After 100 Years, part 2

Here we see an anti-Vietnam War protest in Washington, DC in January 1969, the same year as Dr. Oliver’s famous speech launching the National Youth Alliance. Note that the signs have nothing to do with stopping the slaughter of White Americans in a no-win war. No, that is not even mentioned. Instead they openly call for a Communist victory. By grabbing leadership posts, organizing effectively, networking behind the scenes, and using their money and media power, Jews were able to guide anti-Vietnam War sentiment into pro-Communist and anti-American directions. Without Jewish influence, it is likely that most anti-war Whites, left to their own devices, would have opposed the war on more healthy, nationalist, race-based grounds.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 27 July, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2019-0727 After 100 Years part 2.mp3

WITH A BREAK last week to mark the 50th anniversary of Aryan man’s conquest of the moon, we continue this week to mark another 50th anniversary — the publication in The American Mercury of Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver’s After Fifty Years. This week and next, we will present the rest of that important speech, taken from the film of the same name which was published and intended to be shown during 1969 and 1970 to young Whites all over the country in support of the just-founded National Youth Alliance.

Dr. Oliver, who died 25 years ago, was a brilliant classics professor and writer who devoted the last three decades of his life to the cause of racial-nationalism. In the first part of this series, we presented a brief biographical sketch of Dr. Oliver, and heard the first section of After Fifty Years, in which he showed us how the anti-Communists and anti-globalists of his generation had utterly failed to stop their enemies from advancing, and indeed essentially taking over many of the institutions of America and the West. We continue now with part 2. These are the words of Revilo P. Oliver — listen:

* * *

After Fifty Years (second part)

by Revilo P. Oliver

WE HEAR much these days about “unrest on the campus” and “the revolt of youth.” Let us be sure that we understand what is happening.

An anti-Vietnam War protest in 1969, on the eve of the founding of the Alliance: Jewish leadership of the anti-War movement and the youth “counterculture” steered our young people away from a healthy rejection of a Jew-ridden establishment’s pointless war and toward a suicidal identification with anti-White causes. The Jews and their allies were there to “support” and guide disaffected White youth — and racial-nationalists, with the exception of a very few, were not.

One can scarcely visit the campus of a college or high school these days without seeing and smelling the bands of unkempt young derelicts that slouch about in the academic slums until they are graduated to the “hippie” colonies in San Francisco and other cities. They should excite no astonishment. They are precisely what our schools have been working to produce ever since John Dewey and his gang perfected their method of milking the taxpayers while sabotaging the minds and the moral instincts of children. What is remarkable is that there are still so many members of that generation who have not lost their self-respect.

Many of the “hippies,” of course, are merely degenerates or weaklings, part of the refuse that organized societies invariably produce and must sweep from their streets, if life is to go on. But, as our better journalists have reported, there are some who have, not without reason, despairingly rejected the society that has been produced by the rape of our culture and the imposition of an alien morality — a bustling society of hollow men, with only emptiness where their souls should be.

Consider, for example, the young derelict who says that he reached the breaking point when he took a good look at his father, a $50,000-a-year “executive,” who spent his days gulping tranquillizers and Martinis in his office, and his weekends in wife-swapping orgies with his fellow “executives,” trying desperately to convince himself that he was really alive. In another youngster, something snapped when he saw his apparently wealthy father, who postured as the “big man” of the town, cringing before local aliens. Consider the others who, after different experiences, rejected a society that offered them no faith, no dignity, no hope. There must have been an innate decency in those young men that made them say, “To Hell with it,” and, with a romantic gesture of self-destruction, head for the “hippie” colonies and the oblivion of consummated degradation. It is a pity that such young men were lost to themselves — and to us.

Where Brainwashing Failed

What we have left in our schools is a large number of innately decent and intelligent young Americans who could become the elite of a future that is yet possible. They make no melodramatic gestures; they have thus far watched in silence and uncertainty. But they are inwardly the most discontented of all.

They watch in scorn when bands of young rabble, pepped up with marijuana and “Liberal” jargon, rush out to screech about the “war in Vietnam” and the awful possibility that some sweet little Asiatics may be hurt —with never a word, of course, about the American soldiers who die in that trap. Those “demonstrations” are too obviously staged to create the impression that the Communists are not delighted with their operation in Vietnam.

But make no mistake. The real resentment and anger is not in the little mob of gesticulating ranters; it is in the hearts of the sober students who walk away in silent scorn. They have seen their friends drafted, and know they will themselves soon be drafted and shipped to the other side of the globe, not to fight for their country, but to die in infested jungles merely to provide a gang of thieves and internationalists with  a  flimsy  pretext  that they  are “fighting Communism” by making American taxpayers finance and equip the hordes that are killing their sons. That is an obscene spectacle that no clear-sighted young man can behold without bitterness in his soul.

That is one — but only one — of the causes of the deep resentment that lies almost unnoticed beneath the froth of what the press likes to call “ferment.” Among the herds that roam over every campus you will still find a fairly large number of students, intelligent young men and women, who, odd as it is coming to seem, came to college to learn, not to demonstrate and copulate. Many of them are puzzled, and some are bewildered; they are sure of only one thing; they are sick of the whole mess.

