For all of those 107 years, Jewish groups, especially the ADL, birthed by the B’nai B’rith in that very year, have been screaming from all their media outlets, Leo Frank is good — Leo Frank didn’t do it — Leo Frank is the real victim here — Leo Frank was a martyr to anti-Semitism. Well, let me tell you: Leo Frank is not the real victim. Leo Frank is not good. Leo Frank is just what the graphic at the top of the text version of this program says he is: perjurer, strangler, rapist, abuser, pedophile, sweatshop boss, and murderer.

And let us not — let us never — forget Mary Phagan, a little 13-year-old girl, forced to labor by an unjust economic system for a few cents an hour making pencils in Leo Frank’s sweatshop. She is the only victim. She was but a child. She was innocent. She was tricked. She was trapped. She was beaten. She was raped. She was strangled to death. And, when the man who did those crimes was caught and turned out to be a prominent Jew, a high official in the Jewish B’nai B’rith, the multimillion-dollar publicity and lie-machine got revved up to the redline for the first time in American history. They tried and tried, every crooked way they knew how, to get their man off. And they almost did. And when a group of Georgians went around their corrupt government and carried out the court’s just sentence, the Jewish power structure reintensified their propaganda campaign to make the world think Leo Frank was a persecuted angel — and they haven’t stopped their lying, wailing, and screaming since. It’s in the news again, right now in April 2020. They’re obsessed with Leo Frank. It’s as if they think that if they can help Frank “get away with it,” then the rest of them can get away with anything, Jeffrey Epstein-style, Harvey Weinstein-style, and beyond. Leo Frank the martyr, Leo Frank the angel, Leo Frank the innocent, Leo Frank the persecuted Jew. Enough. Today I am going to show you how crooked and disingenuous their campaign has been.

But first let’s acknowledge that Leo Frank should not be the main focus of this day. We should be commemorating the life cut short of one who much more deserves to be called an angel; one who might have lived and loved all the way into the 1980s and made her mark upon the world; a White girl who might have given sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters to our people — and who knows what they might have done. We should be commemorating Mary Phagan. Let us now observe a moment of silent reflection in memory of her. Join me now in silent thought.


We have given our thoughts to Mary Phagan today, on the 107th anniversary of her violent death. We have reflected on what she might have been, what she might have done, and what she deserved from life; love, marriage, laughter, joy, learning, children, accomplishment, satisfaction — and what she did not deserve: to be tricked, trapped, propositioned by her Jewish sweatshop boss, knocked unconscious and bloody when she resisted, raped, strangled, and thrown in the coal dust before the furnace ready to be burned.

I don’t have time in one radio program to recapitulate the mountain of evidence that Leo Frank is guilty and that convinced every court at every level to affirm his conviction, as did every jury — including the coroner’s jury that included a disproportionately large number of Jews. We’ve covered much of that evidence here on National Vanguard. But let me just touch on a very few high points that the Jewish-run media always ignore.

Mary Phagan met her death at the National Pencil factory where she worked, on April 26, 1913, when she came to pick up her pathetic $1.20 pay for the week. Numerous pieces of evidence prove the place of her death was on the second floor, between her work station in what was called the “metal room” and the metal room bathroom. Numerous pieces of evidence also prove that no one except Mary Phagan and Leo Frank were on the second floor at that time.

There were six people in the building, including Mary and Leo Frank, when the murder took place: two workmen and a workman’s wife on an upper floor — they were together and couldn’t have done it; Leo Frank and Mary Phagan on the second floor together; and Jim Conley keeping watch for Frank near the front door of the building, visible from the outside and in the place with the highest amount of traffic of people going in and out — a preposterously unlikely place for a rape and strangling, and the evidence shows it didn’t happen there anyway. Furthermore, Leo Frank — by his own statement sitting in his totally open office just at the top of the stairs near Conley — heard no screams, no thuds or thumps, no struggle, nothing. So Conley’s out. So basically it comes down to this simple equation: There were six people in the building and we know that five of them didn’t do it. That leaves Leo Frank.

Also: Innocent people don’t try to frame other innocent people. Who but someone on the Frank team had a motive to plant the fake bloody shirt found at the Black night watchman’s house. The watchman, Newt Lee, has been proven to be absolutely innocent and the shirt has been absolutely proven to be a “plant”. So, who was trying to frame him? You have one millisecond to give your answer. Again, innocent people don’t try to frame other innocent people.

