Kevin Alfred Strom: Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Alfred Strom

Here are the fast facts you need to know about the untrue allegations of “pedophilia” against Kevin Strom:

Kevin has controversial political views and has been targeted by the government and left-wing groups for decades. In 1990, while peacefully protesting against Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, Kevin was targeted by Washington, DC undercover agent James M. Bradley, Jr. who assaulted him and then falsely accused Kevin of “assaulting an officer.” When surveillance video proved that Kevin was the one who was assaulted, the charges were dropped. That didn’t stop the government from insinuating to the SPLC (“Southern Poverty Law Center,” an anti-White group) that an electronic schematic (of a heat pump) found in Kevin’s pocket was “evidence” of a “plot” to blow up the Washington Convention Center, a ludicrous allegation that the SPLC continues to insinuate to this day. When Kevin sought justice in 1992 in the DC court system for the attack on him, another anti-White hate group, the ADL, intervened in the case to smear Kevin before the jury.

In 2004, Kevin was covering the trial of a patriot who was being persecuted by the federal “Joint Terrorism Task Force” (JTTF) for his pro-White views. While speaking in an anteroom during a lull in the trial, Kevin was threatened with politically-motivated prosecution himself by JTTF Special Agent Joe Thompson, who (after discovering that Kevin was present and covering the trial for a pro-White publication) openly stated in a loud voice, “Strom — you’re next!”

Kevin Strom is absolutely opposed to pornography and all forms of sexual perversion, including pedophilia. He has written, researched, and published numerous articles opposing pedophilia, sex perversion, and child pornography over the last 27 years. He was one of the first in his field to publish a documented exposé of billionaire pervert and child prostitution ring operator Jeffrey Epstein.

All of Kevin’s children, friends, and family members support him and know that he is innocent of these accusations.

Kevin has been known for his entire adolescent and adult life as an absolute straight arrow sexually and romantically. (He is also a straight arrow in other ways, too, and has never smoked, used recreational drugs, or drunk alcohol.) In 2019, he married an accomplished, beautiful, cultured, and intelligent woman, and they now have two young children.

When Kevin was falsely charged with with sexual enticement, witness tampering, and possession of child pornography in 2007, just two and a half years after Joe Thompson’s threat, who was it who showed up at Kevin’s door complete with SWAT team and guns? Was it local police, or a special unit dedicated to protecting children? No — it was the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force, the same agency which had issued the openly politically-motivated threat against Kevin in 2004.

Kevin Strom was acquitted in open court on the sexual enticement and witness tampering charges. He made history in the process, since his was the only case in the history of that district in which the federal government’s charges were dismissed without the defense ever having to utter a word in Kevin’s defense, so defective and preposterous were the charges.

Kevin’s acquittal on these charges was not the result of a plea deal. Kevin refused a plea deal, went to trial, and defeated the charges.

• Kevin’s vindictive and mentally troubled ex-wife Elisha Strom made false allegations of child abuse involving Kevin and his stepdaughter and the stepdaughter’s friend. Both of these children were subsequently extensively interviewed by the authorities, and, despite the pressure and hysteria, they told the truth, stating that Kevin had done absolutely nothing inappropriate.

Elisha herself knew that the charges were false: Even after she first made such claims about Kevin, she allowed him to accompany her daughter on a trip to the beach, with no other adults present.

Most of the slanderous accusations against Kevin involve these charges of which Kevin has been totally acquitted.

Elisha Strom was, by her own admission, sleeping with the JTTF agent who arrested Kevin, Brian N. O’Donnell, during and immediately before Kevin’s trial. This alone, had it been known at the time, should have been enough to get the charges against Kevin thrown out.

• Elisha Strom and married JTTF agent Brian N. O’Donnell were the only witnesses against Kevin Strom, and both had motives to destroy Kevin: Elisha to gain Kevin’s property and be free to pursue her affair, and O’Donnell to advance his career by prosecuting an alleged “White racist.”

• Shortly before she made her false allegations against Kevin public, she threatened him, saying that he would “never work again” in his field, and said of his beloved children from a previous marriage that “you’ll never see those f***ing brats again” — unless he agreed to transfer large sums of money and valuable property to her.

• Even though Kevin Strom, in his work as a publisher and journalist, had hundreds of thousands of images on his computer, he was charged with possessing only eight images of alleged child pornography. How many people who actually do collect child pornography would have just eight such images?

