Men of Deeds

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

JUST YESTERDAY National Vanguard published an article by James Harting entitled “Did National Socialist Germany Ever Surrender?” It sets forth the fact that, technically and legally, the National Socialist German government never surrendered in World War 2, and that thus, the successor regimes set up on German soil are of no legal validity. The case made by Mr. Harting is irrefutable. The occupation regime is illegal! I doesn’t even exist, really. And the introduction to the piece, written by one of our National Vanguard editors, quotes my statement of a few years ago that, since World War 2 isn’t over, the good guys can still win it.

The “government” in Berlin today therefore ought to be of no more legal force than a comic-opera king’s, and no German ought to obey it and no foreign state ought to recognize it.

But a commenter, Thomas Cole, brings us back to practical reality — and this applies to every society, not just Germany — when he states:

Paper means nothing.
Ideas mean nothing.
Deeds mean everything.

In other words, the men with guns who get salaries and pensions from the System, the men in Black robes and suits who interpret and make the System’s so-called “laws” and who also get salaries and pensions from the System, do not care if the System is “legal” or not, do not care about your legal arguments that all its laws are of no legitimate standing, do not care what words written on any piece of paper (including any Constitution) say or mean, and are simply going get their gun-toting pension-loving goons to shackle you and imprison you if you cause too much trouble.

And they can do this because they control the money-spigots and you do not, therefore the goons obey them and not you. And they can do this because they are confident that no one is going to challenge their gun-toting goons in kind and make the goons stand down or suffer loss of life. And they are equally sure that we, the people, are weak-willed, poorly-armed, and disorganized, and that therefore they stand little chance of having their own blood spilled, either. (This is one reason why the buffoonery of 6 January 2021 really worried them; it shook their confidence, at least a little bit, that the people would never decide to punish them for their crimes.)

In other words: They’ve got mercenaries — soldiers, police, US Marshals, whatever — to be their Men of Deeds for them. And they believe that we have no Men of Deeds on our side yet, at least not enough to make a difference.

As in Germany, so in America: There is plenty of evidence that the regime in Washington is illegal, too. How could a central government that arrested the legislature of Maryland because they were about to “vote wrongly,” as Abraham Lincoln’s government once did, have any legitimacy at all? How could any statute enacted by such a tyranny be valid after that? How, then, can any federal law since 1861 — or any state or local law that acknowledges such “federal laws” — be valid? They are obviously no laws at all, just pretended laws.

How could a government that breaks its own rules routinely, as the whole political system that put Resident Biden in the White House did a thousand times at least, have any validity? Aren’t all of the laws it enacts just fake laws, pretended laws, of no effect whatever?

How could a US government based on the Fourteenth and subsequent two Amendments, which were obviously forced on the southern states by military occupation governments, under which almost all citizens were disenfranchised, possibly be legal? How can any law passed by such a government be a real law, and that includes every single federal law since the 1870s and even earlier? How can any Supreme Court interpretation based on those illegally passed Amendments be valid? How even can the appointment of the Justices who made those decisions have been valid? They are obviously pretended Justices, serving on a pretended Court, the “Supreme Court” of a whole illegitimate system of pretended courts, trying and imprisoning people with no more authority than your neighbor across the street would have if he started arresting, trying, and imprisoning people.

And all of this is unquestionably true, as will become evident to anyone who objectively looks at it. But it doesn’t matter if it’s true if no one, or not enough of us, act on it. Again, remember:

Paper means nothing.
Ideas mean nothing.
Deeds mean everything.

Back in the 1980s, a patriot using the nom de guerre James O. Pace wrote a book in which he proposed to reverse America’s decline and restore her to good government through a constitutional amendment. He called his proposed amendment the Pace Amendment, and it would have restricted US citizenship to Whites only — just as originally intended by America’s founders. Revilo Oliver wrote of it at the time:

By far the best and most cogent of the proposals that I have seen is the work of a practicing lawyer in the city that is still called New York, James O. Pace, whose Amendment to the Constitution Averting the Decline and Fall of America is published by Johnson, Pace, Simmons, & Fennell [in] Sunland, California. The first ninety-one pages are a sagacious and comprehensive survey of the present plight of the American people, with a reasoned indication of the only means of escape still open to them without a real Civil War. That unique means is a restoration of the Republic by strictly limiting citizenship to members of our race (“the European race”). There is nothing in this first section to which one of us could object, although we may wish to change the emphasis in a few details here and there. The author’s proposition commands unqualified assent.

The requisite limitation of citizenship is to be obtained by enacting an amendment to the Constitution, and the amendment is to be proposed by a Constitutional Convention, summoned at the behest of the legislatures of at least two-thirds of the states, and is to be ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the states or, if necessary, by specially called conventions in those states.

Mr. Pace has drawn up the text of the amendment and shown in detail why each provision of the amendment is politically sound, and has illustrated the whole process by which the amendment will be enacted and save the American people from the deadly trap into which they thoughtlessly put themselves. And all this, please note, will be done with strict adherence to the Constitution and by entirely Constitutional and legal procedures.

