The ADL: Born in Blood, part 4

American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 17, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

ACCORDING TO the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the ADL offered money to corrupt law enforcement officers and officials in return for illegally-obtained personal information that was supposed to have been destroyed. How many of these corrupt officials were never prosecuted, and how many were recruited during the “educational” conferences, and trips to Israel, arranged for them by the ADL’s law enforcement liaison division? The Report states:

After COINTELPRO, a still-controversial FBI operation to destabilize black nationalist and other groups in the ’60s and ’70s, the FBI, state and local law enforcement authorities were ordered out of the business of gathering information about legitimate political activity by American citizens. But in some major American cities, law enforcement files relating to legitimate and Constitutionally protected political activities that had been ordered destroyed instead found their way to the offices of the ADL, which quickly became a clearinghouse for such illegally obtained and illegally retained information.

The absence of the FBI, state, and local police investigators in the field therefore created a void the ADL rushed to fill, with remarkable success, by increasing its in-house ‘fact-finding’ assets and capabilities and developing enhanced working relationships with ‘official friends” — government officials, investigators, and intelligence officers. Some of these were the officials who had not destroyed files of illegally obtained materials, or had made private copies of the official files before they were destroyed in compliance with the court order.

The ADL favored many of its ‘official friends’ with expense-paid trips to Israel, where they met with and were entertained by friendly officers of Israel’s espionage and counter-intelligence organizations, Mossad and Shin Bet, thus creating a major conduit for the flow of sensitive and useful U.S. domestic political intelligence to Israel’s spymasters in Tel Aviv.

Despite its obvious — and admitted — ties with the state of Israel, and its agenda of advancing Israel’s policy objectives, and gaining power to blackmail or otherwise intimidate perceived enemies of Israel, the ADL has never been required to register as a foreign agent as other, far more benign, organizations have been required to do.

Arnold Forster, right, with Yitzhak Shamir
Arnold Forster, right, with Yitzhak Shamir

ADL’s former National Director Benjamin Epstein, in an internal letter disclosed during discovery proceedings in a lawsuit against the ADL in 1970, spoke with pride about the close cooperation that existed between the ADL and Israel’s intelligence apparatus. In his 1988 autobiography, ADL general counsel Arnold Forster specifically named the Mossad as as having a close connection with the League . The Mossad routinely engages in political assassinations of those it deems to be “Israel’s enemies” around the world.

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More Than Just Spying?

According to investigator William Norman Grigg, Bullock (the ADL secret agent mentioned last week) did much more than spy for his ADL bosses: “In 1993, it was discovered that Roy Bullock had been attempting to arrange a political marriage between the Institute for Historical Review, an historical revisionist organization, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (AADC) so the ADL could ‘out’ [AADC] members as neo-Nazis.” [Such is the mentality of ADL leadership: If you question the accuracy of even their most extreme propaganda statements, it is you who is the “extremist.’]

But it wasn’t just Bullock, and it wasn’t just setting victims up for bigger and better smears. One ADL agent provocateur had a role as a leader and speaker for groups targeted by the ADL — doubtlessly steering the clueless radicals in directions helpful to the ADL agenda and against their own interests. And he also staged completely phony “extremist incidents” for the media to inflame fears of “racism” and “anti-Semitic” violence.

Investigative journalist Laird Wilcox tells us: “James Mitchell Rosenberg, a career infiltrator for the Anti-Defamation League, regularly attended and was a speaker at Ku Klux Klan rallies and meetings of the Mountain Church in Cohoctah, MI, considered a gathering place for neo-Nazis of all kinds. For the benefit of television reporters, Rosenberg also posed as a leader of a para-military group called the ‘Christian Patriot’s Defense League’ which was the subject of a breathless exposé entitled ‘Armies of the Right.’ In 1981, Rosenberg and an associate were arrested on a New York City rooftop and charged with carrying an unregistered rifle. The two were posing as paramilitary extremists for a photographic fabrication exaggerating the threat from the far right. The charges were subsequently dropped at the request [of] the ADL’s Irwin Suall, Rosenberg’s direct supervisor.”