• Kevin Strom moved out of his home in July 2006 because of his spouse’s violent and threatening behavior toward him and his children. He left his computer behind — the one that the government would later allege contained child pornography. Kevin had never had exclusive access to the computer, and for six months between his moving out and his arrest, his estranged spouse and her JTTF-agent lover had exclusive possession and exclusive access to said computer. This alone should have ordinarily been enough to get the child pornography charges thrown out, but in a politically-motivated case things are anything but ordinary.

• All eight images which Kevin Strom was charged with possessing were deleted images, which could only be seen through the use of a government computer forensics program.

• Half of the images Kevin Strom was charged with possessing had metadata indicating they were placed on the computer after Kevin had moved out of his home and during a time when his hostile spouse had exclusive access to the computer.

• The other half of the eight alleged pornographic images were thumbnail spam advertisements for an illegal pornographic Web site posted to a non-pornographic Web forum, all of which Mr. Strom deleted as soon as he noticed them. These images could be seen by no one after that, including Mr. Strom, but they were later recovered by FBI/JTTF agents using forensic software, and Mr. Strom was charged with “possessing” them.

• Kevin would have fought and beat these possession charges as well, but, according to his attorneys, federal law does not allow the “affirmative defense” — that is, the defense that others planted the offending images or that they were possessed inadvertently, which in a case such as this would have resulted in an immediate acquittal — if the number of images involved is more than three. Thus, Kevin was precluded from such a not guilty plea. This federal law is ridiculously out of date in the age of the Internet, when every image of every site you visit, sometimes dozens on a single Web page, is automatically saved in the browser’s cache the instant you visit the page.

• After an ordeal of brutal incarceration during the almost two years during which legal proceedings dragged on, and faced with, according to his own legal team, a 50% chance of acquittal and a 50% chance of not seeing his own school-age children for many, many years — Kevin decided to plead that he had INADVERTENTLY possessed the said files, with an explanation to the Court of how he had “possessed” them unintentionally. (See his Address to the Court, available online.) He threw himself on the mercy of the Court, which sentenced him to the minimum sentence allowed. He reasoned that his children needed a father now, not years after they were grown, and he could also devote the extra years gained to clearing his name and fighting for the causes he believed in.

• Several months before Kevin left his home to escape his wife’s violence and erratic, frightening behavior, he and Elisha attended a marriage counseling session with psychologist and licensed counselor Harvey Yoder of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Kevin’s focus at the session was Elisha’s physical abuse, threats, and anger. Elisha’s focus at the session was to falsely accuse Kevin of viewing child pornography. Elisha illegally and surreptitiously recorded the marriage counseling session, and asked questions designed to elicit Kevin saying certain words which could later be edited as she wished. While Kevin was incarcerated and unable to respond, she edited the recording to make it sound as though Kevin was admitting to viewing child pornography — and then spread the edited excerpts widely on the Internet to defame Kevin and poison the jury pool in his case.

• Elisha edited the recording to make it seem to say very nearly the exact opposite of what Kevin DID say. Kevin honestly admitted to viewing erotic, but not pornographic, Web sites during the Hell that his marriage had become. But he specifically stated that in no case had he EVER viewed or intended to view sites depicting models under the age of 18, and that the specific sites he did visit had prominent statements to the effect that their models were above that age. But the edited recording, illegally recorded and shorn of all context, made him appear to say the opposite.

Even the prosecution refused to use this deceptively edited recording against Kevin at trial, knowing it would taint their entire case.

• The counselor, Harvey Yoder, was so outraged over what Elisha had done, that he issued a statement indicating that the Web sites that Kevin had admitted seeing were ones which featured only adult models.

Mr. Yoder’s written statement also made it clear that he considered Kevin to be “a very caring and concerned father,” and that Kevin in his professional experience met NONE of the criteria for being a pedophile in any way, and was NOT a pedophile — completely the opposite of the impression that Elisha was trying to create. Kevin Strom may be, in fact, one of the very few people in the entire United States certified by a psychologist NOT to be a pedophile.

Kevin and his children

A life restored

Since his release from the inhuman gulag of the federal prison system, Kevin Strom has not only raised his children and rebuilt his life, but he has continued to speak out against corrupt government and evil in high places. He has continued to speak out against child pornography, pornography generally, and all forms of sex perversion. He has created publications, both printed and online, including Internet media that are read, listened to, and viewed more than one million times each and every month.

What should I do?

If you have a question or need a clarification, or if you have heard these slanders against Kevin Strom over the air or on social media, please do the honorable thing and contact Kevin himself for the facts before you repeat these hostile attacks against an innocent man. It’s the right thing to do.