Radical, Rational Racial-Nationalism: Needed Now More Than Ever

The “chosen holy Jews” and “Israel in Bible prophecy” drivel emitted by this typical Christian Zionist preacher is poison for our people. We must liberate our folk from such hucksters and the forces that created them.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 31, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT WAS 25 YEARS ago today that this radio program, American Dissident Voices, was born, bringing our message of hope and racial awakening to the men and women of our race over the airwaves for the very first time. It was the last Saturday of December, 1991. The events of the last few days show us that our radical, uncompromising message is needed now more than ever.

The media, both alternative and Jewish-controlled, have been buzzing like crazy over the US abstention from the otherwise unanimously passed UN resolution denouncing Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories. The US didn’t even vote for the resolution, just abstained while the other countries on the Security Council, all 14 of them, voted for it. The Jewish power structure and their Republican/conservative poodles are in a frenzy because the US didn’t exercise its veto power and kill the resolution.

This abstention is being presented, especially in “conservative” media like Rupert Murdoch’s ultra-Zionist Fox News, as a “terrible betrayal of Israel,” our “staunchest ally in the Middle East,” and all the rest of the lies. If you believe the Jewish-controlled media, especially its phony-conservative wing, you’d think that this resolution was a direct threat to the lives of every Jew in Israel. In reality, the resolution doesn’t do much more than say it’s not nice to evict Palestinians from their homes and bulldoze and then take over their neighborhoods. Neverthless, we’re getting some 100-decibel wailing about it, usually coupled with a strong condemnation of the much-hated Obama who, despite his support for the unprecedented $38 billion given recently to the Jewish state, is described as a betrayer of Jews and suspiciously sympathetic to Palestinians who’d rather not be homeless or dead. “Conservative” attacks on Obama reach a fever pitch whenever Israel gets ever so slightly less than 150 per cent. of what it demands from the US government. (The same will happen to Trump, unless he consistently gives the Jews 200 per cent. of what they ask for, which he well might.)

A couple of days ago I talked to some Southern Christian conservatives. The topic was current events. All they could talk about was the Security Council resolution. These were good, solid citizens, intelligent and successful White men — a cut above average. I like them. These men also had some degree of racial consciousness, didn’t like Political Correctness or anti-White politicians, and thought their Confederate heritage was just great. Something, though, holds them back from embracing White racial-nationalism. They were fundamentalist Christians one and all, that type so typical of the American South where one’s “daily walk with Jesus” is taken not only literally but with deadly seriousness, even by the educated. “Bible prophecy” looms large in their largely ludicrous efforts to make sense of the world around them.

They spoke first. “The monkey in the White House has betrayed God’s Chosen People.” “The UN is anti-God because it’s anti-Israel.” “There really is no such thing as the Palestinian people; all the land belongs to God’s Holy ones, the Jews.” “We ought to just let Israel bomb the lot of them to Hell, or we should do it for them.” “These Palestinians are always making trouble for God’s people and they should just be killed.” “Nations that bless Israel will be blessed and nations that curse Israel will be cursed — America needs to bless Israel.” This is an abridgement, you understand — really, about half of their words were quotes and cites of Bible verses offered as proof of their claims, as if they could possibly prove anything.

And it was then, even before I spoke, that I realized what was holding these good men back — holding them back not only from understanding the Jewish role in their own displacement and destruction, holding them back not only from racial-nationalism — but actually holding them back even from knowing who they themselves are, and from being what Nature intended them to be. It’s what Dr. Pierce described as one of the major “opposed ideologies” arrayed against White people and against the National Alliance: Christianity.

I know some of these fellows reasonably well, well enough to know that when they think of God, they very definitely think of a Jew. When they think of our purposes on Earth, one of the most important is to serve and protect God’s Chosen, the Jewish people. When they think of their heritage, once you go back beyond a couple of hundred years, they literally think of Jews in sandals and flowing robes wandering around the Middle East with Moses and the Ark of the Covenant — they actually think that is their heritage! They may think of themselves as White Americans or White men, but only incidentally and secondarily. Primarily they think of themselves as Baptists or Evangelicals or some other kind of Christian. That’s their identity. They genuinely feel more of a connection to some African or dark Mideasterner who professes Christianity than they do to a White free thinker. The African Christian is “one of us” to them. The White free thinker is not.

No wonder they’re confused. No wonder they always lose — they don’t even know who they are. They worship their most deadly enemies. They welcome suicide via racial mixing, at least in theory they do, as long as the weaponized DNA carrier says he loves Jesus. And that theory is often put into practice these days. And even some of the people who have “taken the red pill” on race have a holdover of this mentality waiting to be detonated in our midst and ruining all the forward progress we’ve made.

There is a profound need for radical reprogramming among millions of our folk. There is a profound need to reach out and save those who can be saved, and teach them about real morality, real theology, their real identity, and the real world situation we face as a people. There is a profound need for the National Alliance message to be heard by every single member of our race.

