Mayflower 400

How rare it is today that White America is recognized without some overlay of hate or imminent replacement.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 5 December, 2020 2020-1205 – Mayflower 400.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY I’m going to present two pieces — the first a heartfelt meditation on last month’s 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower on the shores of North America written by a descendant of those pioneers, and the second a call for true independence and freedom for our race, and a pathway to get there, recently published in the National Alliance BULLETIN, a print-only publication for the members and supporters of the National Alliance.

* * *

Mayflower 400
by A.O. Thorson

SINCE November 1620, there has always been a member of my family on American soil. Over the last four centuries, blood, sweat, and tears have seeped into the earth of this land many times over — a land that has given so much to all peoples of this once-great country.

What would the first settlers think about the current state of affairs? I think it safe to say they would not look on in wonder, but with feelings more akin to abject horror.

My pioneering ancestors came here with next to nothing; a few pieces of clothing, a few bucks, and a bible. After transatlantic passage aboard The Mayflower during brutal conditions, the passengers and crew disembarked and went straight to work. They sunk axes into trees where there were no houses or roads. It can truly be said that the United States has come to greatness on the world stage as a result of these White pioneers’ grit, determination, and faith. A faith in the possibility of something better than themselves, a future reality that reflected what they were truly capable of becoming.

The first European-Americans knew little to nothing of the land. Everywhere they went, they encountered an utterly new geography — and a hostile savage, scalping knife in hand. What drove these people, and animated heroes — like General Knox and John Stark to name a very few — is the European people’s spirit, and America’s greatness will most certainly last as long as we do, and no longer. This spirit lies now in a near-dormant state, ready to be reawakened when the great noontide is nigh and great deeds come once more to American soil. That spirit, which ruled the America of yesteryear, is oppressed and repressed, for now, by the eerily persuasive Mr. Baumbergstein. You know, the guy whose own ancestor said: “Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who writes its laws.” Such an admirable sentiment. Today, “US” and “Western” elites fight tooth and nail against that spirit and its greatness, though exactly what they do stand for is hard to discern.

Today’s feminized males and masculinized “feminists” are indoctrinated with the unnatural dogma of “equality.” They are taught to regard the media-mobocracy and Jewish tyranny that now prevails as virtuous and “good,” and any opposition to it as “hate.” They profess an undying empathetic love for the clearly inferior — the under-man as Lothrop Stoddard liked to say. They claim to have equal tolerance for everyone, whether for the illegal invader or the person who can’t decide which “gender” he is — equal tolerance for everyone except racially-conscious Whites, that is.

Speaking of Stoddard and the under-man, I’m reminded of a quote from his Revolt Against Civilization: “Unless a race guards against dysgenics, it risks forming a bloated underclass of inferiors, enemies of civilization, who through dull resentment and white-hot envy, wishes to lay waste to the very system reminding them of their inferiority.”

Now other races are ruled by a natural instinct, that for their own good and preservation of their own type, makes them look for the company of their own and look out for the interests of their own. Why don’t we? Jewish media, Jewish money, Jewish influence, Jewish-bought lawmakers and law enforcement, and the psychological defeat that comes from a Jewish-derived religion — that’s why.

The decline of American society is confirmed with each successive generation. Without exception, the preceding generation finds the next one weaker, not up to the challenge of improving upon the society they inherited.

They’re right, of course. Societal and cultural degeneracy march forward. Each era more damned than the next. Current art and music, for example, are on average so bad as be almost unrecognizable as art or music.

The destruction or abandonment or perversion of the family unit long considered the cornerstone of White society, is now accepted as the norm, its replacement being a madhouse of ever-shifting sex perversions which produce no White children — and, on the horizon, even laws protecting pedophilia seem inevitable in this Jewed dystopia.

Anti-White indoctrination saturates the entire educational system. The relentless 24/7 onslaught of anti-White “news” vomited forth from the media is now a primary, unmistakable, and dispositive characteristic of America.

And it isn’t just America. It is now reported that fewer than 100 of the richest people on Earth, disproportionately Jews, have gathered unto themselves the same approximate wealth as four billion of the rest of us. There was a time when our own elites, men of our own race, contained many who stood up for our race and its future. There appear to be none such today. Our enemies, enriched by the wealth they have stolen from us, fund politicians, media, and “non-profit” entities that work tirelessly against us.

If he were around today, and if he had seen the low state to which we have fallen as a race, I think my first pioneer ancestor would look into my eyes with a stern look of disapproval, turn away and walk away, not a word spoken, not a word needed. Unless, perhaps, he knew that I was supporting the National Alliance with every fiber of my being, and every waking hour working for the day when we will set things right. Then his reaction would be different.

A deep shame grows within me every day. It grows because we, our generation, have thrown away everything that they, our ancestors, started — everything they strove for, everything they built and believed in. That shame grows because as our numbers dwindle, we stand by and do… next to nothing.

Yes, we have been backed into a corner to the ongoing delight of those who truly hate us. But if a folk refuses to fight when a fight is needed, if they are continually enticed by selfishness and greed at the expense of their own people, that folk will surely perish from this Earth.

