South African Apocalypse

Good luck with that pellet gun, Mazimbe.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 17 July, 2021 2021-0717 South African Apocalypse.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE SCENES ARE indeed apocalyptic. Close up, you see a gigantic factory in flames, gibbering Negroes by the hundreds wending in and out, carrying off everything of value, running over each other and knocking down their fellow looters into burning embers without looking back. A lone Negro policeman fires a few rubber pellets at the crowd, the result being that, maybe, just maybe, the trajectory of the pillagers changes by one or two degrees, if that. In a moment or two the policeman runs away. End result: free rein for the rioters.

Zoom out and you see it isn’t just a great factory in flames. It’s the huge shopping mall next door, as large as any seen in America, with a pullulating Negro mob of tens of thousands, like locusts, consuming everything in their path, breaking, shattering, smashing, carrying it all away on their backs, on their heads, in shopping carts, forced to abandon the automobiles some of them arrived in themselves as the access roads get totally clogged with looters and people trying to flee for their lives, the cars themselves then getting stripped of anything that can be carried away.

White people have never, ever acted in this way. It’s inconceivable.

After it is mostly over, nothing is left but cinders and empty shells of buildings, and unspeakable fields of trash from horizon to horizon, evidence of carnage spread over the hills and dales as far as the eye can see, over several square miles of landscape.

Zoom out even farther and see the drone footage taken from above. It’s not one factory and one mall — it’s hundreds of malls, thousands of shopping centers, thousands of businesses and industrial facilities, untold neighborhoods devastated or utterly destroyed. It’s whole towns and cities and swathes of vast provinces. It’s beyond the worst nightmares and imaginations of the makers of apocalyptic games and films — and it’s real. It’s happening now. In what used to be a shining, high-technology and High Culture — a First World society, just as advanced as America.

The highways for miles and miles into the countryside are impassable. Trucks bringing milk have been forced to dump thousands upon thousands of gallons onto farmers’ fields because they can’t make it to their destinations.

And the food lines have started. In some areas, shoppers can get only fifteen items per household — at least until the still-standing stores run out, and they run out quickly. The lines wind for miles, street upon street, hungry non-Whites cheek-by-jowl with the hungry Whites unlucky enough to be stuck in the area, waiting for forward movement that often never comes — “sorry, we’re closing, out of food, out of everything….” Gradually, the message makes its way to ends of the lines, anger building. It’s the same story for fuel.

The very best place to view the carnage in South Africa — and the closely-related carnage in America and Europe for that matter — is on a site run by a courageous truthteller which is titled Riot Archive — — which simply aggregates without comment video recordings of what is actually happening as formerly White societies around the world implode. It’s a huge collection, spanning more than a year of violence now, so massive that the recent South African videos alone would take you weeks to watch. But a sampling is all you need to grasp the nature and enormity of what is going on.

The insane Black violence is mainly in Black areas, but that doesn’t mean Whites aren’t being hurt or killed. Some Whites live in Natal, the epicenter of some of the worst mayhem, but it’s considered a “Black area.” There have been significant spillovers of Black savagery into Indian neighborhoods, and the calls from Indians for help from the mostly-Black police have even resulted in some Indians being threatened with arrest for “disrespecting” the Black officers — all this while roving bands of Blacks are being recorded on camera using axes, bludgeons, rocks, and battering rams to break down the doors of occupied homes — the final denouements of these horrific scenes are not known, but they can’t be pretty.

The national Minister of Police — Black, of course — is interviewed. He proves to be a near-illiterate and makes the claim that he will stop the looting by threatening to “check everyone’s receipts” — I kid you not.

Some White policemen have been seen acting competently, but they are few and their colleagues and superiors are Black, some of whom secretly or not-so-secretly sympathize with the rioters, and the police as a whole are so vastly outnumbered by the ravaging hundreds of thousands that essentially nothing can be done even if there was the best will in the world to do so. If Whites were organized racially, and fully in charge of the police’s resources, it would probably be a different story. There have been cases of Whites organizing armed community defenses, setting up roadblocks to keep the mobs out, and shooting some non-lethal weapons to good effect. Interviews indicate that these efforts have been successful, which is heartening. But the Whites have to live under a regime run by their enemies. They haven’t dared to use real bullets. How long our kinsmen’s superior organizational skills will let them hold out under such restrictions in the face of Black mayhem is uncertain. Let us hope they regain the courage to do what must be done, and let us also hope that one day soon, they will be able to oust the regime from their cities and towns and farms and regain the sovereignty they must have in order to live.