And that profound need takes us back to American Dissident Voices. By supporting our program you will be facilitating the awakening — and the hard, uncompromising line that alone can bring us to victory.

As I said at the beginning of this program, today is our 25th anniversary; a quarter century of uncompromising truth-telling — and fighting hard for our right to remain free to speak, against incredible and ongoing legal persecution. Big thanks go to National Alliance Chairman William White Williams for being the fighter he is: Without him, we wouldn’t be here.

This is also the third anniversary of this program’s — and the National Alliance’s — re-launch under his leadership. Here’s some of the history of ADV (from that first program of this new series):

From 1991 to 2006, Dr. William Pierce and I were heard in offices, at camps in the woods, in automobiles, at kitchen tables or on bedside radios, crackling through the airwaves via faraway AM and shortwave stations or in the perfect fidelity of the Internet.

With our call to racial loyalty we were, perhaps, shocking millions — but certainly awakening thousands. Many of those American Dissident Voices broadcasts are still being heard today. Our message? The paramount importance of the survival and progress of our race — upon which everything depends and without which nothing matters; the fundamental biological, evolutionary, and racial nature of human life and of society; the true nature and identity of our enemies; and the application of these truths to every challenge facing us as a people.

By telling the truth — without sugar coating — about the dire plight of our race, and its potential for future greatness almost beyond imagining, we awakened uncounted souls from the depths of catatonic consumerism; from empty, childish religion; from phony, raceless conservatism; from deadly, anti-racial liberalism. I still receive letters from those whose lives I touched. And those we reached helped us reach more and more of our people and build the National Alliance, the most promising and most uncompromising organization for White people ever to exist on American soil.

And we made some powerful enemies. To keep us off 50,000-Watt shortwave station  WRNO, organized Jewish groups boycotted the station and withdrew their advertising from it and its FM sister station — but Joe Costello, the station’s owner, believed in free speech and kept us on the air even though it cost him a huge amount of money. Then they “outed” Joe Costello as a so-called “racist,” and published in their newspapers that he had given money to — horror of horrors — David Duke’s political campaigns, trying in yet another way to ruin him financially. But Joe Costello would not bow down. American Dissident Voices stayed on WRNO — for many years.

Also defiant was the ownership and management of clear channel KXEL, an AM station that covered half of the United States and Canada at night. Pressure was applied to them again and again for months, but the station’s owners would not capitulate — and our voice was still heard. The controlled media published editorials denouncing American Dissident Voices and KXEL in both countries, and Jewish groups even tried to get the Canadian government and the Washington regime’s FCC involved. But the only thing that finally worked for them was for the enemies of free speech to out-and-out buy the station and then refuse to sell time to us, and that process took a very long time. In the meantime, twenty states and five provinces got a weekly 50,000-Watt clear channel dose of truth.

Less inspiring — but still edifying — was the case of the Delano, California FM station that carried our show for a while. After a few weeks, though, the general manager of the station notified us that we were being cancelled because, although he agreed with many of our positions, our failure to venerate God’s Chosen Race was “unscriptural” and a sin of such magnitude that it could never be forgiven, much less tolerated.

Then there was the curious case of the two millionaire brothers who owned a powerful Los Angeles radio station and who put American Dissident Voices on the air for a month or so. The brothers personally called Dr. Pierce on the telephone after a few shows had aired, apologizing profusely and admitting that they knew that everything we were saying about race and the organized Jewish groups was true, but that if they continued to air the show they’d have zero advertising revenue — and Black rioters burning down the station (and possibly the brothers’ homes) in very short order.

Yes, it’s been a struggle — but a glorious one. As we enter the second quarter century of this voice for America’s real dissidents, let me also take a moment to thank all of you supporters who have made ADV and all of our National Alliance media and community-building possible. Without you, we are little more than nothing. But let me tell you something that we need: We need more, many more, of you. The racially-awakening Twitterverse and alternative mediasphere are being infiltrated and co-opted by moneyed forces who want to derail what we have started and kill the White awakening. And not only are Jewish interlopers and infiltrators threatening us, but many of the “good guys” on the awakened side are still saddled with Hebrew superstitions just like the ones my Southern friends have, and that is crack in the door that can let in the cold winds of confusion and racelessless and, ultimately, death.

The radical and absolutely uncompromising vision of William Pierce and the National Alliance must come out on top. To do that, we need ten times as many supporters than we have. We need a centrally-coordinated activism powerhouse, producing radio shows every day, not just every week, cutting-edge outreach materials, video documentaries, more books that will change the world, a tenfold increase in the size and capabilities of our White intentional community, a Social Media Strike Force beyond compare — and much, much more. With ten times the support, we could increase our staff and get so much more done in the limited time we have to save our race. Can I count on you to recruit ten others in 2017? Can I count on you to give as much as you can give, to unleash us to do the same. Thank you — and I’ll be seeing you as our second 25 years begins tomorrow!

* * *

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