Dangerous Morons

US navy sailors line up in front of the First Navy Jack flag during the USS Kitty Hawk Departure Ceremony, August 2008.
US navy sailors line up beneath the First Navy Jack flag during the USS Kitty Hawk Departure Ceremony, August 2008.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

PROOF WE ARE ruled and “protected” by dangerous morons can be found in this document, entitled “Crisis Controlled,” from the Virginia State Police (VSP), authored by Trooper John R. Wright.

Not only is the whole essay written on about a fifth-grade level of literacy and intelligence, not only does it characterize anyone, left or right or otherwise, who questions the constitutionality or morality of our current rulers as a “terrorist,” but it wraps itself in smarmy authority-worshipping “patriotism” of the most repellent variety imaginable, which is the opposite of real patriotism.

Typical extracts include the characterization of peaceful seekers of independence (be they Black or Amerindian or White), anti-abortion activists, and pro-individual-sovereignty folks as “terrorists” — and the description of a White male merely taking notes in public with a “Say No to the New World Order” bumper sticker on his car as a “suspect” worthy of being reported to the good and completely non-terrorist folks at the FBI or the U.S. military.

This official “safety” document also places those who belong to “single issue groups” or who engage in “civil disobedience” in the category of “low-level terrorists.” The First Navy Jack, still in official use, with its “Don’t Tread on Me” device is also, incredibly, shown as a terrorist symbol — presumably because, in addition to Navy veterans, some advocates for a restoration of American liberty also fly it.

Grotesque stereotypes are used, too — Muslims are represented by Osama bin Laden, independent-minded White people are represented by sieg-heiling “neo-Nazis,” and the system itself is represented by a solemn lit candle “in remembrance of” the 9-11 attacks that the system failed to prevent.

This publication could safely be disregarded as a pathetic example of the herd mentality if it weren’t coming from a source which has the power of force behind it — force which is only legal when it is used to protect our freedom, but which, sadly, is used for many other purposes today. I am sure that the goons of Lenin’s NKVD were often just as stone-dumb and moronically trusting of their superiors as Trooper Wright evidently is.

Wright, of course, is not to be blamed for the creation of the anti-freedom attitude he so slavishly follows, doubtlessly in search of career advancement. But he perpetuates and advances tyranny, as do those who ignore such outrages.

I saved a copy in case the VSP pulls this from their site.