Fighting for What Is Right: A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 17 October, 2020 2020-1017 – Fighting for What Is Right – A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke – part 1.mp3

introduced by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE PRESENT part 1 of National Alliance Chairman William White Williams’ recent interview on the David Duke radio program on the Rense Radio Network. Dr. Duke (check out his Web site at and Chairman Williams discuss a wide range of topics, including the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the wide disparity between Whites and non-Whites when it comes to violent criminal behavior, and the agenda of the controlled media and the Jewish power structure in presenting our people with a false view of reality designed to intentionally deceive us — and therefore totally disarm us in the war for our very existence which they are waging against us. Listen….

Some issues brought to light during this discussion include:

• The powerful Jewish supremacists that control the Establishment exploit and use us for evil purposes.

• Will Williams deserves to be honored and saluted for his long service to our people, people of European descent wherever they may live.

• In politics today, White people have terrible choices, not unlike the choice of Odysseus.

• Will the government formally criminalize White nationalism in a “Harris/Biden” administration?

• Why does the Jewish power structure hate Donald Trump so much, even though he gives them nearly everything they want?

• Would Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, be willing to enforce even our current weak immigration laws, considering the fact that she defines herself as “a mother of two Black children”?

• When asked about George Floyd’s death, why did Barrett not question the obviously incorrect media narrative?

• We need to face the fact that our problem is not guns, but Negroes with guns.

• The servants of the Jewish power structure are wailing about “White supremacist murders,” but the maximum figure they can come up with is 541 in the last quarter century in the entire United States — how does that compare with 3,200 murders committed by Blacks in Chicago alone and in the last nine months alone?

• What did Black racial activist Eldridge Cleaver say about raping White women — and about hating Black women?

This program has been edited for broadcast. We’ll continue with part 2 of this significant interview next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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