And yet another attempt to frame another innocent Black man was made, when the frame-up of Newt Lee fell apart. This time a fake bloody club and a fake “Mary Phagan pay envelope” were conveniently found, by a corrupt detective in Frank’s employ, near the exact spot where Jim Conley had been sitting on the fatal day. The fakes were exposed when numerous private and police detectives testified that they had searched that exact spot the day after the murder, and nothing was there. Further discredit was cast on the fakes when the medical examiner said the club couldn’t have been the murder weapon. Once again, in case you didn’t get it the first time — innocent people don’t try to frame other innocent people.

Oh, and did I mention that some twenty young girls, workers in Frank’s sweatshop, testified that he had spied on them in their dressing rooms, that he touched their breasts, that he fondled them inappropriately, and that he offered money to them for sex?

Then there’s this, reported by many newspapers at the time — but never mentioned, ever by the controlled media today in their constant stream of whitewash propaganda for Leo Frank: the astounding, repeated, huge number of cases of witnesses being bribed to lie on the stand, to sign false affidavits, to leave town and become “unfindable,” and even the use of sexual bait and forged letters to facilitate the framing of Conley and a new trial for Frank.

These illegal, corrupt, and truly evil acts were documented, as I said, in many newspapers at the time, but have almost been erased by the Jewish media monopolies. I recently came across one in my research on the case. It’s from a northern newspaper, and northern newspapers, following the Jewish lead and Jewish money, or simply believing in their line, were uniformly pro-Frank. Nevertheless, one of their reporters honestly reported on a court hearing in Georgia and what was said there. The date was May 5, 1914, and the occasion was a hearing in which highly-paid “dream team” lawyers for Leo Frank were trying to void his conviction and get him a new trial. The newspaper was Boston’s Traveler and Evening Herald. The report states in part:


Preacher and Others Swear They Were Paid to Testify Falsely in the Phagan Murder Case.

SEVERAL sensations developed at the hearing of the extraordinary motion for a new trial for Leo M. Frank, convicted of the murder of Mary Phagan, before Judge B.H. Hill. Affidavits were introduced by Solicitor General Dorsey charging bribery and forgery by agents of the defence and alleging a deliberate attempt to manufacture false evidence to hang the negro, Jim Conley, for the murder…..

Judge Hill, near the close of the hearing, announced that he wished an order issued for the return to Atlanta of Annie M. Carter, the negress who swore that Conley had confessed to her that he was the murderer of Mary Phagan.

“Detective Burns [who was working for Frank], on the stand, said that it was at his suggestion that Annie Carter was sent from the jurisdiction of this court,” commented the judge. “Unless she is returned within five days by the persons who sent her away, her letters and all of the matter to which she testified will not be considered in rendering a decision on the motion.”

A letter from the woman to her father said that she was working for William Burns [a detective in the employ of Leo Frank] in New Orleans and going under the name of “Mrs. Joseph Griffin.”

An affidavit was made by the Rev. C.B. Ragsdale, in which he directly charged that Atty. Arthur Thurman [also on the Frank legal team] had inspired the famous “confession” affidavit and that Thurman personally had paid him $200 and had paid R.L. Barber $100 for their signatures.

Convict Tells of Conspiracy.

This was followed by an affidavit by Fred Perkerson, a former convict at the county jail, who related a conspiracy he said had been outlined by Dr. George Wrenn [who worked for Frank], also at the jail, to visit the cell of Jim Conley and then to swear that Conley had confessed to them.

Frank Reese, a negro trusty at the jail, swore to similar efforts of Wrenn to persuade him to take part in the conspiracy. Reese said Wrenn tried to induce Conley to take the crime on himself, saying that he would be let off in a year or so and get a lot of money and that Frank would go free. He indicated that the Annie Carter notes were a part of a “frame-up” by Wrenn.

Affidavits were produced from Philip Chambers, formerly office boy at the National Pencil Factory, and J.M. Gantt, also an ex-employe, swearing that the affiants were in the office of Frank when the desk of H.P. Becker, formerly master mechanic, was brought down into Frank’s office. They declared that all of the old order blanks, including the old carbons of requisitions, such as the Phagan murder notes were written on, were removed from the desk and placed in the outer office not more than 10 feet from Frank’s office. [Thus proving that the Frank defense team’s claim that all such order blanks were the in the basement only was a lie.]

