Freedom, Chaos, and Order

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 28 November, 2020 2020-1128 – Freedom Chaos and Order.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT’S THANKSGIVING weekend. Thanksgiving is a holiday that we’d do well to continue after the Revolution. It fosters a sense of family — and the unity, familial and therefore also racial, that that implies. And it also fosters a bit of humility in the face of Nature, which we Cosmotheists also know as the Creator — and I think we need that as we gain more and more power to set the course of our own future evolution, because one wrong step, one egoistic or megalomaniacal step, and we could destroy everything we love and everything we’ve worked for. Thanksgiving also fosters a spirit of gratitude — for our loved ones and for their contributions to our lives and to the the life of our race, gratitude for our ancestors who gave us everything, and gratitude for our children — who are our future, who literally are us, just as the seeds that fall in Autumn are, in a new form, the plants that bore them, projected into the future.

I’ll be sharing my thanks with you later in the program, as I often do this time of year, but first I want to talk with you about freedom, about chaos, and about order. You can call this a Cosmotheist sermon if you like. In truth, every National Alliance program is a Cosmotheist sermon, whether it’s obvious or not. If you don’t like the word “sermon,” that’s fine too. Just call it a “message” if you like.

We hear a lot about “freedom” here in America.

To Joe Sixpack, “freedom” usually means the “freedom to vote,” to live in a “democracy” where we “choose our leaders” and “choose our lawmakers” in elections. Joe needs to understand that conflating freedom and democracy is a very stupid thing to do. If the majority can take any of your wealth or your property or your labor any time that it so chooses, then how is living under “democracy” any better than living under a monarch or a philosopher-king? How is that “freedom”? It isn’t. It reminds me of a cartoon panel I saw a few years ago. A man was thinking as he was being asked, “If the majority voted that you had to jump off a bridge to your death, would you do it?” And the man answered, “Well… if it was a fair vote….” Such is the madness of the trusting White folks who put their hopes in the ballot box to such an extent that they fail to do the necessary things to secure real freedom and self-determination for themselves and their people.

Joe Sixpack also needs to understand that the majority, the 51 per cent. and more, are easily manipulable. By giving the 51 per cent. the power to choose who makes and executes our laws, you give those who control the minds of the 51 per cent. power as absolute as that of any monarch or dictator, but without the personal responsibility of a monarch or dictator, who can, after all, be called personally to account when his leadership leads to disaster. The very names of the shadowy billionaires and media men who control the attitudes and actions of the 51 per cent. are unknown to most people, and they have never been called to account for their crimes — though we in the National Alliance intend to call them to a Great Accounting, and we know their names, and with your help we will do exactly that.

To Joe Sixpack, freedom probably also means “freedom to do whatever the Hell I want, as long as I don’t hurt anybody else.” That belief is really the crux of the matter. Let’s talk a bit about it.

The concept of “freedom” held by Joe Sixpack is something that Jews can exploit very easily. For Jews, nothing is as it appears to us. They’re parasites, and parasites think very differently from non-parasites. A parasite, an intelligent parasite anyway, is always looking for a weakness to exploit.

When we non-Jews hear of Joe Sixpack’s love of freedom, even when we think Joe is naïve, or even when we think Joe carries the concept of freedom too far, or even when we think Joe is selfish, we still kind of admire him. We like a freedom-lover. We Aryans are like that. We need a great deal of freedom ourselves, all of us — to live our lives with joy, and to thrive. We can’t stand being slaves. We can’t stand running into a rule or a regulation or a bureaucrat every time we turn around or step one foot in any direction. We make revolutions when our freedom gets stifled too much for too long. We see freedom-seeking as a noble thing, and we empathize and sympathize with it on a deep level, even when we disagree with a particular freedom-seeker’s way of doing it.

The intelligent parasite’s thinking is very different. It’s alien to us. It’s disgusting. But sometimes one has to see and hear and even touch horrible, disgusting things in order to survive. The parasite is compelled by his way of life, by the very core of his being, to think something like this:

“The goy loves freedom. So we will give him freedoms, plenty of freedoms, freedoms he has never wanted before, freedoms he has never even heard of before. We will sugar coat whatever we want him to do with the word ‘freedom.’ Much easier to do that than try to order him around, no?

“We’d like the goyim to kill their own children, wouldn’t we? So speak to his women of ‘the woman’s freedom to choose to end a pregnancy whenever she wants,’ and characterize any men or women who oppose us as ‘anti-freedom.’ And characterize ourselves, of course, as liberators and apostles of free choice.

“We’d like to reduce the goyim‘s birthrate, wouldn’t we? So speak to them of ‘liberating themselves’ from the outmoded patriarchal ‘rules’ which ‘force’ them to have children and therefore limit their freedom to pursue materialism and ‘fun.’ Speak to them of the ‘freedom’ to pursue orgasms in unconventional ways, including homosexuality and promiscuity-with-contraception, all of those unconventional means just ‘coincidentally’ not leading to the birth of children or the formation of natural biological families. Speak to them of the ‘freedom’ to ‘identify with’ and ‘become’ the opposite sex, and of the heroes and heroines of freedom who ‘came out’ and did so, and mutilated their bodies so they can never have children. Attack and condemn any who oppose this as ‘narrow bigots’ and ‘enemies of freedom’ who must be stopped at any cost.