They, for example, find themselves trying to learn in college what any intelligent child can learn in the sixth grade, but which American children are prevented from learning by glib “educators” who are trying to create “equality.” In their home towns they have seen at work the do-gooders who snivel about the “underprivileged” and then gleefully grab young children by the nape of the neck and rub their faces in filth — to create “equality.” And here in college, in many a required course, they must hear and recite once more, as they have had to do every year since kindergarten, the dreary drivel about “democracy,” “social good,” “under-developed nations,” “one world,” and all the other myths of “Liberal” Make Believe, and they see that the purpose is to excite in them a feeling of guilt because they belong to the only race that could attain power over the forces of nature — guilt because their ancestors’ intelligence and courage raised them above the squalor of universal “equality.” They parrot, as they must, the professor’s gabble, but what they feel is not guilt, but anger. And they are sick of “equality.”

To enumerate all the causes that, in varying degrees for each individual, excite their disgust and resentment would be to compile an inventory of all the shibboleths and hypocrisies of contemporary society. Their resentment has been accumulating for a long time, but they repressed it until the “educators” exposed themselves by inciting riots and crime on the campus.

Not long ago, university presidents were still rather imposing figures as they recited with rotund unction the phrases about “challenging opportunities to serve mankind” and “meeting the needs of a changing world” that had been strung together by their speech-writers. But the spectacle of a little twerp cowering before a motley gang of punks or savages that he himself brought to the campus and subsidized with other people’s money, is one that cannot be forgotten.

Supposedly, of course, most of the “educators” were taken by surprise.

To be sure, the President of Brandeis University, Dr. Morris B. Abram, proudly assured the “Academy of Religion and Mental Health” that the rioters, presumably including the vermin that occupied his own building for ten days, are engaged in “a genuine revolution” to become “true citizens of the world without boundaries” because “they have absorbed well the ideals we taught them.” But, so far as the press has reported, Dr. Abram is the only “educator” to brag that he and his kind contrived the epidemic by subtly and skillfully injecting the “ideal” germs of anarchy and destruction.

The Twilight of the Wizards

The wizards that preside over other institutions recently disrupted by outbreaks of world citizenship and equality have thus far emitted only squeaks that seem to mean that they were surprised by the riots — that they had not planned it that way — that they never suspected that savages aren’t gentlemen— that they had not known what they were doing when they imported them. It is only courtesy to believe those excuses. But it follows, of course, that the pompous mannikins are too ignorant and stupid to be entrusted with an academic responsibility greater than that of mopping the floors. Indeed, since in most institutions the janitors would never have done anything so silly, and in some the janitors even protested the Big Brain’s imposition of “brotherhood,” one wonders, on second thought, whether Prexy, Ph.D., LL.D., etc., could safely be entrusted with a broom.

What is significant is what was done in a few institutions by young Americans — and when I use that word, I mean young Americans, descendants and heirs of the creators of the Western world; I do not mean all featherless bipeds that, “regardless of race, color, or creed,” happen to be on our soil at the present time.

(to be continued)

* * *

You’ve been listening to the words of Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver — and the second of three parts of his 1969 promotional film for the National Youth Alliance, entitled After Fifty Years. The National Youth Alliance was the predecessor of today’s National Alliance. I was one of the young people who constituted Dr. Oliver’s intended audience — White youth who rejected the manufactured leftist-Jewish “counterculture.” In the next few weeks I will be introducing listeners to more of Dr. Oliver’s ideas. Next week we will conclude Dr. Oliver’s speech from the film. And I will then be reassessing the situation facing White Americans fifty years further along since the very beginning of our Alliance — so be sure and tune in to part 3 of this series, right here on American Dissident Voices.


Who said this: “Passionate hatred of the Jews is almost certain to be futile, for violent emotions prevent rational thought.…”

And who said this: “The international race…. by arduous, intelligent, and indefatigable work for more than twenty-five centuries, has, through its own efforts, made itself the major world power today…. History provides no parallel for that stupendous accomplishment. It must be regarded with respect, even awe.”

And who said this: “For all practical purposes, the natural aristocracy of our race, which once gave it some sense of direction, has been totally destroyed, by revolutionary massacres, by contrived wars for hallucinatory ends, by economic looting under the guise of ‘democracy,’ by internal deception through the fostering of vices and by miscegenation.”

All three quotes are from one of the most fascinating and important books of our time: Revilo P. Oliver’s masterful classic The Jewish Strategy.

You may have already been enlightened on the Jewish Question (popularly known as “the JQ” on social media today). But you want to delve deeper. Why has this race — small in numbers, but huge in influence — decided to range itself as our race’s deadly opponent? Is it a religious phenomenon? Does Christianity have something to do with it? Or is is strictly biological, racial, evolutionary? The Jewish Strategy will answer all these questions and more, in the brilliant, witty, and scholarly prose of eminent Classicist Revilo Pendleton Oliver, once of the most advanced minds of our era.

The Jewish Strategy will leave you impressed in a way you have never experienced before. You will, at last, understand how the Jews have survived thousands of years of apparent persecution — and why we of the West may not survive this century.

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