Uniting Our People

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 26 June, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

A LISTENER AND friend has asked me to comment on how we can unite — unite the race-aware and the enemy-aware; and unite our people. I agree that, in the long term, this is a desirable and necessary goal.

At the same time, I have to deplore the impression made by most “movement unity” events and the like. They strongly and uncomfortably resemble the rag-tag, unfocused, and largely self-contradictory random collection of groups and individuals assembled in front of the occupied Capitol on 6 January 2021. That kind of floundering, disparate, multiplex array of foggy awareness, crankiness, and occasional courage can also be seen in “White Unity” conclaves. Think Charlottesville 2017. Some such gatherings make a better impression than that, of course, but only by one order of magnitude, perhaps, if that. The same fractured ideologies and worldviews and strategies and even cultural practices are there, seeping out around the edges even when they aren’t front and center. Think every David Duke conference. Think every Amren conference. Think of the meetings of the Mountain Church and Aryan Nations that Dr. Pierce attended as a guest speaker in the 1980s and 1990s.

It might seem paradoxical, but we see a lot more unity at meetings and projects run by one organization, with one leader, than we do at self-styled “movement” or “unity” meetings. But it’s not paradoxical. It’s natural. It’s to be expected. When we see, for example, Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Scandinavia hold a public action, we see men with a certain degree of physical training — men with a common goal, disciplined to the extent that almost their every move on the street and in their interactions with the public is planned in advance and coordinated. We see marchers, though they wear no actual uniform, who have absolutely uniform clothing, uniform symbology, literature, signs, leaflets, and/or banners, who are uniformly well-groomed and well-dressed. There are no disparate, jarring differences in the way they look or the things they communicate. They are on point, on-message, all the time. That’s unity.

Likewise, National Alliance meetings and work sessions are gatherings of people who have accepted National Alliance ideology, National Alliance goals, and National Alliance rules and values as their own. They’re part of something — one thing — that is larger than themselves. They’re part of a living community, too — a real-world community of single men and women, of wives and husbands and families, a real-world community with its own spirituality and its own values and goals, a community started by William Pierce in 1970 and which is still building for the future in 2021. Such a community is bound to be far more united, and far more focused on common goals, than a random collection of pro-Whites who might have fifteen different ideologies, fifteen different visions of what the future should be like, and as many differing symbologies, leaders, and ideas of how we should move forward, many of which are absolutely contradictory.

Many have been those who have said that our focus in the National Alliance is too narrow, our ideology too hard to sell to the majority. They’ve advised us that, in the cause of unity — and of getting more members faster — we should take a “big tent” approach, and drop all of those things that average Whites, even racially conscious ones. find difficult to understand or accept. We should, they say, stop telling the truth about Hitler and National Socialism, for example, and couch everything we say in terms of the US Constitution or the like; we should stop educating our people about the evolutionary nature of Life and of the Universe, and why that must be the spiritual basis of our struggle, and instead embrace (or at least give lip service to) some vision or version of the Hebrew scriptures; we should stop telling the truth about the crooked Jewish conglomeration of scams and tyranny that is modern capitalism, and instead pretend, like the conservatives, that it is “free enterprise” and to be praised. A few even suggest that we should downplay the Jewish role in our dispossession and looming genocide, and abandon our plans for a whole new society, and instead just try to convince our executioners and their owned politicians to “be more reasonable” with us.

It’s possible that these things could get us a higher membership signup rate. In Dr. Pierce’s final years, he tried to incorporate quite a few people from the skinhead and “White power” music “scenes” into the Alliance. And many of these were good, sincere, people. He believed that they could be educated and changed by the Alliance. But the numbers of these people were too great, and their education was neglected. Several ambitious newcomers saw their way to fame, as Dr. Pierce was fading during his final illness, through watering down and ultimately abandoning Dr. Pierce’s spiritual vision. Instead of the Alliance changing them, they started to change the Alliance. After Dr. Pierce died, the wrong people were placed in leadership roles and the best people were forced out. After that, what was left of the Alliance, in an effort to gain quickly in numbers, became just another “pro-White” group. Its unique vision was abandoned. Maybe there was a temporary surge in numbers; I do not know. But after a decade of the “big tent,” those who were devoted to Dr. Pierce’s vision were discouraged or disgusted and had just about all left. And most of the new recruits, skinheads of limited understanding, or “big tenters” of one kind or another, were doing what they always do — flitting from “movement” star to “movement” star, from one ideology or religious sect to another, from newsletter or Web site king to clever alt-right humorist and back again — and just about all of them had left the “big tent” Alliance after a few weeks or months, once they found something that was, temporarily at least, more exciting and fun.

