World War 2: Battling the People of the Lie, part 5

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 22, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE PROPAGANDISTS who slandered Hitler and Germany and National Socialism — in order to get us pepped up to fight and kill the people who were trying to save us — told a lot of lies. They told us lies, the “Holocaust” story just one out of many, designed to whip us into a frenzied hate so we would kill on command — and mostly, it worked.

Actually, these propagandists would better be called “projectionists,” not so much because they use their media to project a false picture in our minds — but because they are projecting, in a psychological sense, their own actual characteristics and behavior falsely onto the Germans.

The Germans under Hitler wanted to dominate Europe and the world with their military might, we are told. What exactly is US-armed and nuclear-armed Israel doing in the Middle East, if not dominating it? And what exactly is the Jews’ most egregiously slavish puppet, the United States, doing with its thousands of troops and innumerable military bases in dozens of countries all over the world — if not dominating it? Just look at this map, which I’ll include with the text version of this broadcast, that shows US military bases around the world — Europe is occupied and surrounded, the Middle East is occupied and surrounded, much of Asia is occupied and surrounded, Russia and Iran are certainly surrounded.

This US military occupation of and dominance over a huge percentage of the Earth’s surface is so well known that it is now the stuff of Internet memes: “The Russians want war! — look how close they built their country to our military bases.” So true. This worldwide empire of power and dominance is far beyond anything that Hitler and Germany were ever even accused of wanting, much less achieving. And this worldwide empire of power and dominance isn’t even for the purpose of enriching the American people or giving them power — no, far from it. The regime in Washington works instead to enrich the Jewish elite, the vultures of Wall Street, the media oligarchs, the banking parasites. It is for them we slave, for them we send our sons to die.

They say that the Germans wanted the people of other nations to be their slaves, to be exploited economically. What do the mega-corporations funded by the Jewish banks do on a worldwide scale, protected by the military might of their American Janissaries? Don’t they have factory after factory after factory, staffed by Third World labor, often child labor, working for pennies an hour and living in hovels not too different from cages? — working at pay rates so low that the workers could never afford to buy the electronic trinkets or branded sportswear they churn out amidst toxic fumes? — working under economic compulsion so great that the difference between their condition and slavery depends upon an extremely fine, perhaps even illusory, definition?

And, speaking of exploitation and slavery, isn’t it slavery when one class of people — the Jewish bankers — have a monopoly on the creation of money and force everyone (even the State!) to pay a percentage of their wealth just for the “privilege” of using their own credit? Isn’t it slavery when every dollar in existence is really a dollar of debt to the bankers who created it with a bookkeeping entry? — when you work all your life and end up with nothing, while they don’t work and end up with everything? — when you have no privacy whatever, and every aspect of your life is tracked by their banking and credit system, and you have no choice about participating, aside from being a hermit? Haven’t Hitler’s enemies set up the ultimate exploitative system imaginable? — and weren’t the National Socialists trying to free the world of just this same parasitic system? — the system that now misrules us?

Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish people, they tell us. That, they further tell us, was the greatest crime in all history — a crime for which Germans must atone and pay forever. A crime so great that that in compensation not only the Germans, but all the kindred peoples of Europe, must forever renounce nationalism — must forever renounce any kind of racial solidarity or consciousness — must forever criminalize any act which tends to favor White Europeans in their own homelands or even dares to assert that White Europeans have a homeland or are a people.

Yet we see around us every year, every day, every hour mounting evidence that the Jewish power structure that destroyed Hitler and enlisted our people in destroying Hitler is committing a genocide — the first genocide in history to aim at the extermination of one of the Earth’s major races, our race, the White race — the scale of which is hundreds of times greater than what Hitler was accused of doing by the wildest story-spinners and most audacious lie factories of World War 2. The borders of all White nations, and only White nations, must always be open — say the Jews, whose own border in Israel is closed, defended, and patrolled better than that of most maximum-security prisons. White nations must never define citizenship in racial terms, say the Jews. White nations must criminalize and prosecute any of their own citizens who prefer the company of their own race in hiring, in education, or as neighbors or customers.

In other words, everything which keeps a race alive is forbidden to Whites, and anyone who is perceived as being even faintly favorable to Whites and White survival must be hounded from the public stage, smeared, and, if possible, imprisoned, financially ruined, and made unemployable.

So we can see that every major charge made by the Jews and their media against the National Socialists — world domination, economic enslavement, exploitation, genocide — is a charge that ought to be leveled at the Jewish power structure. Add suppression of opposition and censorship too.