Nobody else will stick up for us, that’s been made clear. Soon swords as well as pens will be needed; deeds as well as words. A time of sacred sacrifice, not of precious “feelings,” is coming.

* * *

by Will Williams

“Autonomy is the prerequisite for freedom. A nation which gives away its autonomy soon will lose its freedom as well.”

THAT IS a quote from William Pierce’s broadcast titled “Thoughts on Free Trade.” There is a lot of news these days about “autonomous zones” formed by non-Whites and anti-Whites in downtown Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Washington, DC, and attempted in Chicago, Nashville, Asheville, and who knows where else as this issue of the BULLETIN goes to press.

Are these setting a precedent for Whites to separate racially and form our own racially exclusive autonomous zones? “Precedent” isn’t the right word: Our Alliance was contemplating secession and independence 45 years ago while still located in northern Virginia. Some history (by William Pierce) will illustrate this:

The Cosmotheist Community began in 1974 as a religious discussion group which met weekly in the homes of interested persons in the Washington, DC, area. These persons shared a concern for the fundamental values and goals — or lack thereof — on which the directions being taken by modern, American society depend. They felt that materialism, egoism, and a lack of any sense of responsibility to the future had become so widespread and so deeply entrenched that the spiritual and moral basis of Western civilization was being eroded dangerously.

In their meetings they explored the causes of this spiritual illness: the urbanization which has been growing rapidly since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, with the consequent breaking of the bonds between people and land; the historical failure of Christianity to take the physical basis of man’s existence into consideration along with the spiritual basis, and to build a community of blood as well as faith; the spread of democracy as a political doctrine, with the consequent decline in quality and responsibility of the leadership of the nations of the West, especially the United States. Underlying these trends they saw the common problem of wrong values, a problem made more intractable by an unnatural life-style.

The members of the discussion group formalized their association in February 1977 by organizing themselves as a church and adopting the name “Cosmotheist Community” (later changed to “Cosmotheist Community Church” or CCC). …The most essential attribute of the community is its purposeful, religious nature.

Property was acquired and improved to build a real-world community, and the CCC was officially registered as a church in West Virginia in 1987, with Dr. Pierce as its Trustee, the dual office I [Will Williams] as Alliance Chairman hold today. The Cosmotheist worldview, unchanged, remains the spiritual basis of all our work.

The National Alliance fell on hard times after Dr. Pierce died, primarily because his successor foolishly de-emphasized Pierce’s Cosmotheist worldview in favor of a broader, Christian-friendly outreach. During those ensuing dozen years this disastrous “Big Tent” strategy nearly brought the Alliance to ruin. When my predecessor did away with the Alliance as a membership organization in 2012, I and Kevin Strom decided we would start a new National Alliance, using the Alliance’s Membership Handbook Gliebe had decommissioned — the handbook that Mr. Strom and I helped Dr. Pierce write in 1992-93. Gliebe was sued by a grouplet of six former members, half of whom had never met Dr. Pierce, for $2 million, attempting to wrest remaining assets from his control. I learned Gliebe was trying to sell Dr. Pierce’s 14,000-volume research library. I purchased it myself for the “new” Alliance, then purchased an even larger library that had been stored on the West Virginia property. By October of 2014 Gliebe and the remaining board member, Jan Cartwight, appointed me to the board, then I was appointed as the new Chairman, immediately making Kevin Strom our Media Director. Gliebe stepped down as chairman and resigned from the National Alliance at that time.

After three years of fighting off the $2 million lawsuit that I’d inherited, along with two other civil suits that attempted to dissolve the Alliance, and a criminal claim brought by a trio of coup-plotters, the National Alliance sold the steep, undeveloped back part of the West Virginia property and used the proceeds in what’s called a 1031 tax transfer (that defers capital gains tax) to purchase fifty acres here in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, very close to our new National Office and where I have had a home for 25 years.

The primary attribute of the National Alliance and of our Cosmotheist Community here is, once again, its “purposeful religious nature,” as Dr. Pierce intended. The CCC/NA still owns its 82-acre West Virginia campus that has all of the improvements Dr. Pierce made while he was there. So it might be said that we now have two National Alliance autonomous zones.

We’re not making demands to defund police or to release all White prisoners, nor are we rioting, toppling statues of MLK, or destroying public or private property like the non-Whites and anarchists do. We behave like responsible Whites: building our Church Community and our Alliance, expanding our media, putting out our positive message, setting an example so eligible kinsmen will want to join with us, and giving our people hope for a White future. It’s working; we’ve sold more books and CDs and have received more applications for membership this month than in any previous month during the past five and a half years.

* * *

There is sadness, as Mr. Thorson expressed, as we look at how America is fallen. But there is also hope, as we look at how the National Alliance and the Cosmotheist Church are building and rising. Thanks to A.O. Thorson and to Will Williams, National Alliance Chairman for their contributions to the future — and to this week’s American Dissident Voices.

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