Broadway Jews and Darwinian Selection

American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 24, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

MANY OF THE things we have to endure in this society of time-servers, of careerists, of materialism and consumerism, of purposelessness, are evil things. But outnumbering the evil things are the stupid things. One of those stupid things just impacted us here at the National Alliance. It’s something I’ve seen time and again. It hurts businesses large and small, and educational organizations like ours.

You’ll spend years reaching out to the public with a brand and an identity and an idea. You’ll work hard trying to make your brand and your name and your url and your mailing address — and your idea — well-known and inextricably linked in the minds of the public. That physical address — especially in these days of online de-platforming as political censorship — is very important. You get a Post Office Box so that your address becomes easier to remember, so a radio listener or a video watcher can remember it without having to pause the show or stop his car to write it down right away.

(My friend and fellow patriotic broadcaster Richard Cotten used to boast that his PO Box at Dulles Airport near Washington got so much mail, and that the postal workers at the airport’s small post office were so used to it, that mail could get to him from anywhere in the country with just two words — “Cotten, Dulles” — written on the envelope. Now that’s easy to remember. So easy that I still remember it more than 30 years later.)

But some post office bureaucrat, for no good reason that anyone can see, decides that a simple address like “Box 172” has to become “Box 1000049172, Consumer Postal Facility D5,” or something like that, instead — something nearly impossible to remember, and difficult to write down accurately even if reception is perfect and your pen is perfectly poised in your hand at exactly the right moment. Why such a nonsensical change is “needed” and what possible purpose it could serve, is probably only known to the kind of mind that thinks bus timetables, papal encyclicals, and municipal ordinances make fascinating reading.

At any rate, they’ve done it to us. Our old Box 172 Laurel Bloomery address will still work for many months to come, but well in advance of its demise we’ve obtained a new — and better — and even easier to remember — address for the National Alliance.

From now on, you may write to us at this address: National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. That’s National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683. It’s such a good address that now that you’ve heard it twice you’ll never forget it.

And now that you know it — use it. We need to hear from you. This program, this online magazine, this uncompromising educational outreach spanning nations and generations, this effort to build the William Luther Pierce Memorial Research Library into an enduring institution of service to our people — all are totally dependent on us hearing from you and supporting our efforts. Thank you.

* * *

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, 2018. The Jews at Macy’s — they of the once-hallowed and once-family-friendly Thanksgiving Day Parade in Zoo City — have given us something special this year in their parade, watched by millions of impressionable children who are predisposed by their parents’ fond memories to see the parade as a wonderful thing. And kids notice everything.

Their special gift to us — to which healthy Americans should say “no thanks” instead of giving thanks — is a homosexual kiss, “the first in the parade’s history,” the media breathlessly inform us.

Part of the parade this year was the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Performance,” which you can see in the video I’ve included in the text version of this broadcast posted at . It’s a song-and-dance act from a new Broadway play, with hackneyed razzmatazz-style music, dance moves you’ve seen 40,000 times before, a syrupy “Hey guys and gals, let’s put on a show!” plot line that was yawn-worthy even when Mickey Rooney was in high school. All to promote homosexuality. In fact, the pervert kiss isn’t just incidental to the play, something added on for PC frosting (although media Jews do do that sort of “frosting” all the time on otherwise apolitical scripts). No, the whole play is about homosexuals and homosexuality.

Broadway Jew Caissie Levy tweeted, “What a lesson you just taught the country on the @Macys Thanksgiving parade!”

The Hollywood Reporter tells us:

The premise of The Prom is centered on highlighting the LGBTQ community and discrimination they face from society. In the show, Indiana high schoolers Emma and her girlfriend Alyssa wish to go to prom together but soon learn that the PTA canceled the dance altogether after having an uproar over their relationship. Soon Emma makes national headlines for her mission to stand up to the PTA’s ban on the prom, earning support from theater stars in New York.

At least one part of the play is realistic: New Yorkers (read: Jews and sycophants of Jews) teaching Indianans (read: hateful, bigoted Whites) what is moral and right. And lesbianism is so right. Well, it reduces the number of White children in the world, those most frightening and evil beings (to some, apparently), so “what’s not to like?” (Ernest Hemingway once jokingly asked, “Why is New York City like an orange?” Answer: “They’re both full of juice.”)

The perverted kiss is the climax of the Macy’s performance. The eyes of all the dancers are on them, and light up approvingly when it happens. (I have no idea what the actors and actresses really think of it, of course. “You wanna make it in this town, you gotta please Mistah Ziegfeld, honey.”) One of the lesbian characters looks White, the other is of a hard-to-determine mixed background. Black males fondle White women in the performance too, though no one’s talking about that. And most of the males in the “dance” number who look approximately White also look definitely effeminate.

The Jewish power structure created this sick display, and choreographed it in detail for White families and children to see — and embrace its sick message, and feel demoralized and outnumbered if they oppose it. The play was written by Matthew Sklar, a Jew, and Chad Beguelin, a homosexual.

Jews may have miscalculated, though. They often do. True, they have massively reduced the number of normal, healthy successful marriages among White people. Their program of White genocide is real and ongoing, and the promotion of abnormal sexuality is part of that.

But they are also forcing a kind of Darwinian selection on our race. A good kind of selection. The behaviors embraced by modern White “liberals” are, in many cases, self-exterminating behaviors. Those who fully engage in them leave fewer or no offspring: homosexuality, childlessness, or other types of sexual “lifestyles” that do not produce White children; racial mixing which does not produce White children. White “liberals” are doing things that will result in fewer White liberals being born. And that strengthens the remaining Whites.

This Darwinian selection works in more subtle ways, too. Those who are weak-minded tend to fall most easily for such puerile propaganda. Weak-minded Whites are a major driver of the purple hair dye market. And the Jews have convinced these rubes-in-hipsters’-clothing that nothing is less “cool” than normal same-race opposite-sex sexuality, marriage, and family. So as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer weak-minded Whites.

The lazy and the thoughtless tend to go along with whatever trends are popular and fashionable and, they think, will get them social approval. So, as time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer lazy and and thoughtless Whites.

The corrupt and the venal will pretend to believe anything that they think will advance their careers, so they claim to love LGBTQRSTUV and racial mixing more than anyone, just as in the last century they would have “loved” Hitler if they thought it would pay — so, since promoting queerdom and childlessness and hatred of one’s own race pays very well these days, as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer corrupt, venal, and money-motivated Whites.

Intelligent, strong Whites who recognize sick, twisted propaganda for what it is will begin to constitute a larger and larger percentage of the White population.

Whites with an instinctual revulsion for perversion of the sacred — and an instinctual recognition that the normal sexuality that brings new White souls into the world is the most sacred thing of all — will begin to constitute a larger and larger percentage of the White population.

Noble men and women with a spiritual reason for living, who are immune to the Jewish power structure’s filthy monetary bribes for treason, will begin to constitute a larger and larger percentage of the White population.

Whites who raise their children well, who are good examples for them, who teach them who they are, who teach them of their great heritage and destiny — and its ancient enemies – will begin to constitute a larger and larger percentage of the White population.

And we’ll be there — devoting every day of our lives to reaching the tipping point where our dream, the only dream worth dreaming, comes true.

* * *

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