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Caravans, Sex, and Supermurders

The approaching “caravan”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 24, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHAT IS A supermurder? How is it different from a simple murder? How is it distinguished from genocide? You’re about to find out.

Today the media are abuzz with the story of the thousand-strong illegal invader “caravan” marching across Mexico unimpeded from Honduras, living off the land — they say — and ignored by the Mexican authorities, crossing hundreds upon hundreds of miles, week by week, with the stated intention of illegally entering the United States. The caravan is growing and may well be many thousands strong by the time it reaches our country.

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Let’s Crush Some Delusions

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 15, 2017


by Kevin Alfred Strom

ONCE someone asked me what my purpose in life was. I answered, somewhat flippantly, that it was my lifetime duty to show White people that almost everything they have been taught for their entire lives is the opposite of true and the opposite of moral — especially those things that they were told were sacred and holy. Perhaps that was a slight exaggeration. But it is true that we Whites are being attacked by an enemy whose main weapons are deceit and trickery. We have absorbed so many deliberately implanted delusions that we lie crippled on a battlefield where we could be easily victorious. Let’s crush some of those delusions today.

Delusion A: Racial mixing is the inevitable trend of the future and of Nature.

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World War 2: Battling the People of the Lie, part 4

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 15, 2017


by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE ALT-RIGHTERS who led the Trump train to victory would be spinning in their graves — if they weren’t still alive, a fact of which neither they nor I may be too sure these days, considering how rapidly their world has collapsed. In just a couple of weeks, not only has their “god emperor” loaded his administration with ever more war hawks and Goldman Sachs parasites, just like Hillary Clinton would have done, but he has embraced the Jewish neocons’ perpetual war for Israel in the Middle East, rattling sabres against and condemning Russia, launching a missile attack on Syria (the two countries really serious about wiping out ISIS), and dropping the largest bomb ever used in conventional warfare on Afghanistan, where we’ve been at war ever since 2003. And remember those campaign commercials Trump ran last November — the ones in which he condemned the international bankers and the Fed, even singling out Jewish profiteer and political manipulator George Soros and the current Jewish boss of the Fed, Janet Yellen, as the enemies of the American people? Now the Trumpster says he loves the Fed and their policies and is an admirer of Janet Yellen, and his own administration is becoming even more honeycombed with Soros-linked operatives. Exactly how is this different from what the War Hag would have done?

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