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American Dissident Voices broadcast of 16 October, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY NASA launched its Lucy Mission to explore the Trojan Asteroids. It’s the beginning of a 10-year journey in which the spacecraft will examine eight asteroids in the two belts of asteroids that roughly share the orbit of Jupiter. On its side is a plaque engraved with quotations that, I suppose, the Politically Correct administrators at NASA thought passing aliens ought to read someday. The quotations themselves are mostly forgettable, but it’s interesting to note exactly who was chosen to be so immortalized.

Out of the twenty quotable notables, they chose one Amerindian, one Mestizo, one Turk, two East Asians, three Blacks, five Whites who married outside their race, three Whites who didn’t (as far as I can tell), and four Jews. Interestingly, all four Beatles were featured — literally half the Whites who were included were Beatles, making Beatles even more overrepresented than Jews in the total. (Jews are only overrepresented by 900 per cent. if you count the US population, or 9,000 per cent. if you count the world population.) The Beatles all fell into the race-mixing White category, by the way, scoring one East-Asian-marrier (Lennon), one serial Jew-marrier (McCartney), one Mestizo-marrier (Harrison), and one half-Jew-marrier (Starr).

Of course, making crumby-looking plaques stained with PC nonsense is one thing — and making a functioning spacecraft is another. I suspect that the scientists, designers, and other team members that did the actual engineering look almost as White as the Confederate officer corps did in 1864. I know that Spacex’s team does.

The Lucy Mission launch cost around $148 million. The total mission cost will be around six times that amount, or just under a billion dollars over the ten year life of the project, roughly $100 million per year. Lucy’s engineers have designed the spacecraft to receive two “gravity assists” from the Earth’s gravitational field, one in 2022 and another in 2024. From 2025 to 2027 it will fly by five asteroids residing in a belt of them near Jupiter’s orbit, and then return to the vicinity of Earth for another gravity assist, whereupon it will travel to another belt of asteroids orbiting with the gas giant, where it will examine two more asteroids, after which it will be in a stable orbit, able to continue the mission even beyond the current plans.

NASA scientists discuss the Lucy mission.

But will it continue? Will there be any space missions after the current generation? Will there still be funding to pay for the aerospace engineering and sophisticated electronics that make them all possible? Will there still be enough Aryan brains and hands at the helm to conceive, design, and execute space missions? Will there still be enough people who can understand and interpret the data? Most significantly of all, will enough people be left who even care about such things?

Who cares? is a supremely important question. It applies to everything, not just the Lucy mission. It applies to everything that human beings do.

At the same time as this space mission, a late efflorescence of Aryan scientific genius, begins, there are signs of massive decline in once-White America.

My little essay about the Philadelphia Airport brought some good responses, and I continue to think of that city — America’s first capital and the birthplace of the Founders’ America — as a harbinger of what may come, and a lesson for all the future generations of our folk. Philadelphia was also brought to my mind by some video productions I’ve seen recently.

First, I looked at Philadelphia in 1951 and in another film from the early 50s. A little frayed around the edges perhaps, but orderly, filled with well-maintained buildings, some of quite grand architectural aspect, peopled by decent-looking White men and women and children of both the middle and working classes, fantastically well-groomed and dressed by today’s standards, walking with purpose and good posture and a spring in their steps, with lovely shopping areas and green spaces where a mother with a baby in a carriage obviously felt safe. Non-Whites were almost nowhere to be seen — presumably they were in their own separate, effectively (though unofficially) segregated, neighborhoods. Ominously, though, the parasite was present — Jewish department (and other) store names were easily spotted.

Next, I looked at home movies taken in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood in 1982. The White population’s standards had clearly deteriorated. Clothing was slovenly, personal deportment sloppy and uncaring, behavior was more than occasionally crude, flouting of the law and drug use were common — but women with children were still in evidence; White people felt safe enough to sit on their porches and socialize night or day; most people looked healthy; White neighborhoods still looked 99 per cent. White, and Blacks kept mostly to their own turf, as presumably the other non-Whites did too — I didn’t see a single one there. But the Blacks’ area was right next door now, and growing. One White kid, driving through a totally blighted Black block — it looked like it had been bombed recently — while being filmed by a friend, sings “the world is a ghetto” and remarks that his family used to live in this neighborhood, but he wouldn’t want to live there now. Only Blacks were seen in this block, and none in the White section only a few streets away. At numerous points in the home movie, Jewish television propaganda can be heard blaring from a nearby sitting room, and Negro-influenced pop music on the radio rattles the ears incessantly.

Then I looked at Philadelphia today, in 2021. There’s a YouTuber (actually, more than one) who specializes in documenting what’s happening in the Kensington neighborhood. He rolls up and down the streets with a side-facing camera, offering no commentary whatever, simply showing you what’s going on. And he does this day after day, week after week, so after watching for a while you can really see what the streets that Ben Franklin and George Washington used to walk on are like today.

It’s a horror show. It’s a zombie movie become real.

