Resolution Radio Interviews Kevin Alfred Strom, part 3

Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 6, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK we present the concluding part, part 3, of my interview with Sonny Thomas of Resolution Radio — so let’s join that interview once again now. When we left off last time, we were discussing the rise of nationalist — and especially racial-nationalist — ideas in the world today. Listen:

ST: At the same time we see the rise of nationalism across many countries, and not just in Europa — but you see it in India, in Japan, etc. And all those places stand up and say “We are proud to say who we are — and we’re not going to let another group tell us we can’t be who we are.” What are your thoughts on that, Kevin?

KAS: I think ultimately that the answer is that every race needs to do whatever it takes to secure its own destiny and future — that’s just Nature; that’s just survival of the fittest. Groups that do not care about their own survival and do not do what is necessary to secure that survival — and that means living space: you need food, you need resources, so you need living space — groups that do not do that, won’t survive. So that portion of the White race that says, “Oh, there’s no such thing as race. Oh, there’s no such thing as racial differences. It doesn’t really matter if we’re replaced by a bunch of Mexicans or Muslims. That makes no difference at all . . .” — people who believe that are not going to leave descendants on planet Earth. They are going to wither away, and be wiped out and replaced by other groups that do do what is necessary to survive. That’s just survival of the fittest.

As to the European Union: The idea of a European Union might be a good one. I mean, after all — isn’t that what Napoleon and Hitler were trying to accomplish — a union of European peoples? But for that to be a good thing it would have to be based on race. Based on the survival and progress and integrity of the White race, of the European race. Then it would be a good thing. But it’s a bad thing now because the current European Union is controlled by people who, at worst, want to commit genocide against our race or, at best, don’t care about our race and are willing to go along with the genociders as long as their salaries and their money keep coming in. So it’s an evil, immoral entity in my view.

The resistance against those controllers, such as the Visegrád group of Slovakia and the Czech Republic and Poland and Hungary — I salute them. Not necessarily because I think petty nationalism is always going to be the answer, but their alliance has power — it has state power and, at least in Hungary, the leadership there is explicitly making it biological. They don’t say the White race, but they say, “the ethnic survival of the Hungarian people” — so that’s biological. They are, I would say, incipiently racial-nationalists. They need to go further in my view but it’s a very positive development.

Just think if Russia joined the Visegrád group — then it would become a truly significant power-player in the world. Now, I don’t know that that’s going to happen. Vladimir Putin has disappointed me in many ways. But I will say that certain parts of his administration seem to at least tolerate racial-nationalism. So, I hold out hope that Russia, the only superpower that’s not apparently bent on the destruction of the White race, might actually work for it in the future. I hope so. The Visegrád group is also a very hopeful sign.

I don’t think any of these groups go as far as we need to go. But the tide seems to be moving. I think maybe the Jews miscalculated when they decided that the time to wipe us out is right now — when they said, in effect, let’s flood Europe and let’s flood North America with more and more and more and more invaders. Let’s create crazy ideologies and teach the kids in college that “Whiteness needs to be abolished.” I mean, they’re going all-out to kill us; they’re going all out for White genocide. And, you know, that might be a mistake on their part — because a reaction is forming, and that reaction could become more and more radical in the next few years — and, my God, I hope it does.

ST: You also see many of these countries encouraging their people to reproduce —

KAS: Yes.

ST: Something we haven’t seen since “family courts” were created in the 1950s. They’re not family courts; they’re there to dissolve and destroy the family. They’ve also destroyed the institution of marriage, and, long before, they tried to denigrate it. They’ve basically have discouraged the procreation of our race through financial means, legal means — and now biological means.

KAS: I would tell young people this: Times are difficult right now for having a family because our enemies have created a legal situation and they’ve created ideologies like feminism that make it very, very hard for men and women to stay together, to found a family, to have children, and to raise them right. But I would say that every person, every White person, every White woman, every White man, who is racially conscious and has a good family background — good genes — should be having kids right now — because the groups on this planet that have high birth rates are the ones who are going to inherit the Earth. The groups are doomed that have low birth rates and sterilize themselves and engage in sexual perversion, whether it’s homosexuality or pedophilia or some other weird fetishes, none of which result in children. People who are extreme leftist liberals in ideological terms and people who hate the White race — they may be powerful now, but they’re not going to leave many descendants.We should leave descendants: home-schooled White kids who will grow into adults who know the score — intelligent, worthwhile young people of high character to take over after we’re gone. I think we all need to do that.

And you know what? If you have to give up some money, if you have to live in a basement apartment, if you have to have one car or no cars, if you have to give up your subscriptions to your cable channels, if you have buy all your clothes at thrift stores, like I do — do it! Having children, having healthy, beautiful White children — that’s worth twenty million dollars each, and more; it’s worth a thousand times 20 million. We need to do that, that’s what I would say to racially conscious White people. Do what it takes.

