ESG and You

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 19 June, 2021 2021-0619 ESG and You.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LAST WEEK I spoke to you about the anti-White hatred that culminated in the slaughter of every last White man, woman, and child in the country of Haiti, and how that same hatred is being stoked by the controlled media and the captured government of the United States today. And I warned you that we are headed for the same kind of slaughter if we do nothing. And I have spoken to you many times on American Dissident Voices about the control of the media by — and the domination of American politics by — a Jewish minority which has decided to eliminate White people from the face of the Earth, after impoverishing us, taking everything we ever had or created away from us, and making us utterly incapable of defending ourselves.

Once you understand the anti-White agenda, and once you understand that it is above all else a Jewish agenda (with a lot of non-Jewish hangers-on and employees), everything will become clear to you.

You’ll understand why little children are being encouraged to “identify” as the wrong sex and then grotesquely mutilate their bodies. (To reduce the White birthrate, of course.) You’ll understand why homosexuality and sexual perversion of an ever-increasing diversity of kind is being pushed by all the bought politicians and in all of the billionaires’ media and by all the ultra-wealthy corporations. (To reduce the White birthrate, of course.) You’ll understand why these same institutions and individuals will accept nothing less than totally open borders. (To replace Whites with non-Whites, of course.) You’ll understand why horrific racially-motivated violent crimes against White people — including murder after murder after murder, day after day, year after year — are hushed up except for local coverage; and why sometimes the perpetrators are even let go — and you’ll understand why Whites who merely say something that mildly disagrees with the anti-White agenda, or who faintly criticize the Third Worlding of America, are the subject of rabid hate in the national media that sometimes lasts for months, doxing, job loss, and even criminal prosecution. (In order to intimidate Whites into silence in the face of a real and ongoing genocide, and to keep as many Whites ignorant of how they are being genocided for as long as possible — long enough, the Jews hope, to make any effective resistance impossible — that’s why.) Whites getting killed, and CNN and CBS and NBC and the rest of them — just crickets. Whites saying that nice White neighborhoods are a good thing, or criticizing Black Lives Matter rioters in even the slightest way, and it’s a national story — with the Whites the bad guys — for weeks and weeks, with no dissident White being allowed to keep his job or business if the Jewish media can help it.

Yes, once you understand the reality of the anti-White agenda and its Jewish string-pullers, everything becomes crystal clear.

But even those of us who understand that reality might not understand how the Jews’ power structure became so dominant. Why, for example, do they pull the strings instead of us here in America? After all, we Whites are still 60 per cent. of the population and they are just two or three per cent. The answer has several parts. One reason is that Jews are organized racially and we are not. Another is that we have accepted a false, inverted morality that tells us it is somehow “wrong” for us to be organized racially and to stand up for our interests or even our survival — an inverted morality which says that it is morally superior for us to accept our own demise than to even identify as a race or a people, much less actually trying to survive. And we must solve this moral problem, because if we don’t we are dead, our children are dead, and everything we could ever be or do is dead.

Let’s also look at yet another reason why the Jews are strong enough to be a deadly threat to our people. And that reason is their power of money. Jews dominate the world of money in America. We have documented here that about 72 per cent. of the executive management of the Fed, and of Wall Street banks and hedge funds — and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us from Wall Street — are comprised of Jews, more than 3000 per cent. higher than their proportion of the population. When low-interest (or, these days, no-interest or negative-interest) money is created by the Fed and by the banking system in the trillions upon trillions of dollars, and at an ever-accelerating rate, who do you think gets this money first, before it is invested and marked up and loan-sharked to the suckers further down the line?

The people who are first in line for the newly-created money — especially the bankers who create it to begin with and their close associates — increase their wealth tremendously: 1) because they get the money before prices are bid up by the market, and 2) they get it at near-zero cost — who wouldn’t want to invest in a hundred, a thousand different schemes, some of which will surely pay off big time, if the money is essentially free? Ordinary citizens never used to have such windfalls — and the stimulus money we’ve gotten recently is just a tiny eyedropper’s worth compared to the ocean of dollars that the banks, and major corporations that are in bed with them, and the NGOs they fund, have been awash in for many, many decades. This “getting the money cheap and getting the money first” is called the Cantillon Effect, from the 18th-century French economist who first described an early version of the phenomenon.

One small example of what these self-styled elites do with the power their money confers is deny dissident Whites, like the National Alliance and the Cosmotheist Church, access to their money and credit system so we can’t sell online. We have been denied the right to access their credit card processing network some 20 times now in the last few years, each time with a supposedly different, independent firm — but all these “independent” credit card processors all have the exact same policy, for some strange reason — if you criticize the Jewish power structure and its anti-White agenda, you are denied service. Most interestingly, these politically-motivated denial-of-service decisions taken by all these “independent” firms all started to take place in 2017, when the fake narrative about James Alex Fields being a murderer was created and pushed by the media, and tragically was successfully pushed into our corrupt court system too. You’d almost think that our “free press” and banking and financial services firms were all owned by the same crowd — now that couldn’t be true, could it?

We’ve been able to keep selling books online because 1) we have a very determined and smart team, and 2) we use postal mail and cryptocurrency for payments. Cash and cash alternatives like money orders and personal checks haven’t been attacked or corralled yet by our enemies (though they may be) and it’s unlikely that cryptocurrency ever will be, fully — especially since Bitcoin was intentionally designed to be a permissionless payment system that validates transactions regardless of the political status of the payee or recipient. Boy, do they hate that!