So, as we build the resistance to the genocidal System, and try to recruit promising White people to our cause, how do we deal with the accusations that we are “Nazis” or “just like Hitler” and the unspoken assumption that those are Bad Things? How do we cut through the mental straitjacket that constrains so many of our people? For the answer, let’s listen to the words of William Pierce from the National Alliance Membership Handbook.

* * *

Inevitably, every member who engages in public activity, so that he is recognized publicly as a member, will be asked, “Are you a Nazi?” or, “Are you a neo-Nazi?,” just as the National Alliance is routinely described in the controlled news media as a “Nazi (or neo-Nazi) organization.” (For those who make the distinction, the difference between “Nazi” and “neo-Nazi” seems to be this: The former term refers only to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and its members. The latter term refers to organizations and people who draw their inspiration from the former, or from the same sources as the former, but which are too young to have been directly associated with the former. Many people, of course, make no distinction between the two terms.)

So how does a member answer the question? If he wants to give a meaningful answer, he must know what is in the mind of his interrogator: What is his interrogator’s understanding of “Nazi”? If it’s a Politically Correct bigot (which will be the case for anyone working for the controlled media), or even a typical “couch potato” whose ideas all came from a television tube, we know that he is thinking of sinister-looking men in black uniforms and swastika armbands who like to click their heels together, thrust out their right arms, and shout, “Sieg! Heil!” before marching off to gleefully machine-gun a group of prisoners who were arrested for listening to the wrong radio program or failing to have a photograph of the Führer displayed in their living rooms. This mythical “Nazi” is an invention of the Jews who control the mass media, and so the member is perfectly correct in answering, “No, I am not a Nazi, and the National Alliance is not a Nazi organization.”

Suppose, however, that the person asking the question is a potential recruit, someone with an open mind who really wants to understand our beliefs and goals. In this case we are obliged to explore the question more deeply, and in so doing we may have an opportunity to use one of the catchiest ideas of all: the idea of National Socialism.

Using this idea requires great care and good judgment. It is an idea which evokes such strong feelings that even some members cannot face it squarely. On the one hand there are those who are embarrassed by it and would be happier if the National Alliance would explicitly disavow it. On the other hand there are those who accept it wholeheartedly but are unable to distinguish between the idea itself and its specific manifestations in Germany between about 1920 and 1945. They are caught up not only in the idea but also in the mystique of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist era in Germany, and there are very real dangers in this. For one thing, many of the latter people make a cult of National Socialism, with an emphasis on symbols, uniforms, insignia, rituals, and the like. The danger in this is that National Socialism becomes a hobby, and hobbyism becomes a substitute for effective action.

And if we associate ourselves with the cult of National Socialism, as contrasted with the idea, we are forced to contend with the mythical image created by the Jews, for that will be the image raised in the mind of the average person who comes into contact with us.

It is largely for this reason that we have the admonitions elsewhere in this handbook against uniforms, quasi-uniforms, and non-Alliance insignia. Breaking through the wall of misunderstanding between us and the White public is a large enough task without raising the specter of made-in-Hollywood “Nazis.” Even if there were no such negative image to overcome, however — even if the Jews never had made an anti-“Nazi” film or television show — it would be wrong for the Alliance to associate itself with the cult aspects of National Socialism in Germany prior to 1945. Things that were natural and helped form a positive public image in Germany at that time seem unnatural and alien in America and many other parts of the White world today. For example, party uniforms were the accepted norm in Germany, not just for the National Socialists, but also for the Communists, the Catholic Centrists, and other political groupings. They never have been the norm in America.

It also is wrong, however, for us to shut our minds to the eternal truths embodied in the National Socialist idea: they are the truths on which our own creed is based. It is wrong for us to shut our eyes to the truth about the Second World War, its background, its conduct, the real issues involved, and the real consequences of its loss by our race. And it is wrong for us not to acknowledge the debt our race owes to Adolf Hitler and his followers throughout Europe, despite their apparent defeat in 1945.

The recruiter who is working with the right sort of potential member — and who himself has an adequate mastery of the subject — can use the National Socialist idea and the mystique associated with its manifestation in Germany as a powerful tool for opening the mind of his prospect to the National Alliance message.

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This series of programs has been based in part on the National Alliance Membership Handbook and on Dr. William Pierce’s last book, entitled Who We Are, now available once again by visiting

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