The ADL: They Know They’re Guilty

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 31 October, 2020 2020-1031 – The ADL – They Know They’re Guilty.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

NOBODY REALLY LIKES Jews. People pretend to like them out of fear of losing their income (Jews run the media and can smear almost anyone out of a job), or they pretend to like them in hopes of augmenting their income (Jews are the main beneficiaries of the corrupt and illegitimate financial system that rules the West and can turn most anyone’s money spigots on or off at will).

I mean, do you think that Joe Biden really, deeply, sincerely “loves” Jews, as he professes to do in the simpering, disgusting speech he made to the ADL on their 100th anniversary? Or does he simply know who you have to please to get elected? Decide for yourself — I’ll embed Biden’s speech in the text version of this broadcast on National Vanguard.

Even Jews on average don’t really like Jews, and they are acutely aware of how they are resented and disliked. The ADL was founded largely as a part of the Jewish community’s efforts to exonerate Leo Frank, a Jewish sex killer who was also a B’nai B’rith official. Albert Lasker, a Jewish advertising mogul, was put in charge of the PR campaign that painted Frank as an innocent angel and victim of “anti-Semitism” — and pushed through that multimillion-dollar campaign with skill and enthusiasm even though Lasker himself had private doubts about Frank and thought Frank was probably a sex pervert just as the prosecution had said.

As a self-obsessed and intelligent race, Jewish leaders know exactly why they are resented, though they never tell the truth about it. No other people on Earth commissions polls, again and again, to find out who dislikes them and why.

This dislike of Jews and Jewish power particularly applies to the Jews’ would-be Thought Police, the “Anti-Defamation League,” or ADL. Thanks in part to ADL and other Jewish propaganda, one usually thinks of opponents of Jewish power as being a collection of “extreme” right-wingers and supposed “White supremacists.” But the left, especially the non-White left, is increasingly doubtful about their professed “great ally,” the ADL.

Some examples of this can be found on a very early and still active Web site called, which operates an “ADL Watch” section on their site which contains a valuable digest of ADL-critical articles, mostly from liberal-leftist sources.

On that site, we can read a piece by the leftist and heavily-Jewish Boston Review that complains that the ADL has spied on and trampled on the rights of some of the left’s pets and the Washington regime’s “protected classes.” Their subtitle says it all: “Under the guise of fighting hate speech, the ADL has a long history of wielding its moral authority to attack Arabs, blacks, and queers.” Oh my, we can’t have that. Presumably, the ADL has also done some “good work,” too, like spying on and trampling on the rights and lives of those evil White dissidents who are so monstrous that they actually want their race to survive. But that’s all right. Strangely, that’s very nearly the same thing that the Kosher conservatives would say about the ADL — its attacks on dissident Whites are “good” and “admirable” work, but sometimes it “goes too far” and attacks pure and moral conservatives who love Jews, worship Israel and Jesus, and adopt Haitian children.

There is valuable information on the Webshells site, though: We find, for example, a link to left-leaning but Israel-critical antiwar site CounterPunch, wherein it is revealed that, during the height of the ADL spying case (which we’ve covered extensively on National Vanguard), the San Francisco District Attorney was on the verge of indicting the ADL for stealing police documents for its intelligence files, but suddenly had a change of heart and the ADL received a pathetic slap on the wrist for its innumerable felonies:

After examining the sequestered files, San Francisco police inspector Ron Roth, estimated that 75% of the information had been illegally obtained and by November, District Attorney Arlo Smith appeared to be on the verge of indicting the ADL for numerous violations of state and city codes.

The appearance was deceiving. With an eye on being elected California’s attorney general the following year, Smith realized, too late as it turned out, that he would need the financial and political clout of San Francisco’s influential Jewish community that had helped to propel him to his job as the city’s DA. So he threw in the towel mere hours before ADL officials would be called to testify before a grand jury.

In an agreement reached a week earlier but issued Nov. 15, 1993, just before the filing deadline, Smith’s office released a statement explaining his reasoning: “The SFDA and Defendants agree that litigation concerning Defendant’s activities would involve disputed issues of fact and law and that such litigation would be expensive and time-consuming both to the SFDA and Defendants.”

That all litigation involves “disputed issues of fact and law” apparently did not occur to Smith. His dropping of the case, however, made little impression on his erstwhile Jewish backers.

They made it known that they would not forgive him for not only opening the investigation into the ADL’s spying operations but making available to whoever in the public would pay the copying fees, 704 pages of documents that revealed in considerable detail the extent of the ADL’s nation-wide spying operations. (See the Israel Lobby Archive,

In exchange for being let off the hook and while admitting no wrong-doing, the ADL agreed that it would no longer do, at least in California, what it was shown to have been doing, i.e., soliciting and/or obtaining non-public information on individuals and organizations from government sources.

