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The Great Revilo Oliver: The Jewish Plague, part 10

White people, their brains fogged by Bible teachings absorbed in childhood, often identify with the ancient Jews and their hatred of the Romans who ruled them. In reality, modern Whites should take the opposite view: the Romans were our ancestors or our ancestors’ kin and, in Jewish-Roman or Christian-Roman conflicts, we should identify with them, not with the Jews and the Christian sects they spawned, who were a corrosive, destructive force and the enemies of European civilization.

A rational look at the Jewish Question: Were Christian beginnings tied to violent Jewish cults which revolted against White civilization in Roman times? Have the adaptations that made Christianity acceptable to Aryan minds been gradually abandoned?

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 14, 2017


by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHEN GEORGE SOROS foments bloody riots in America and Europe, using rioters inflamed by equalitarian ideology and hatred of their betters, are we seeing an echo of the Jewish cults in the Roman Empire who lashed out again and again against the hated Whites? — Jewish sects which predicted a “messiah” who would lead them in a general slaughter of White people and in the enslavement and subjugation of the survivors? Was Christianity an outgrowth of these sects, some of them led by Jews who claimed to be that “messiah,” and who later artfully advertised their cults to non-Jews in order to swell their ranks? Is Christianity increasingly returning to its real Jewish roots, as it gradually but continuously drops its European mask and becomes an instrument of genocide against us?

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