White People: Stop Being Stupid

hillary_for_prisonAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of May 14, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHITE PEOPLE, you know I love you. But your behavior lately is — how can I say it — so incredibly stupid.

I see you on Twitter, saying “Hillary for Prison 2016.” There is no chance in Hell that the System politicians — especially Israel-first neocon types — are going to put fellow warmonger and fellow White-hater Hillary Clinton in prison. All these “conservatives” that you hope will prosecute Hillary are just as guilty of mass murder in the Middle East on behalf of Israel as she is — and just as guilty of promoting and funding anti-White government policies too. The conservative phonies don’t even bring up those things, of course, preferring to stay on safe ground complaining toothlessly about Clinton’s “unsecured email server” and her “betrayal in Benghazi” — complaints that they well know are going exactly nowhere.

I have to admit that Mrs. Clinton’s behavior in the Benghazi affair showed shoddy incompetence and a lack of concern for her own people on the ground in a dangerous situation. But, White people, why are you so concerned about this? Who are “her people on the ground”? Functionaries of the anti-White tyranny in Washington, that’s who. Functionaries pursuing the interests of Israel and the neolibs and neocons who have spread chaos and death all over the Middle East, who created the “migrant” crisis, and who sent thousands of young White Americans to their deaths for an evil cause. Clinton should be put on trial for capital treason against us, yes — but not for failure to protect her own henchmen. In fact, the more incompetent that the regime becomes in protecting its employees, the better we should like it, because as a consequence fewer and fewer of our people will agree to serve that evil regime.

And are we supposed to be equally outraged by Mrs. Clinton’s “unsecured email sever”? Well, again, that gaffe shows Hillary’s blithering incompetence, true — but shouldn’t we be delighted that so many of the private communications and plans of the anti-White, anti-self-determination, slave-to-Israel US State Department can now be read by anyone who wants to see them? Shouldn’t we be glad that quite a few of those plans were stymied? Shouldn’t it give us hope to see the Liberia-like stupidity that exists even at the highest levels of the regime in Washington — a regime that must fall before our people can have a future? Shouldn’t we hope for more and even greater breaches of that regime’s security? Every day in which the regime’s crimes are exposed to the light brings us one day closer to White revolution. May there be many more such days!

Trump_memesWhite people, I see you on Instagram shouting to all your virtual friends “Go Trump” and “Build a Wall.” Good grief folks, Trump has already backed off of his wall proposal, promising a “big beautiful door” in the wall so that chain migration, endless flows of so-called refugees, and the genocidal replacement of Whites by non-Whites can continue apace — all “legally,” of course. Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that your sister, wife, or daughter will be raped by a gang of legal — instead of illegal — immigrants? Isn’t it good to know that the Somali Muslims taking over your neighborhood — building a mosque where the Smiths used to live — and crowding and jostling your ten-year-old at lunch every day — came here in an orderly manner through the big beautiful door manned by the guy in the red hat? So much better, pally. Make America great again. Have a glass of purple Kool-Aid.

trump-wall-meme-300x223Don’t be stupid, White people. Don’t fall for all this vote-getting theatre. You know what we really need. You want it so bad you can taste it. You want it so bad that you’re an easy mark for anyone who seems to be offering us a step in that direction — you’re a grasper of straw hairpieces and a wearer of red, white, and blue buttons that will be in the trash can in six months. You’re a sucker supreme.

Like I said, you know what we really need: A White republic. A nation of our own. A White nation with walls aplenty and a fully-armed military on the border to keep it White forever. Will the border of the White Republic have a big, beautiful, door in it? Sure, but it will be marked “Whites only,” and its golden hinges will turn for the likes of persecuted, hounded White activists fleeing anti-White tyrannies in Canada, the EU, and elsewhere — and for the hunted, decimated White farmers of Zimbabwe and South Africa — but it will be a door closed for all time to invaders, exploiters, and those who can never create a pure White child.

That’s what you want and you know it. That’s what you need and you ought to know it. No one except the National Alliance and its allies are serious about making it a reality. So stop chasing chimeras, even if they do wear red hats. Stop being stupid. Please stop being stupid and begin to help — with your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor — the people who are dedicated to doing the hard and necessary work of bringing that White Republic into existence.

sangerWhite people, I see you shedding tears on YouTube, weeping about how Margaret Sanger wanted to lower the number of Blacks in the United States through her promotion of contraception. If you really think that reducing the number of Blacks in our nation is something to cry about, then there may be no hope for you. Please move to Ferguson or Baltimore or Detroit or, better yet, Monrovia. And if you think that condemning Sanger’s occasional White-friendly or pro-eugenics remarks will win you any points with the Jewish oligarchs or stop for even one microsecond their endless push for White women to contracept our race into oblivion and abort as many healthy White babies as possible, then you need a dope slap from Mark Rippetoe.