This is a splendid plan and I endorse it whole-heartedly. Mr. Pace has, in his 179 pages, documented with a lawyer’s thoroughness, given us everything we need to restore the American Republic, even the text of the amendment that will resurrect it. The only thing that he has not fully explained is the conduct of the elections that will be necessary at some stage preliminary to the triumphal recovery of our liberty and independence. It may be consideration of the procedure at this stage was omitted because it is so obvious that it may be taken for granted.

Some of my readers, however, may be puzzled by the omission, especially when they reflect that all of us “rightists” have been and now are totally unable to elect even one avowed “racist” to the Federal Senate or to the House of Representatives or to the legislature of any state or, so far as I know, even to the board of supervisors of any county or to the municipal government of a small town. We have not even had the power to keep in the Senate or House such men as Senators Percy and Abourezk and Congressman Findlay, men who certainly never knowingly nodded to a “racist,” but did have the audacity to suggest that the lowly American boobs might have some interests apart from humbly serving God’s Chosen Pirates. The Jews, of course, not only promptly muzzled the obstreperous dogs, but did so quite openly to teach a lesson to other Aryan curs who might be tempted to whine in their masters’ presence. And what is more, the boobs seemed quite content to see their would-be champions muzzled.

I can see that readers who take those facts into account may not understand how Mr. Pace’s splendid amendment is to be enacted, so for their benefit I will outline, in confidence, the obviously necessary and indispensable procedure:

(1) At the strategic time, guided missiles will be launched from the subterranean silos that so many Americans secretly maintain beneath grape vines and rose bushes. The missiles will be directed at Washington and New York and equipped with warheads that are hydrogen bombs, in sufficient number totally to obliterate the two enemy citadels. It is unfortunately true that the annihilation of those cities will sacrifice some valuable lives and precious works of art, but the sacrifice must be made, since surprise is absolutely requisite for success of the strategy.

(2) Simultaneously, at least two thousand of the MBT-70 tanks that so many Neo-Nazis now keep in the back of the garage or Junior’s playhouse will be manned and proceed at once to occupy all centers of communication throughout the nation, covered by both pursuit planes and medium-sized bombers.

(3) Battalions of shock troops – perhaps 50,000 select storm troopers from the National Socialists in Arlington and the Aryan Nations would suffice, if properly trained and equipped – will simultaneously act to maintain order and prepare for elections to be held in sequence in the various communities through which they move, thus obviating the need for large numbers of men to supervise elections on the same day throughout the country.

(4) At the election, polls will be surrounded by detachments of storm troopers, who will make certain that only members of our race are admitted to vote. Election judges equipped with sub-machine-guns will reason with protesters.

(5) With elections thus properly conducted, the ratification of the Great Amendment should proceed smoothly and we should recover our lost country and our lost self-respect.

Oliver’s sarcasm may seem unkind to some. But this is an emergency, life-or-death situation, and so I think it was and is amply justified. Sometimes we need to be shocked out of our illusions.

What the Pace Amendment folks forgot is the fact that:

Paper means nothing.
Ideas mean nothing.
Deeds mean everything.

We need to become Men of Deeds. All the greatness of German National Socialist philosophy and law would have been nothing without Adolf Hitler’s inspiration of millions of Men — and Women — of Deeds to put them into practice. We need to become Men of Deeds. (That is not to disparage Men of Ideas, Men of Art, Men of Technics, Women of all Virtues, or any of the other absolutely necessary components of our new society. As Mr. Cole says, paper means nothing but we should, when being thorough, add the qualifier “by itself.” We do need laws. We do need books. We should also add the qualifier to the second line: Ideas mean nothing by themselves. But we we do need ideas, and only the right ones. Men of Deeds, indeed, are themselves worthless or harmful if imbued with the wrong ideas. The criminals who serve the Regime in Washington are Men of Deeds, too, you know. Mr. Coles’ statement is poetic truth, but poetic truth needs exposition.)

Of course, we National Alliance members know that legalism based on the US Constitution, even should tens or hundreds of thousands of Men of Deeds act on it, and crush the regime in Washington, is not enough. Not at all. The Founding Fathers of the United States, great and necessary as their accomplishments were for their time and to set the stage for our future, did not have the full understanding we in the National Alliance now possess.

We need to be Men of Deeds who make the National Alliance into an organization that will still be here 100 and 1,000 years from now. We need to be men of deeds to make the National Alliance into an organization that gives birth to new governments, new federations of governments, a new people and a new civilization that can transcend the bounds of Earth and Time.

We need a political, philosophical, and spiritual revolution that will put the America of the future, the White federation and White civilization of the future, on a far more solid footing than we’ve ever had in the past. Building on the true ideals of our forefathers, and the revolutionary ideas of great men like Hitler, Rockwell, Simpson, Oliver, and Pierce, we will raise up new generations and a new society that will astonish the world. We will build a society the very purpose of which is to advance our race ever higher and secure its existence eternally. Nothing less will do. And we will do it. Our Men of the Deed are already here, finding out about, joining, and building the Alliance into the unstoppable force that will shape the future of our Race, of our planet, and of all Life in the Universe.

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