Yapping About Gitmo and Terrorists

Guantanomo prisoners in 2008
Prisoners at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba: What crimes have they committed that Bill Clinton and George Bush have not?

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE NEOCON TALK HOSTS like Hannity and Limbaugh and their coevals from the “liberal” side are making a lot of noise about the “terror suspects” who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo without trial and without legitimate charges for nigh onto a decade now.

The Republican shills say “we’ve got to be firm with these terrorists and protect Amurrica!” The Democrat shills claim to stand for the Constitution and “American values” by calling for the closing of Gitmo, though lately some have waffled on that. Both are liars, but millions of deluded Americans identify with one side or the other and have a rah-rah-for-our-team attitude, slavishly following the blogs and talk shows that keep them agitated, angry, blind to reality, and supporting one wing or another of the Evil Empire.

Most of these good folks fail to see that the Federal monster in Washington has two heads, Democrat and Republican, and it matters but little which is the current face of tyranny. Either way, we get more centralized power, more laws, more wars for Zionism, and more cheap labor for profits uber alles.

The inmates at Guantanamo? Most of them committed no crimes, unless fighting in a war for their religion or people as they saw it after being invaded by a superpower is a crime. Some of them didn’t even do that — they were just “fingered” by someone as a “bad guy.” And now with the supposed “testimony” tainted by the dishonorable torture used in our name, we’ll never know the truth about those accusations.

If we’d stop the insane wars we started in the Middle East, we wouldn’t have much to worry about from foreign Islamists anyway. George Bush was the world’s top al-Qaeda recruiter and it looks like Barack Hussein Fetchit wants to follow in his footsteps. If you want to know why that is so, take a close look at AIPAC and how they have both parties fawning all over them.

You can divide Islamists into two groups: 1) those who stay in their own nations and try to make their governmental system match their religious vision (and it’s a system I wouldn’t want to live under, by the way); and 2) those who immigrate to the West en masse and are trying to change our societies.

I say we shouldn’t allow (2) to occur at all, and returning to a racial basis for citizenship would instantly solve that problem — but the Muslims who stay in their own countries as in (1) should be left alone to live as they see fit.

But America is doing the reverse of what we should be doing. We encourage mass immigration into our own and other Western nations,  and we smear those who want to stop it with the nonsense term “racist.”

And we’re making unholy war on the Muslims who are staying in their own part of the world and minding their own business, slaughtering them by the hundreds of thousands.

That’s a formula for disaster.