Both said they never had known of the order blanks being taken to the basement and destroyed, nor of pads of this sort lying around in the basement….

C. Brutus Dalton, back from Fort Myers, Fla., repudiated in an affidavit the statement he had made for Capt. C.W. Burke, agent for Frank’s attorneys, and charged that Burke had offered him $300 for his signature. Burke, according to Dalton, represented that he wanted Dalton to sign a petition to present to the pardon board to save Frank from hanging. Dalton said he was in a hurry, that Burke read him a small part of the affidavit, but that there was no reference to the testimony he gave at the trial [in the part he was allowed to hear].

Dalton swore that his evidence at the trial in regard to acts of perversion by Frank was true.

An affidavit from Mary Rich repudiated the affidavit in which she said that she saw Jim Conley cross the rear of the pencil factory at 1:11 o’clock on the afternoon of April 26.

An affidavit of the negro, Ivey Jones, branded as a forgery the affidavit accredited to him by the defence. Affidavits from Conley and another negro, Eugene Perry, corroborated Jones in his story of meeting Conley shortly after 1:30 o’clock on April 26.

A long affidavit signed by Jim Conley was read in denial of every essential statement in the “confession” affidavit by Annie Carter in which she charged Conley with telling her of killing Mary Phagan. Conley said the woman had slipped him letters, but that one day he saw Dr. Wrenn drop her a letter from the second floor of the jail, and that she a few minutes later delivered it to him as one of her own letters. Conley charged that a deputy left the door open so that friends of Frank could get into his cell block.

Night Rides with Agent.

An affidavit [from] J.E. Duffer told of a night ride to Austell with agents for Frank in an endeavor to keep the witness from detectives from Dorsey’s office who were trying to get him to the solicitor’s office.

Helen Ferguson said an offer of $100 was made to her if she would leave town. This failing, she said, Wrenn went to her under the name of J.W. Howard, and after that he began taking her to theatres and paying her attentions, finally proposing marriage.

She said that she went with him to the Grant building and there was induced to sign an affidavit telling of an occasion when she had been frightened by Conley. This, she said, was after she had refused to sign one changing her testimony on the stand. She said she met Burke, who represented himself as Wrenn’s father. Later, she said, Wrenn renewed his protestations of love and sought to kiss her. She slapped his face, and thereafter his ardor cooled, according to the affidavit….

So there you have it. Planting false letters on an imprisoned Black man after enticing him with a paid whore to get his confidence. Falsely and cruelly using the affections of a young woman to trick her into signing false affidavits. Paying witnesses to skip town. Brazenly handing out money to suborn false testimony and get “witnesses” to pretend to have witnessed events and “confessions” which never took place. All to frame an innocent man. All to get a real rapist and a real killer off the hook.

How many times do I have to say it? Innocent people don’t do such things.

Leo Frank coldly manipulated a 13-year-old White girl (who depended on him for her tiny wage) into a sexual trap. When she resisted, he attacked her and knocked her unconscious. While she was unconscious, he raped and defiled her. Then, to make sure she wouldn’t tell what he did and spoil his cushy life, he tied a rough cord around her neck until her tongue stuck out and then left it there until she was dead. He then called downstairs for Jim Conley — see how close he was to him? — to come up and help him move the body in preparation for burning it.

Just before he called Conley, though, he tied a torn piece of Mary’s lace underclothing around her neck. A most curious and telling thing, this tying of the lace. Would Conley have done this, had he been the killer? No, there was no reason for him to do so. It wouldn’t have hidden the rope or the rope marks from even the dullest policeman for more than a minute or two. But Frank, a skinny runt, needed Conley’s help to move the body. The lace would cover the rope and the rope marks just long enough, he thought, to prevent Conley from seeing that Frank’s claim that he “accidentally” killed Mary was a lie; the lace might keep Conley in the dark long enough for him to move the body. Can you think of any other explanation for the lace?

The evidence is overwhelming. And it all tells us not only that Frank was lying and that his team was lying, suborning perjury, and framing others. It also tells us that the Jewish-controlled media have lied to us about it for more than a century now. Next week, we’re going to show you the significance for us today of this first (and still continuing) frenzied media campaign to exonerate this highly symbolic Jewish sex killer, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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