In addition, it would “create a Hate Crimes Reward Fund,” in the amount of $25,000, which would “provide monetary rewards for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the perpetrators of hate crimes.” (The latter seems to be a fetish of the ADL which, incredibly, has just been allowed to trademark the statement, “Imagine a world without hate.”)

What was an important concession by the city, from the ADL’s standpoint, was that its files seized by the SFPD would remain closed to the public and would not be opened without the ADL being given an opportunity to voice its objections.

Well, the ADL certainly did not give its victims any notice or right to voice objections when it doxed them and/or ruined their lives. The Webshells archive from the ADL spy case also reveals an ironic twist involving me. In 1990 I attended a protest in front of the South African embassy in occupied Washington. The corrupted South African government had just released Mandela and was about to abandon racial separatism, betray its own people, and install Mandela as head of a nominally Black-run government. The purpose of our protest was to tell the public about Nelson Mandela’s and his African National Congress’s record of Communist, anti-White terror. We gave away a quantity of National Vanguard print magazines there. The protest took place without incident, but just as we were folding up our banners and returning to our cars a plainclothes DC intelligence operative named James Bradley, Jr. attacked me, throwing me to the ground, choking me, twisting my arms and stomping on my legs, and then falsely charging me with “assaulting a police officer,” something which never happened. Somebody had evidently told him to get an arrest no matter what it takes. When formerly secret surveillance tapes of the event were discovered, it was shown that Bradley’s attack on me was totally unprovoked and the false charges against me were dropped.

But during the court proceedings leading up to the charges being dropped, and in my legal counterattack over the unprovoked assault, another someone appeared in court — not as a witness or an attorney, but nevertheless sitting near DC government attorneys and occasionally handing them papers or whispering in their ears.

That someone was none other than Mira Lansky Boland, the granddaughter of organized crime boss Meyer Lansky, a major funder of the ADL. Lansky-Boland was then serving, ironically enough in itself, as the ADL’s official “liasion to law enforcement.” It may well be that Lansky-Boland and the ADL were the real authors of the false story, now repeated by the SPLC to anyone that will listen, that a schematic of a heating and air-conditioning system that I had in my wallet when I was falsely arrested (because I was looking for parts to customize the heat pump on The Land for Dr. Pierce), and a note of the address of a broadcast engineers’ convention, was “really” a plan for a bomb to be placed in Mandela’s hotel room. The really ironic part is that the ADL, at the very same time it was posing as a defender of Saint Mandela from the “evil neo-Nazi,” was actually infiltrating, spying on, and maintaining intelligence files on Mandela’s own group, the ANC, as revealed in the ADL Watch archive links.

And that’s just one illegally-obtained file out of more than 10,000 discovered. And that one file, from homosexual ADL spy Roy Bullock, contains almost 10,000 entries by itself, including a whole large section devoted to the ANC alone. We’re clearly talking about millions of instances of felonious privacy violations and stolen files here.

And these are the scum — the twisted scum and criminals — who are chosen, not only by Yahweh, but by the Jew-riddled and Jew-addled tech giants and the US government to decide what you are allowed to say and allowed to hear on the Internet and in all media, and what you are even allowed to believe in today’s defeated and prostrate America.

What felon — obviously and unquestionably guilty of at least 10,000 felonies — gets that kind of non-prosecution kid-glove treatment? The felons at the ADL, that’s who. Reminds one forcefully of Jeffrey Epstein’s non-prosecution deal, and Epstein, the Leo Frank of this century, is of course also a member of the Tribe.

Take a look at the valuable link to an archive of documents (I’ll link it in the text version of this broadcast on relating to the ADL spying case — documents which show beyond any doubt the ADL’s vast number of crimes involving the corruption of police officers and law enforcement officials who were induced by the Jewish group to hand over confidential police files on anyone the ADL considered an enemy — and that’s a large number of people, thousands in San Francisco alone, and tens of thousands of groups and people that the ADL simply suspected of possibly becoming an enemy some day.

I ask you, what kind of mentality and mind-set does that reveal? A guilty mind-set, that’s what. What other group on planet Earth besides the Jews at the ADL suspects left-wing groups, liberal groups, conservative groups, right-wing groups, racial-nationalists, and those fanatically opposed to racial-nationalists — suspects all of these of actually or incipiently or potentially becoming deadly enemies, and sees a need to have “files” on every single one of them to be able to fight or destroy them when “the time comes” — and “needs” those files so badly that it will steal them from the police, not once, not twice, not a hundred times or a thousand times, but tens of thousands of times that we know about and likely hundreds of thousands of times that we don’t know about yet?

That’s the mind-set of a group that knows right down to their very bones that they’re guilty as Hell, more guilty in fact than even National Vanguard readers know they are guilty — so guilty that they need to prepare their defense pro-actively and in-depth years or decades ahead of time, and be ready at any time to use their ill-gotten “intelligence files” to destroy the lives of any who would reveal their many crimes. That’s the kind of mind-set we’re dealing with. That’s the kind of creature we’re dealing with. That’s the Jewish ADL.

* * *

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