ST: I heard a member of the EU Parliament, Janice Atkinson, on the Alex Jones program yesterday. She was awesome! She was talking almost as directly as you and I. She was basically saying: If we do not stop this now, if we do not stop this invasion and start having babies to replenish our natural stock, we will absolutely be eliminated as a people. I mean, hearing her saying this, I was like, “Wow!” I was totally floored. I tweeted out to her and, much to my amazement, within eleven minutes after I tweeted, she re-tweeted it on her account and it said specifically: “Janice for Brexit, excellent interview on Alex Jones. Yes, the West must have pro-family policies, and have babies, if we are to save our nations and culture. Thank you; you have a new fan.” And she re-tweeted that.

KAS: Excellent.

ST: I was like, “Wow!” I was floored. We need more people like her to step up. Really, that should be the norm.

KAS: Yes, it should be. Not only, of course, do we have to leave a legacy of children — children who are taught the ways of their people, the possible great destiny of their people, and that’s it going to be up to them to actualize that destiny — but we also have to face the fact that we are going to have to establish living space that is for us alone, because even if we increase our birth rate, we’re never going to match the birth rate of the people on the Indian subcontinent. We’re never going to match the birth rate of Africa. It’s just not in us; it’s just not practical. We’ve never done that. It’s not in our nature. We care too much about each individual child to be as irresponsible as they are. So therefore we, along with increasing our birth rate and having a society that praises motherhood and fatherhood and regards them as two of the most sacred occupations on this planet, we also have to have a living space that is for ourselves alone. And that has to come through political revolution — whether that revolution is an overthrow of the corrupt politicians that rule us now, or a secession from them as our forefathers did in North America two hundred and forty years ago. Either way, we have to do it. We must achieve that. And the National Alliance is absolutely uncompromising on that point. We must have White living space.

ST: Yes, definitely . . .

The Unite the Right rally did achieve its purpose. I was there in Charlottesville, and I saw all these different groups coming together. When you saw some of that footage, Kevin, what was the first thing that went through your mind?

KAS: I spent a good part of my life in Charlottesville. I lived in Charlottesville for years, though I’m living in Pennsylvania now. I’ve been to the Lee statue; I’ve been to the Stonewall Jackson statue; I’ve been to those parks. And it is impressive to me that people who care about the survival of our race are being heard. Not only in Charlottesville, but there’s been a big flurry — I don’t know if you’ve heard about it — in the Davenport, Iowa area, where people have been putting out literally thousands of National Alliance fliers. This is part of our program we’ve had for over ten years which is the Love Your Race campaign —

ST: Wow!

KAS: — and all the flier says — it doesn’t say anything else — it just says, “Love Your Race,” and that’s caused a huge uproar among the controlled media and the Jewish groups and the anti-White Christian groups in Davenport. But in Charlottesville, and in Davenport, and all of these places, I’m seeing radicalization. I’m seeing people moving away from the silent, do-nothing, apathetic middle; and some of them are moving to the radical anti-White left — that’s sad to see — but others are moving to the pro-White side, to the National Alliance side, to the side of those who care about their race.

I think this radicalization is a good thing, because if we keep on going in the same direction that the Jewish oligarchs want us to go in — if most White people stay passively in their homes watching TV, and aren’t doing anything to secure the future of their race — we are going to die; we are going to be as forgotten as the ancient peoples such as those in that poem by Shelley about Ozymandias: It will be just endless sand; there will be nothing left of us.

And we, and I think I to some extent, have contributed to that radicalization. And it is very inspiring. It was inspiring when I saw those people walking on the same steps at the Jefferson statue at the University of Virginia, where I used to go myself, many, many times a month to do research at the University of Virginia library. It was inspiring to see them defying the enemies of our race and being openly racial. That’s something we haven’t seen for a long time in this country. So, yes, I’m inspired by them — and I’m inspired by what our people are doing in West Virginia and in Davenport, Iowa and in New England and all the other places where we’re putting out material and getting a response from our people.

I think it’s in part thanks to this new willingness to speak out — and thanks to the younger generation that isn’t saddled to the same extent with the WW2 myths that taught the older generations that, “Oh, Germany was evil, Hitler was evil” — and therefore anyone who stands up for the White race is “just like Hitler” and “that’s evil.” This younger generation increasingly doesn’t care about those myths. They don’t believe those myths. They’re very suspicious of those myths — thanks to those who went against the grain of their generation, the older generation, and showed the younger folks what’s going on. They’re waking up and they’re going to be the ones who ultimately make a new White nation on planet Earth — and that’s exactly what we need. So I am full of hope, actually. The more radicalization I see, the more crazy excesses the Jewish power structure and the media they control and the leftist groups they dominate engage in, the crazier they get — the better I like it.

