What We Must Have

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 14, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

EVEN THE WALL won’t be nearly enough — if we ever do get a wall. And “vetting Muslims” — if we ever do start vetting Muslims as Donald Trump once faintly implied that we would — also won’t be nearly enough. In fact, an absolute ban on Muslims and other Middle Easterners and South Asians coming to the United States won’t be enough. A wall a thousand feet high and two thousand miles long, with ten miles of mini-nuke land mines on either side of it — an absolutely impenetrable wall (the kind I can assure you that we’re not going to get), with no “big beautiful door” in it, with a garrison of Special Forces with shoot to kill orders stationed every half mile along it, a wall that perfectly stops all traffic on the Mexican border for the next ten centuries wouldn’t be enough. A total and successful ban on all non-White “refugees” that lasted twenty generations would not be enough. Add to such measures an air defense system that used drone and laser technology to instantly vaporize any non-White who even approached the borders of the United States — and it still would not be enough.

Now all of the things I just mentioned — all of those things that the Goldman Sachs Jews and fanatical Zionist Jews and Chabad Jews and media Jews around Donald Trump will do their best to make sure we never have — would be good ideas, and we ought to have measures like them, and plenty more of the same general kind. But they would not — even all of them added together and then multiplied by ten would not — be enough to prevent our race and nation from going extinct and being subsumed in a brown wave of non-White genes and non-White biomass that will end our civilization forever — end all hopes of our reaching the stars — and would condemn our children to a living Hell as they slouch toward their doom.

By this point, some of you may think I’ve gone a little over the top — maybe even crazy. After all, I’ve described measures not even dreamt of by the altest of the alt right and far more extreme than anything implemented by the German National Socialists of sainted memory. How can I say that such things wouldn’t be enough? Simple. It’s simple mathematics. Actually, it doesn’t even really deserve the term mathematics. It’s as simple as third grade arithmetic. Listen:

There are about 190 million White people in the United States and about 130 million non-Whites. So we are, just barely, for the moment, the majority, though White births are now distinctly in the minority. (And we also need to remember that US government statistics are notoriously unreliable and/or purposely opaque on race, categorizing Middle Easterners or Mestizos as “White” in many cases. Remember, these are statistics produced by a regime that is committing genocide on you.) According to the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports and other statistics, White mothers are having enough children so that each generation is 84 per cent. as large as the previous generation; Mestizo mothers are having enough children so that each generation is 129 per cent. as large as the previous generation; Black mothers are having enough children so that each generation is 103 per cent. as large as the previous generation; and Muslim mothers are having enough children so that each generation is 133 per cent. as large as the previous generation.

How many Blacks are in the United States? About 41,600.000. In five generations there will be 48,225,000 of them.

How many Mestizos are in the United States? Estimates vary, but conservative ones say about 56,320,000. In five generations there will be 201,192,000 of them — or more than what the entire population of the United States was in my childhood.

How many Muslims and other Middle Easterners are there in the United States? Again, estimates vary, but lower-range estimates say 5 million — more than twice that if you count Jews. But we’ll leave aside Jews for the moment — they don’t share the other Middle Easterners explosive birthrates — and say just 5 million. In five generations there will be 20,807,000 of them — and that doesn’t even consider immigration, which is sure to increase unless radical changes are made in this country — National-Alliance-type changes, not Trumpian cosmetic changes.

That’s more than 270 million non-Whites in five generations. Mass immigration will add to that — greatly. All I was considering was natural increase. Say it’s 300 million non-Whites — that is approximately equal to the already-too-large entire US population right now. And that only counts the three non-White groups I mentioned. There are many others, numbering in the millions, that I didn’t count.

And how many Whites will exist here in five generations? Do the math. 79 million. That’s about 22 per cent. of the population at best. Actually, it will be much less than 79 million, much less than 22 per cent., not only because I have been ultra-conservative in my estimates, but because these statistics count the number of babies born to White women. Do you think that all of these babies will be White? White women prefer White men as fathers for their children, but the percentage of those who have succumbed to the Jews’ and the churches’ racial mixing propaganda is increasing. As America veers rapidly toward Whites being a tiny minority, how do you think those figures will change? As our genocide unfolds, barring a White revolution, the popular definition of who is White will change, helped along by media propaganda, and a large fraction of that 22 per cent. would no longer be White in any meaningful sense.

Then I want you to think about this: Carry my ultra-careful and ultra-conservative projections forward another five generations. And we are done. Dead. Gone. And all of these projections assume that immigration totally stops right now, the wall of all walls is successfully built, and atomic land mines or Roswell-inspired drone saucers detect and vaporize all invaders in five microseconds.

Even if we could perform a miracle and change our culture so that marriage at 18 became the new norm, and increase the social status of mothers so that White births came back up to replacement level — something we definitely need to do — it wouldn’t make any difference in the long run. It would just stretch out our demise another few generations.

Simple arithmetic shows us, given the higher birthrates of non-Whites, that if we intend to survive, we cannot have any non-Whites in our White nations. Not a single couple. Not a single breeding pair. Considering the danger of intermixture, not a single one. All — and I mean all — must be removed. Even diplomats, if allowed, would have to be tightly watched and quarantined in some humane way. Having any unsterilized or unquarantined non-Whites whatsoever within our borders is a death sentence for us — by the simple laws of mathematics.

Expelling the non-Whites would allow us to survive, and would allow the unparalleled creativity and genius of our race to reach the stars and change the entire course of Life in the Universe. As fossil fuel energy is depleted, we may soon lose all hope of doing this even if our race does survive. Time is of the essence.

Expelling the non-Whites would be good for the Earth and, in a seeming paradox, would even be good for the non-Whites. The lower birthrate of Whites puts less stress on the ecosystems of the territories Whites control, compared to the rape of the Earth that would happen under usury-ridden forced-high-growth panmixia. Denying the non-Whites the resources under our control will lower their growth, too, and this will reduce the stress on the ecosystems and the resource depletion in their territories, too. Leaving their massive natural increase unchecked, and feeding it with food and medicine and “aid” extracted from Whites often just increases the numbers of their starving, which can hardly be called a gain for them even from their point of view. Ultimately, though, we just need to leave them behind — just as our ancestors left Home erectus behind thousands of generations ago. Nature shouts at us from every direction that that is what we must do.

These are the truths — the radical truths — that White Americans and White people worldwide need to hear. They don’t need to hear the lie that Donald Trump and the “conservatives” now have everything moving in the right direction — because they don’t. It is true that an awakening is happening — a part of which some now call the “alt right” — that is moving hundreds of thousands of our people in the right direction. We are glad to have laid the foundations of — and taken part — in that awakening. The current unfocused awakening has put a candle in the hands of a hundred thousand White men and women, to help illuminate the darkness. But what we need to do is put a flamethrower in the hands of multiple millions of fully-awakened, fully-radicalized White men and women — and set them to work building a new White world. And that is what the National Alliance intends to do. Will you help us?

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