One interesting thing is that, more than a quarter century after the Whites gave up their country and handed over control to Jew-backed Blacks under the official guise of “becoming a non-racial democracy,” despite all the “we are equal” propaganda, despite all the rhetoric of how separation of the races is “evil,” there are still distinct Black areas and White areas and Indian areas in South Africa. Of course there are. You can’t change Nature, and racial separation is natural. Racial separation is the great engine of evolution, which could not take place without it. Without racial separation Life could not diverge and evolve as it must to survive. So there is still a great deal of racial separation in South Africa. But even the limited degree of forced racial association that exists there is enough to endanger and destroy the lives and livelihoods of millions of our kinsmen and others in that blighted land.

And the very same kind of violence is coming to America. It’s already here, though the scale is not quite as large as what is happening in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

I wonder how many Whites in South Africa — and non-Whites, for that matter — still think it was “good” and “moral” and “humanitarian” to hand their country over to weaponized Communist Blacks and their Jewish overlords. I wonder how many still think that it “was worth it” to give away their country so their sports teams could compete overseas and have the US boycott lifted? I wonder how many still think that it “was worth it” to give away their country so the Christian churches and Jewish media would stop saying bad things about them, and implying that Jesus didn’t approve of Whites being in charge of their own nation. I wonder indeed.

The Jews who run CNN have chimed in on the situation. They can’t hide these riots, as they can and do hide non-White on White murders in the US, so they’re resorting to their same old tricks of blaming “White racism” and lack of sufficient wealth transfers from Whites to Blacks as the “underlying causes” of the riots. I just finished watching one Jew on CNN named Bender call this massive outbreak “South Africa’s January 6th moment,” as if this carnage on a subcontinental scale can be compared to a few almost entirely peaceful White protesters seeking a redress of grievances walking into the US Capitol, saying a few words, and leaving. But that’s Jews for you, so skilfully and inveterately deceptive that they aren’t satisfied until they’ve got you believing not only an untruth, but the opposite of the truth. Even the Blacks in South Africa aren’t blaming the White man this time, but the Jews at CNN are.

Since the so-called “civil rights revolution” pushed by the Jewsual suspects more than half a century ago, we in the US have been on the same path as South Africa. Things have happened faster in South Africa because of the higher proportion of non-Whites, especially Blacks, compared to America. But that is changing here, and fast. Our enemies, right and left, Republican and Democrat, are determined to keep our borders open and flood us with non-Whites of every description, especially the most primitive kinds. The Jewish-run media are a 24/7 promotion for open borders, racial mixing, “equality,” and extreme demonization of racially conscious Whites.

We have already seen our central cities burn in America — Washington, St. Louis, Trenton, Los Angeles, Ferguson, Detroit, and now even the great former Scandinavian-American redoubt of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I used to play as a child. That was a very different America. We are even as I speak hearing major academic and heavily promoted media figures calling for violence against Whites and for the legal persecution and imprisonment of any Whites who dare to defend themselves. We have already seen Blacks literally walk free after murdering White people.

Ask yourself what path we are on, Americans: Are we headed for a future we can be proud of, a future where our society advances to ever-higher levels of knowledge and power? Are we headed for a future in which our sons and daughters can be safe in the land we bequeathed to them? Will it even be considered their land at all? Or are we headed for squalor, for violence, for unquenchable hatred and torment and terror directed at those daughters, at those sons, that we brought into the world?

The men and women of the National Alliance know what path our people must be on. We know it is the precise opposite of the path that the media and the churches and the politicians of both parties insist that we take. We are building a community with the intention of raising a generation of White children our children, who will take the good path, the right path, the path we must take if we and everything we love are to survive. Join us. We can do it.

* * *

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