“We’d like the goyim to mate and marry outside of their race to destroy their intelligence, strength, and unity, would we not? So speak highly of a White man’s and especially a White woman’s ‘freedom to choose’ to mate with and marry anyone of any race, especially to mate with Blacks and Mestizos. Characterize any who would oppose us as misogynists, as tyrants, as dictators, as ‘control freaks,’ as ‘un-American,’ as ‘nazis.'”

Such is the mind of the parasite. Hence feminism. Hence omnipresent and uncriticizable LGBT. Hence anti-White “anti-racism.” The goy loves freedom, does he? So how can we use that to weaken him? That’s what’s really going on. Understanding that is a necessity for any higher understanding or spiritual growth. Our failure to understand that is literally killing us.

I can see that time is short and I want to explore the idea of freedom — real freedom — with you in much greater depth. Much of that will have to be on future programs, but let me just say this. I think it will be enough to show you that we’ve been thinking of freedom in the wrong way all along.

What is sold to us as “freedom” is usually chaos. And chaos is very different from freedom. In fact, without order, there is no freedom.

When a composer sits down to compose a piece of music, what he does not do is start with an utterly blank slate and say to himself, “I am free to make any sound whatsoever — any frequency, any timbre, any time — and then combine such sounds in any way I choose; make them all simultaneous, or repeated at random intervals, or overlapped in any way that strikes my fancy.” No. Not at all. That kind of supposed “total freedom” would not produce music, would not produce art, would not produce any result that would inspire deep feelings as real music can do. That kind of “total freedom” is not freedom at all, but chaos and anarchy. The sounds it would produce would be chaos also. Such “freedom” is worthless — less than worthless, in fact, as it wastes the time and life-energy that could be spent pursuing real music and art.

How does a composer produce real music? Drawing deep upon his feelings and his very soul in terms of sound, in a way that we cannot as yet explain, he then imposes an order upon the sounds: an order that includes just seven mathematically-related notes, repeated every octave; an order that divides time up into precise mathematical intervals, and places the notes within or across such intervals.

Without such order, there would be no music as we know it. Without such order, no Beethoven, no Bach, no Mozart, no Verdi, no Tchaikovsky, no Wagner — no folk music, no ballads, no love songs. Just the cacophony of chaos. And, soon after that, nothing. Because such chaos is not worth the effort of creation or listening. And so, if you care about the freedom to create music, the freedom to create great art, you must also support the imposition of the order that makes true freedom possible.

You could make a similar case for painting; for sculpture; for literature. And all would be valid. You can, in fact, make the same case for all activities of all living things. For Life itself is a kind of order. The order of Life — ever-increasing order, in fact — is a force that runs counter to the laws of mere matter; matter’s Second Law of Thermodynamics, matter’s ever-increasing disorder and ever-increasing chaos; the ever-increasing order of the Life Force runs counter to this breakdown of all things, to the allegedly inevitable ultimate death of the Universe itself. For Life of any kind to be free to be itself, there must be order. Chaos and anarchy serve the forces of dissolution and breakdown and death. Natural Order serves the Life Force, allows the Life Force to live and to evolve in accordance with its nature. And, among us humans, some individuals and some races serve most highly the Life Force and the Order which is its hallmark. Other individuals and races do not. I will have much more to say on this in future programs.

Let me now express my gratitude on this Thanksgiving:

I am thankful for my sweetheart, who is now my wife. Without her, my life would not be one-tenth as abundant and joyful and productive.

I am thankful for my parents and my ancestors who gave me life, and for all those allied by marriage with my family and wife’s family. Without you, there would be nothing, I would be nothing, and there would be no future. May I be worthy of what you have given me.

I am thankful for my children, all of you, and now my newest child born just this summer. You are the future. You are why we fight and struggle and live. You are life triumphant. I am blessed by you every day.

I am thankful for my mentors. Without you, I wouldn’t be half the man I am.

I am thankful for my friends. I am so grateful to you who have stood beside me in my struggles and triumphs. It is really beyond words and more than I deserve, what you have done for me. The work I am now doing is in many ways my monument to your faith and your kindness. I could not do it without you.

I am thankful for the National Alliance. That there is now, again, a vehicle — a living group of men and women, working every day — to save our precious, beautiful, creative race — and once again advance it, moving ever upward toward what it was meant to be — is very, very important and valuable to me.

I am thankful for Will Williams and his wife Sveta. Chairman Will Williams leads the Alliance now. Without him and without his wife, there would be no National Alliance today. Will was the fighter we needed and destiny granted that he came to us when we needed him most.

I am thankful for our members and supporters. Without you and your unselfish work and donations, the National Alliance could not grow or even continue. I am deeply, deeply grateful for your support. By working together, both your life and mine become meaningful.

* * *

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