Our enemies literally salivate when they think about denying the right to property, wealth, energy, and free transactions to those they hate — like racially conscious Whites and others. You didn’t think they’d stop with credit card processors, did you? Oh no, no way. They’ve been creating a whole new way to control you and deny you money and financial services while you were sleeping or watching TikTok dance videos.

It’s called ESG, which stands for Environmental — Social — Governance. In many ways, it resembles Communist China’s “social credit score” that is given to every citizen, and determines how he is regarded and treated by the regime and its affiliated capitalist businesses. (Love the Party and its agenda, increase your score. Criticize the people with power and money, crater your score.) Long before you ever heard of ESG, it was adopted by major businesses and financial firms. Many, perhaps most of them now, have “ESG” sections on their Web sites and in their corporate reports. And, more sinister, they also have “ESG criteria” they pledge to use when deciding with whom and on what terms they will do business.

If you read these ESG pages and reports, it all sounds very much like “feel good” altruism and “corporations starting to be responsible for the environment” and such. And that’s how they’re selling it. But if you think that the hedge fund vultures and Jewish leveraged-buyout kings who just finished deindustrializing America and outsourcing your job to slave labor in Asia are concerned with “morality” and “the environment,” you are very gullible indeed.

Wikipedia says of ESG:

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) data refers to metrics related to intangible assets within the enterprise. Research shows that intangible assets comprise an increasing percentage of future enterprise value. While there are many ways to think of intangible asset metrics, these three central factors together, ESG, comprise a label that has been adopted throughout the United States financial industry. They are used for a myriad of specific purposes with the ultimate objective of measuring elements related to sustainability and societal impact of a company or business…. In the 1970s, the worldwide abhorrence of the apartheid regime in South Africa led to one of the most renowned examples of selective disinvestment along ethical lines. As a response to a growing call for sanctions against the regime, the Reverend Leon Sullivan, a board member of General Motors in the United States, drew up a Code of Conduct in 1971 for practising business with South Africa. What became known as the Sullivan Principles attracted a great deal of attention and several reports were commissioned by the government to examine how many US companies were investing in South African companies that were contravening the Sullivan Code. The conclusions of the reports led to a mass disinvestment by the US from many South African companies. The resulting pressure applied to the South African regime by its business community added great weight to the growing impetus for the system of apartheid to be abandoned. … Diversity: There is a growing belief that the broader the pool of talent open to an employer the greater the chance of finding the optimum person for the job. Innovation and agility are seen as the great benefits of diversity, and there is an increasing awareness of what has come to be known as ‘the power of difference’.

They also include “metrics” that would sound very good to anyone, like protecting the natural environment — but I believe that’s a bunch of hypocritical nonsense to be used selectively against anyone who steps out of line. For example, when Elon Musk recently said Tesla was going to accept payment in Bitcoin, he got a phone call from Larry Fink, the Jewish boss at Black Rock, the world’s largest hedge fund — and a major Tesla shareholder. Larry Fink said that Musk’s support of Bitcoin was problematic from an ESG perspective, specifically an environmental perspective, since Bitcoin uses a lot of computing power and hence a lot of energy to make its network secure. That’s pretty rich, coming from the head predator at the Wall Street predator’s ball. Even ignoring the fact that American banks use more energy than Bitcoin, as do Americans’ Christmas lights every year, it strains credulity to the breaking point to think that Black Rock or its bosses or its many minions actually care about our natural environment. ESG is just a weapon to them, useful to get what they want and to punish those who get out of line. Musk quickly got back into line.

They’re so far ahead of the general public’s awareness on this ESG project that there are already multiple “ESG ratings firms” in existence. It’s a business sector in itself, as is the new “field,” full of divisions, newly-minted VPS, and startups, of making sure your business “keeps in line” and gets the highest score possible.

Can this be politicized? It already is. The Bank of America famously went through its customer’s accounts to help the government find people who travelled to Washington, DC on 6 January this year. They got an increased ESG score for that “public service.” What’s next? And who voted for any of this? And who decides what actions are “good” and increase your score — and what actions are “bad”? Ultimately, these scores will be applied to small businesses and families and individuals — and will be used to determine your access to a lot more than just credit card processing.

The Jewish power structure would like to severely limit the amount of energy (of all kinds) that we, their servants, are allowed to consume in return for washing their cars and building their mansions, et cetera. Crypto disrupts their ability to control this, and that is beginning to anger them. Ultimately it will enrage them. I do hope that the new, free financial system will be so entrenched by that time that their rage will be futile. The playing field will be different then. The Jews will still have huge power, but there is a good chance that the wildly disproportionate flow of funds to and through them will be significantly reduced. And a new powerful class will arise — early adopters — and we do not yet know to what extent they will have any coherent agenda and what, if it exists, it will be.

Far more important than the financial system and ESG, though, is the moral system — the spiritual and moral values — that undergird what people and governments and businesses and societies do. Fix our notions of what is good and what is bad, what is moral and what is evil, and everything changes. Fix that, and we could live with ESGs and social credit scores just fine — in fact, these currently quite evil and tyrannical things might turn into good, positive, liberating things. Imagine if predatory Jews were not allowed to receive credit of any kind — in fact, were not permitted to engage in financial transactions of any kind — until such time as their permanent relocation was irrevocably arranged. Imagine if anyone who promoted racial mixing or defilement of our women were instantly denied all financial services so long as he had failed to remove himself from our society. Imagine a society in which service to the race and the race’s future would be generously rewarded as it should be. And all that would just be the beginning of what could be done.

With the right moral values all this becomes possible.

The National Alliance, and only the National Alliance, is working for the day when new moral and spiritual values will triumph and our society will be remade right, from the ground up. It can’t be done any other way.

* * *

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