The Enablers

These are the worthless monsters that were caught torturing a young disabled White man — but today’s program is less about them than about those who enable and cover for them and their kind.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 7, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN under sedation for the past three days, you’ve heard about the kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled White man by four savage Blacks that just happened in Chicago. We’ve covered the story in detail here on — it’s a harsh, powerful lesson for us all, and I’ll tell you more about it in a few moments. But here’s something you may not have noticed about this horrible crime: The attempted coverup and distortion of its true nature by the Jewish-controlled media.

Early on, when the story of the torture-kidnapping had just become known, a decision had to be made by the editors of CBS News and other Jewish-run media outlets: Should this story be allowed to go national? This is a decision that is taken with great care by the Jews, it is a decision of great importance, and it is a decision they face almost every day, sometimes many times a day, when they are reporting on the crime stories that cross their desks. For practical reasons, not every story that is of importance at the city or state level can go national: There simply aren’t enough minutes in the day. So a selection has to be made.

And it is also true that the controlled media in this country have an agenda, so there is a second factor in their decision: Does this story fit our anti-White agenda? Does it help or hurt our narrative of evil White racists and innocent non-White victims? Does it help or hurt our efforts to keep Whites quiet and docile while we flood them with ever more thousands upon thousands of non-White immigrants?

You know that when a story does fit that agenda — when it can make Whites feel guilty and Blacks feel aggrieved, as in the Trayvon Martin case and many others — we never hear the end of the news coverage. But if it doesn’t fit that agenda, when Whites are the victims, there is little or no national news coverage. This practice of the Jewish-run media is so egregious and well-known that such under-covered anti-White crimes have been dubbed “hush crimes” — and almost everyone these days knows exactly what the phrase means; no need for explanations.

Don’t believe it? Well, maybe — just maybe — you will believe it when you hear how CBS thought they could spin the torture-kidnapping story when it first broke two days ago.

Just listen to what one man, a pro-White blogger calling himself Fuhrerious88, heard — and recorded – when he tuned into CBS News’ early coverage of the anti-White attack.

As you listen to what CBS News said about the attack, to what the Jews who run CBS News thought they could get away with telling us, keep in mind what this attack was really like: Keep in mind that four Blacks ganged up on a trusting, naive, mentally-challenged young White man — an innocent soul that deserves to be protected and treated well, a man that at least one of the Blacks knew already — and took him under false pretenses and against his will to an otherwise empty apartment, an apartment like many others in Black ghettos across America, paid for by White taxpayers, and bound him hand and foot and gagged him by putting duct tape over his mouth. Once they had him entirely helpless, they struck him, kicked him, tormented him, forced him to say things that these feral lower-than-savage animals thought it would be funny for a bound and helpless White man to say; they referred to him as their “nigger”; they screamed “f*ck White people” and “f*ck Trump” into his terrified face; they called him their “bitch” and then forced him to repeat their words back to them; they slashed and cut him with a knife, then dropped hot cigarette ashes into the bleeding wounds. They forced him to say he “loves Black people” and then they tortured him some more, all the while laughing and streaming the torture session live on Facebook. They terrorized him within an inch of his life and traumatized him for whatever remains of it. And also keep in mind that what we know they did to this helpless White man — what we saw them do in the video recording they themselves made — only accounts for a few tiny minutes of an ordeal lasting days.

Keeping all that in mind, listen to how Jewish-controlled CBS decided to tell its listeners about the horrific attack:

This audio clip is a capture from a radio program I was listening to on January 5 — the 7AM news report on 650 KSTE in Sacramento. The CBS news reporter is clearly trying to leave the impression that the four attackers in Chicago (who were actually Blacks) were “Trump supporters” and that the victim (actually a White disabled man) was Black (because, the reporter emphasizes, they “called him the N word”).

Here is a transcript of the relevant portion of the news broadcast:

The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggest that the assault had racial overtones. CBS’ Dean Reynolds tells us that the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenager: “In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the N word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly referenced Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection…”

Before the video went viral, it was possible for CBS to pull a “fast one” like this and mislead millions of listeners into thinking that the attackers were “White racist” “Trump supporters” and the victim was Black. Ask yourself this question: If the Jewish-controlled media are willing to do this, what else have they done over the decades that they have been operating their 24/7 lie machines?

Anybody hearing that broadcast, and there were millions, would certainly  get the impression that the victim — who was “repeatedly called the N word” — was Black. And anyone hearing the broadcast would also certainly get the impression that these terrible anti-Black N-word-using attackers who “repeatedly referenced Donald Trump” were “racist” “right-wing” Whites.

That scenario fits the narrative that the Jews want us all to believe in. The reality of Black savagery and hate unleashed on a totally innocent White, little more than a helpless child, does not fit that Jewish narrative — and so they simply changed it, thinking they could get away with it; thinking they could control how long the spotlight was shone on this case; and thinking that they could focus our attention on something else before too many people found out they had lied. I am sure they have engaged in similar tricks and similar lies tens of thousands of times at least in the past — and gotten away with it.

But — you know what? — it didn’t work this time. It didn’t work because the media aren’t a Jewish monopoly anymore. Alternative media and social networks spread the truth worldwide before the lies were fully out the CBS announcer’s mouth.

Racially-aware Whites are building our own media and acting as our own reporters and investigators now. We shine our own spotlights now. We are building the infrastructure of our own society-in-the-making now and replacing the institutions the Jews stole from us — and news reporting and fact-finding is just the beginning. Protecting our innocents and defending ourselves is next. And after that, certain egregious liars and practitioners of White genocide better have their suitcases packed and sitting by the door, their ill-gotten assets converted into diamonds because gold is kind of heavy when you’re in a real hurry and your passports don’t work anymore.

The Chairman Emeritus of CBS and its major owner is Sumner Redstone. The Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of CBS is Leslie Moonves. The President of CBS News is David Rhodes. All of these men are Jews.

Yes, these anti-humans are best described as “Democrats” and “liberals.”

Jewish money and influence is so vast in our society that it is not confined to the boardrooms and counting-houses of the major networks, however. Also implicated in this affair are some of the anonymous and not-so-anonymous infiltrators of the pro-White and pro-truth alternative media and the so-called “alt right” presence on social media. There is a well-funded and well-hidden section of these movements that is not genuinely pro-White and not genuinely truth-telling. Their function is to divert attention and support away from genuine efforts like the National Alliance and also to take careful note of the names, accounts, and IP addresses of genuine activists while doing so. When the Chicago torture-kidnapping story went viral and the media could no longer contain or distort it and maintain their credibility, these operatives went into action, doing one of two things — 1) calling for illegal acts in order to entrap Whites through the emotion of the moment; and 2) using new media to push the same old tired non-racial “conservative” agenda as a false “solution” to the problem. One of these groups (or one of their victims; it really is hard to tell) put out a story claiming, if you can believe it, that these savage Blacks were actually “Liberals” and “Democrats” — as if a few lessons in “free market economics” and a few hours listening to Rush Limbaugh would “set them straight” and make them “productive members of society.” I suppose that if you are stupid enough to believe that, then you should just go down to the “projects” in Chicago, knock on random doors, and hand out “Make America Great Again” literature — after making out your life insurance in my favor.

No. What utter nonsense. Nothing less than total racial separation — nothing less than our own media and our own government — nothing less than the program of the National Alliance can save us. Join me — join our members all across this nation — and let’s make that program a reality.

* * *

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