I do believe that it is very hard to kill a large, significant biological race — which is what the Jews and their power structure are trying to do. There are close to a billion White people on this planet. There actually are as many White people on this planet now as there have ever been, despite our low birth rate. And we still are, I think, reeling from our loss of the Second World War; we are reeling from the 2,000-year-old psyop which replaced our indigenous religions with a Semitic Jew-worshipping religion. But I see, literally, tens of thousands of pro-White people, particularly among young White people, much younger than the Boomer generation who swallowed all the WW2 propaganda. I see them growing every day, not only in numbers, but in radicalism. And I think that the stuff of the American Revolution — and the intelligence, the fortitude, and the determination that put men on the Moon — are still alive in our White genome. And I think that we’re going to survive.

I think that the White race of the future is going to be better than the White race of the past — because the people who make it through this terrible time that we’re in right now, the people who fight that battle, who secure that White living space, are going to be the toughest, the smartest, the best White people who have ever lived on the planet. And, by necessity, they’re going to be forced to have an ideology that puts race and racial survival first, before freedom, before “democracy,” before any other value. They’re going to put racial survival first. And the government they build is going to be a race-based government — which will be proof, forever I hope, against any kind of multiracialism, any kind of non-White invasion, and any kind of Jewish infiltration. They’ll have learned their lesson.

So I think great things are coming. But we do have to go through a real tough battle before those great things come.

ST: I agree. Kevin, what is the best way for people to keep in touch with you and keep up on your happenings?

KAS: Virtually all of my work is going up every day, every week, on We also have an organizational Web site, where people can join us or support us or buy books and CDs — that is And if you want to be in personal contact with me, you can simply use the contact forms on those Web sites, and either I or my secretary will get back to you directly.

ST: All right. We appreciate your coming on tonight and we also appreciate the wonderful program that you put together that we now feature here on the Resolution Radio Network.

KAS: Thank you very much, Sonny, for helping to spread the word and for running my show on your radio network. I very much appreciate it. And you’re right — if you wake up one person, just one person, that can plant seeds in hundreds or thousands of people, particularly if that one person is also dedicated to spreading the word. We’re growing. And we have the potential for so much more growth. Our enemies, I think, have pretty much “maxed out” their recruitment into their unnatural and genocidal philosophy.

It’s true; they’re very powerful now — they control the major media; they control large parts of the academic establishment; they control the publishing establishment — but their bucket is full. They can’t really fill it anymore. We have a bucket that’s only ten per cent. full. We can double that — and double it again — and double it again. And guess what? We’re going to do that. Because our weapon is the truth. Our ideology is Nature-based. It’s natural. It’s common sense. It’s what every people needs in order to survive —

ST: I think the greatest victory right now, Kevin, is that we’ve awakened people to the Lügenpresse [the lying press]. Now, if we could just show them who runs the Lügenpresse. Once we get to that stage, it’s game over for them.

KAS: I think we’re seeing that process beginning right now. People can see that they’ve been sold a bill of goods by a bunch of sleazy, hate-filled liars. Those liars are constantly projecting onto us what they actually are themselves. They do hate us. For myself, I never cared about Jews for most of my early life. I didn’t hate them. I really didn’t even think about them too much. If this Middle Eastern group wanted to sell used carpets to each other in Brooklyn, who cares? I didn’t even think about it. But when they decide to destroy everything that’s beautiful — they want to destroy our culture, they want to destroy the very biological basis of our existence — when they are actually trying to do what they accuse the Germans of trying to do, to wipe us out — when they are trying to destroy this beautiful, beautiful race of people, my people, that I love — then I’m going to say, “Hell, no!” They have declared war. And I think that’s the same realization that people are going to inevitably come to.

Another inevitable realization is this: We need a society that is not based on mass democracy and mass media. We need a society where the best and the noblest and the brightest people control that society — control it with the explicit purpose of ensuring the survival and progress of the race that created it. And, guess what? That really is National Socialism. You can call it by other names, but really that’s what common sense, and what Nature and Nature’s God are all pointing to: a race-based society that is, by whatever name you call it, essentially the same as National Socialism. That is, the people united on a racial, biological basis. That is really the essence of virtue and goodness.

And it can’t be avoided. It’s going to happen. The only question is: Is it going to happen while our race still exists? I think it is. But it’s going to happen no matter what.

ST: And while we still have the numbers to do something about it. Because if we get much smaller, we’re not going to have a chance to fight back. It’ll be a constant battle all the time, and we won’t win it.

KAS: Yes — not only because we are losing in terms of our percentage of the population of the world, but also because we are running out of fossil fuels. And if we don’t win this battle, we’re going to run out of fossil fuels and we’ll no longer have a technological civilization and we’ll never be able to leave this planet. And that means that, ultimately, all life will end. So it’s very important that we win this battle — for several damn good reasons.

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You’ve been listening to the concluding part, part 3, of my interview on the Sonny Thomas show. This interview has been edited for broadcast. You can listen to the entire program on the Resolution Radio Network.

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