Fighting for What Is Right: A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke, part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 24 October, 2020 2020-1024 – Fighting for What Is Right – A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke – part 2.mp3

introduced by Kevin Alfred Strom

ON TODAY’S PROGRAM we present part 2, the concluding part, of National Alliance Chairman William White Williams’ recent interview on the David Duke radio program on the Rense Radio Network. Dr. Duke (check out his Web site at and Chairman Williams continue their discussion of American politics and what White people can do to secure their interests in an increasingly hostile, increasingly alien, increasingly tyrannical America. This program has been edited for broadcast. When we left off last week, Chairman Williams had just made the point that we separatists cannot be possibly be “supremacists” who want to rule over other races. Listen….

Some issues brought to light during this discussion include:

• Most major contributors to both Republicans and Democrats are Jews.

• Can you imagine if Amy Coney Barrett had been asked, during her confirmation hearings, “as a mother of five White children” about the anguish those White children had experienced after hearing about Cannon Hinnant? Of course, such a question would never be asked under the current System.

• The Jewish-controlled media purposely deny national media coverage to even the most horrible rapes and execution-style murders of White children, in order to prevent Whites from knowing their true danger.

• Violence against Whites is actually incited by those same controlled media, who simultaneously justify and conceal it.

• One does wonder if Barrett teaches her children about the true history of Haiti — especially the fact that every single White man, woman, and child in that island nation was murdered by Blacks in the Haitian revolution.

• Is it not slavery to force Whites to transfer wealth and assets to non-Whites, through “aid” to the Third World, “welfare,” and other programs?

• The online review aggregator Yelp now allows businesses to be highlighted as “Black-owned,” but never “White-owned.” The same platform allows unverified and unverifiable claims of “racism” by the business to be prominently displayed on that business’s Yelp listing.

• In the bedlam called California, new laws not only permit but require that Whites be discriminated against.

• Racially-aware Whites should consider leaving the madness of California and other urban trashscapes and settling in east Tennessee and helping to build the National Alliance community there.

• The Jews are determined to silence our voices in every venue — as a prelude to concentration camps and genocide. If we want to survive, we need to get stronger, fast.

Let me add that the leadership of National Alliance believes — and has believed for its entire existence — that we can never vote our way out of our existential plight. We’re working for an organizational and national and race-wide future that doesn’t involve asking the media, or the ignorant “majority,” or the current criminals in Washington for permission to survive as a race.

You’ve been listening to part 2 of “Fighting for What Is Right” with National Alliance Chairman William White Williams being interviewed by Dr. David Duke on the Rense Radio Network. Thanks for being with us today, right here on American Dissident Voices.

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