The end result was that the Alliance collapsed. I thank the Fates that it was rescued and put on the Piercian path once again by Will Williams. Now we’re publishing books again, adding to our Cosmotheist spiritual legacy, building a much bigger media audience, buying properties, building a warehouse, breaking ground for our William Pierce Library and Research Center, solemnizing marriages, bringing children into the world and into our community. That’s being noticed. It’s being noticed by the right kind of people, people who can really contribute to the future we’re building, people who will inspire even more confidence in others in the months and years ahead. All of that was achieved by putting into practice unity — but not the false and very temporary unity you get when you chase numbers; instead it is the true unity of purpose and dedication that leads to success and sustainable, organic growth. When you have to ask for help just to become viable, and we do now, you have to be super-selective. You have to create unity through one-and-one enlightenment and significant selectivity, even if that means slower growth. Later, when you are past the threshold of viability and you actually control some territory, then you can build unity much faster through universal education and acculturation. But we’re not there yet, and it’s very foolish to pretend that we are.

Now I am not saying that there is no use for pro-White conferences. There is — connecting with excellent people and educating them about what we’re doing, and why it’s the only way to win long-term, can be very valuable. I’m not saying that single-issue front groups, focused on, say, getting rid of “Drag Queen Story Time” abominations, or defeating an odious gun law, or stopping the teaching of Critical Race Theory, can’t be useful. They can, if they’re done with the idea of bringing the best and most talented people encountered into our orbit and ultimately, our community. And I am not saying that we can’t have genuine cooperation and friendship with people with a somewhat different ideology or approach or a somewhat lower level of understanding. We can and we have. And we will in the future. Ultimately, we’re going to want to share a whole country with such people. You can’t order people to have a new understanding or a spiritual renewal. White people don’t work that way. Every Aryan man and woman must do that via his or her own path. That’s the kind of creatures we are. Society writ large moves slowly. Moving our Folk toward the proper degree of ideological and spiritual unity is a very long-term goal.

But where we need unity now, true unity, is at the highest level in our community. That’s the key to achieving a much larger, nation-wide and ultimately race-wide unity in the future. That’s the key to having a viable organization and a viable community that teaches its values to the next generation and integrates them into the community — with those values and that vision undimmed and without confusion. That’s an organization and a community that can span generations.

One we can span generations, once our One Purpose can be passed from one generation to the next perfectly intact and without compromise, then our growth really means something. Then we can switch our focus from becoming a viable organization and community to affecting the world around us, politically, socially, economically, and in every other way. Then we can assume a role of leadership over a significant part of this Earth, and put our unshakable principles into action on a much larger scale. Then we can be in charge of our people’s enlightenment and education, from kindergarten to university, from newspapers to films, from the visual arts to literature, and in every other way. Then we can prove to our Folk that our way is Nature’s way, the Creator’s way, the only way that assures our survival and progress. And we can put millions, instead of the present thousands, on a path of spiritual and racial awakening. Then we can possess a military capability to defend our Folk and our Truth. Then our example will be seen by every single man or woman of European descent, even by those in countries still occupied and ruled by the Jew, and millions more White people will choose Life instead of death.

That’s the unity the men and women of the National Alliance are working for and living for. That’s what I’m working for and living for. That’s the unity that my family is working for and living for. And I hope you will join us.

* * *

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https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2021-0626 Uniting Our People.mp3

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