The “equality” brigade got their way. There are women with carriages, but I can guarantee you there are no White babies in them. There are no more White neighborhoods. No separate Black neighborhoods. All is multiracial chaos, with Blacks and Whites and mystery mixes intermingled just like Alzy Joe and Kamala Hateswhites and Jonathan Greenblatt want it. And those shops where people used to get their fashions and their cameras and their food? — almost without exception they are closed and shuttered, their storefronts covered with bent iron bars or the ubiquitous dented, filthy steel rolldown doors, installed to deter junkies and Negroes, that look like they haven’t been opened since Clinton was president. The very few businesses that are open sport the “battered prison look” too. Trash is everywhere, blowing in piles like AIDS-infected tumbleweed, ankle-deep in places, knee-deep in the bigger drifts.The lucky ones live in filthy tents, one spray-painted “HORE CAMP,” the rest live amidst the feces and urine stains on the sidewalks, gibbering and taking an interest in the garbage blowing by. Random fires burn in the streets on colder nights. Drug selling, and “shooting up” are openly engaged in. Sometimes the police are just a few feet away. Nothing is done. A White man in his 30s, waiting for his “fix” near the subway station, is oblivious to the Negroes that surround him and “acts out” the act of rolling up his sleeve, finding a vein, and pretending to inject the drug over and over and over again, each time more agitated, more out of control. Everywhere, even in the middle of the day, people are sleeping the sleep that might as well be death, looking for all the world like corpses sprawled randomly on the concrete, on boxes, or on furniture pillaged from nearby buildings.

Nothing to see here. Just a little elevator maintenance needed, that’s all.

Forget erect posture. Forget a spring in the step — except perhaps a fear-induced one in normal Whites who’ve accidentally wandered here. A large proportion of the people stumble or shuffle or are seriously off-balance. A very noticeable fraction are what they call “dipping,” a result, I am told, of long-term heroin use, their ravaged nervous systems compelling them to bend down low at the waist, bobbing up and down while stumbling or head-butting some object or person for no discernible purpose, waving their arms or gesticulating to no one, mumbling to no one, going nowhere. Teen or twentysomething White girls, someone’s daughters, are “hanging” on the corners, selling their bodies to any Congoid with a ten dollar bill, scratching their legs compulsively and brushing off insects that are there only in their imaginations, another result of chronic heroin use. A neoclassical building of 100 years ago is now the backdrop for a “needle disposal” bin. Most don’t use the bin. Bloody needles and even a bloody Covid mask litter the ground. Don’t go to Kensington wearing flip-flops. Buildings that look like they should definitely not be occupied by human beings have dull lights on inside at night. God only knows what’s happening in there, out of sight.

People who are selling their bodies to jungle rejects don’t care. People whose entire consciousness is focused on the next heroin injection don’t care about themselves, about their neighborhoods, about their cities, about their countries, about anything.

This is the end result of the collapse of White America. The collapse of White discipline. The collapse of White confidence. The collapse of White racial consciousness and its replacement with the Jewish shibboleths of “equality.” The collapse of White racial separation. Much of this is fueled by Jewish media and Jewish influence on government policies. Much of this is also fueled by the ancient Jewish religion of Christianity, which has infected our people’s souls with weakness, with false “kindness,” with fawning worship of the parasite, and with a false belief in racelessness, in human “equality.” Kensington in Philadelphia is the result of all these things. And it’s coming for your neighborhood next. Unless you stop it. You can’t stop it alone. I can’t stop it alone. We can only do it together. That’s why there’s the National Alliance.

Don’t believe it’s coming? After all, you might say, my city’s nowhere near as far gone as Kensington. Even large parts of Philly aren’t as far gone as Kensington. But you forget. You forget even the recent past. Just a few years ago, when that disgusting traitor Bill Clinton was smoothly telling us that “midnight basketball” was going to solve the Black problem, even Kensington wasn’t nearly as far gone as Kensington is now. And Kensington is nothing compared to parts of Oakland and Minneapolis and New York and Chicago. These cities, and others like them, and entire states, are already spending more than ten times on policing and housing and feeding and “counseling” the non-Whites there than what the entire ten-year-long Lucy space exploration project cost — and they’re doing that every single year. And that doesn’t even count the cost of trying to repair the irreparably damaged Whites who have been swept up in the whirlpool of death that Jew-led, Third World America has become. It’s advancing upon us. Dope and meth and junk are already in your neighborhood. You’d better believe it. It’s getting worse. With no end in sight. No improvement in sight. The tide is coming, bigger and more irresistible than any tide you’ve seen before. It’s building into a tidal wave a thousand miles high. And it’s heading right for you and your family.

How could there be an improvement, as long as current values rule? They tell us: “All people are equal.” “There is only one race, the human race.” “Race doesn’t matter.” “Racism is evil and must be stamped out.” “White people are evil and must atone for their hate and racism.” That’s what’s led to where we are.

We live in a society in which those empty platitudes serve as a substitute for meaning and purpose. The young and the terminally naïve believe in these platitudes — often long enough to ruin their lives — while the intelligent, perceptive people only pretend. They mouth the slogans that they are required to pretend to believe, and which they must never publicly contradict on pain of career suicide and sometimes even legal persecution. That is America today. But they no longer believe. They wouldn’t fight for those slogans. They certainly wouldn’t die for them.

Let’s get the intelligent, perceptive people together. Let’s get them together and teach them true values, based on biological and scientific truths — which are really sacred truths. Show them how to care again. Show them that we must care again. Care about our race and its future. Let’s get the White people together again. More together than even Washington and the other Founders got them together. More together than even the great Europeans of the 1930s got them together. Let’s stop the tide. Then let’s burn it all down, every single Kensington down, and build something new in its place. Something great. Something for the ages to marvel at. A new nation, with new values, for the future generations of our people, something our descendants will thank us for — for all time to come.

* * *

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