(Sanger, by the way, used a lot of arguments to advocate for birth control, and in her day improving the race by limiting births among inferior stocks was a mainstream idea — and it’s still a good idea. Her claim that members of inferior races, and those of poor genetic quality, would dramatically reduce their birthrates once offered contraceptives and usher in a eugenic era of ever-increasing human quality turned out to be false, unfortunately. The responsible and intelligent limit their births more than ever now — while what Sanger called “human weeds” are still multiplying like E. coli in the sumps of East St. Louis.)

hitlery_memeWhite people, I hear you on talk radio calling that murderous neolib hag “Hitlery” instead of Hillary. May God help you rise from the pit of profound ignorance that makes you think that Adolf Hitler is an appropriate metaphor for evil.

One may dispute this or that policy of Hitler and his National Socialists, as many in Germany did at the time. But one may not reasonably dispute the fact that Hitler and his party cared profoundly and sincerely for the welfare and future of their nation, and, even more important, were dedicated to the survival and advancement of the European race — for the survival of people just like you and your family. In Hitler’s Germany, they had a place for treasonous scumbags like the Clintons and alien oligarchs like Trump-endorser Sheldon Adelson — and I can assure you that that place had a very effective wall around it. And you may be equally sure that any non-White “migrant” invasion of Hitler’s Germany would have been met with overwhelming and immediate force and any politicians who tried to engineer such an invasion would have been speedily executed.

One may not dispute the fact that the National Socialists stood stronger than any other political leadership in human history for healthy White families and healthy, moral, upright sexuality. In Hitler’s Germany, a “doctor” like Norman Spack who pushed gender-bending drugs and surgical mutilation on White children would find himself in a very special place, too — and that place wouldn’t be the executive offices of a prestigious Boston clinic. And you can be absolutely certain that young men in Hitler’s Germany were taught strong, pure masculine virtues — and young women were taught strong, pure feminine virtues. Under Hitler, those who spread the vice of homosexuality would be given short shrift indeed.

What is this evil “National Socialism,” anyway, that they want us to hate so much? Simply put, it is the organization of society for the benefit and future life of our race. It is what men have dreamed of for centuries: It is government in the service of the people’s best interest. It is government in the service of the Life Force that created us. It is the optimal form of government for any race that intends to survive and be as strong as possible, as ready as it can possibly be for any challenge to its existence. It is the form of government we must have if we are not to succumb to the genocide that aliens and traitors are now imposing on us.

It is, even more simply put, a government of our own. And that is what we need — just as water, food, and shelter are needed by a man lost in the burning desert. And what do you call people who would withhold from us the very things we need to survive — people like Hillary Clinton? You call them anti-White genocidal mass murderers. You sure as Hell shouldn’t call them Hitler, who was the exact opposite of that.

Lastly, beloved well-meaning, patriotic White people: You are now a minority. Not in 2043. Now. The official population figures for Whites, which show us hovering somewhere above 60 per cent. of the US population, are wildly overoptimistic. The US government classifies many non-Whites, like Middle Easterners, as “White.” Some government agencies also classify Mestizos with only the merest tincture of European blood as “White.” The official figures also do not include the many tens of millions of illegal non-White invaders. The official figures do not include many of the uncountable, ever-shifting, off-the-books Blacks and other Third Worlders that wander our urban landscapes. The official figures are wrong.

(Even if their figures were right, and they are not, it is indisputable that American Whites have for several years constituted a minority of births in the nation we founded.)

Therefore, there will be no electoral solution to our dispossession and genocide. There will be no successful national candidate who stands up for White interests, even mildly. Such a candidate can never be elected. The Washington regime will be in the hands of our enemies for the remainder of its existence. We must accept that fact.

We must stop being stupid. We must stop dreaming that conservatism can save us when there is nothing in this anti-White System worth conserving. We must stop dreaming that “the people will wake up and throw the bums out.” It’s not going to happen. (Unless by “throwing the bums out,” you mean at gunpoint under the auspices of the White Republic’s army.) It’s not going to happen “democratically” because all the future electoral blocs and political alignments of this System — including Trumpian ones — will of necessity be inimical to Whites.

What we will have to do is what our ancestors have done time and time again when faced with tyrants and traitors: Divorce ourselves from the evil empire and build a new nation. And we should regard any who attempt to prevent us from doing that as illegitimate, of no authority, and as worthy of respect as a slathering, rabid dog next to a baby’s carriage.

* * *

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