And these are just the ADL agents who have come to public attention and been exposed in the newspapers. Do you really believe that they were rare, exceptional cases? Or were they part of a much, much larger coordinated operation? With its multimillion-dollar budget and cozy relationship with corrupt law enforcement officials — and with murderous intelligence agencies and their unfathomably deep pockets — how many undiscovered agents does the ADL employ, and what might their functions be?

One the ADL’s pet projects recently has been the legalization of so-called “gay marriage” and the promotion of “equality” for sexual perverts in every sphere of life. The ADL was the main force behind a Jewish coalition that filed a pro-perversion amicus brief before the Supreme Court on the homosexual “marriage” issue. Then-Vice President Joe Biden said that the ADL and other Jewish groups have “driven gay marriage changes” in the US. (He thought that was a wonderful thing, of course.) When the court decision went their way, the ADL even tweeted “love wins,” borrowing the homosexual slogan of the day. The ADL crowed that they were “on the right side of history.” What does all this have to do with “defamation” of Jews? Not a damned thing. What it has to do with is lowering the already suicidally-low birth rate of Whites, confusing young Whites about their sexuality and even their sexual identity, and enlisting impressionable and naive Whites to make so-called “gay rights” their cause du jour and the focus of their young lives. All of these things work together to reduce the number of those most undesirable things possible in this world, in the view of the Jewish power structure: White children.

This becomes even more obvious when you look at the ADL’s strong support of the state of Israel, which is so pervasive and intense that it has led to repeated calls for the ADL to be required to register as the agent of a foreign government. In Israel, however, “gay marriage” is outlawed, and the ADL says nothing about it. In Israel, marriage between Jews and non-Jews is also forbidden, and the ADL says nothing about that, either. Guess being on “the right side of history” really means promoting and encouraging homosexuality, and other perversions of the sacred, in White countries — and opposing those same perversions in the Jewish state. It means promoting racial mixing on a genocidal scale in White countries — and demonizing, ostracizing, even criminalizing, those Whites who oppose it. But it means exactly the opposite in the Jewish state, where keeping Jewish blood pure is the categorical imperative.

What does the ADL’s decades-long push for disarming the American people have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

What does the ADL’s association with — and accepting money from — organized crime figures like Meyer Lansky and Moe Dalitz have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the Jews at the ADL lobbied state legislatures for “anti-paramilitary training” statutes to prevent the kind of citizens’ militias that the Founding Fathers supported and depended on, what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL was caught with thousands of stolen confidential police files and private personal information on thousands upon thousands of Americans of all political persuasions, what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL defames the German people with preposterous and long-debunked atrocity stories such as the canard about Germans manufacturing soap out of the corpses of murdered Jews, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL was caught encouraging and soliciting the wiretapping of the phones of private citizens deemed to be “enemies,” what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL “No Place for Hate” program gains control of our children’s classrooms in hundreds of schools across the country and teaches our children that pride of race and heritage and culture — if they’re White — is the ultimate evil, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL sponsors training seminars for police officers and FBI agents, teaching these hapless men in uniform that White Americans who have the impunity to want their race to survive, as Jefferson and even Lincoln indubitably did, are evil terrorists who deserve special law enforcement attention, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL sends law enforcers and Congressmen on all-expenses-paid “fact finding” trips to the human-trafficking capital of the world, Israel, for indoctrination or “training,” where who knows what really happens or how many shekels change hands, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

The answer, of course, is that none of these things had anything to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews, and everything to do with controlling White people, terrorizing White people, corrupting the political and judicial systems of White people, intimidating White people, destroying the pride and cohesion of White people, shaming White people, capturing the minds of the children of White people and turning them against their own kind, making it difficult or impossible for White people to organize in any way for their own interests or defense, and doing everything possible to lower the birth rate of White people so that our hated race will, one day soon they hope, pass forever from the Earth.

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